Premiere Inn: Round Up 12.08.16


PREMIERE: Maheras – E.B.E.

'Easy By Easy' was his nickname. He hadn't chosen it, it had been given to him following years spent drifting the highways of west coast America. A drifter by nature he had always enjoyed life on the road, movement and progression was everything to him. Even if it had landed him in some tricky situations over the years. Trouble seemed to follow him around, he didn't seek it but it always remained a risk. A burden which played heavy on the back of his mind at times. Easy come, easy go. 

The LA based record label Into The Woods has a penchant for the odd and the obscure. Their latest release comes in the form of an EP from Maheras who from a sci fi inspired session creates distorted acid, house and techno. Listen to 'E.B.E.' below: 

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PREMIERE: Cleanser – Cleaning Loop

The routine was tiresome and tedious but the repetition helped to soothe his soul. Round in circles he would go, cleaning every inch until the surfaces shone spotless and gold. Everything must remain fresh in his place of rest, glossy and golden. He moved through the rooms of the large empty house, stuck in a perpetual cleaning loop. 

Cleanser is about to release an LP for the Seattle based Motor Records. Titled "Violence Is A Dream" the release features ten tracks of heavy hitting, wonky electronics. Listen to "Cleaning Loop' below: 

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PREMIERE: Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard – Minimal Palace

Disowned and dethroned, the once warring brothers took a last look over their lands. These princes of fortune had witnessed their majestic spoils ripped from this opulent palatial statement. It was merely a husk now, an austere and poignant puncture of how swiftly their wealthy power had dissolved. Just as sand slips through unsteady fingers, they had grasped too gracelessly and now they were just men alone.

Night Noise's new Amuse Bouche collection features this forceful techno bleeper from Humantronic & Leonard de Leonard. Hitting dark and hard, with acidic breaks hiding murkily in the mix, it throws it's punches even heavier in round two. Seconds out.

Various Artists – Amuse Bouche Vol 2 is released by Night Noise on 15th August 2016.

PREMIERE: Alex Burkat – Brooklyn Bridge

Four. It's a powerful little number. Four chambers of the heart, four horsemen of the Apocalypse, four points of the compass, four kickdrums to the bar. And now the number of instalments in Permanent Vacation's compilation series, the latest of which features exclusive tracks from the likes of Young Marco, Man Power and Benedikt Frey.

Permanent Vacation 4 is "dedicated to the more beachy side of the dance floor", and we're premiering Alex Burkat's 'Brooklyn Bridge', one of the standout tracks. The New York-via-Philly producer – who's released on imprints such as Mister Saturday Night and 100% Silk – certainly feels right at home here with this dreamy house offering.

The curtain is drawn back to the sound of gentle harps, before the track kicks off properly with punchy drums and an effortlessly bouncy bassline. But the star is Burkat's incredible melodic touch, with a whole series of juicy synth lines competing for your attention.

Permanent Vacation 4 is out 19th August.

PREMIERE: Martin Hayes – Another Lonely Man

His apartment sat overlooking the busy high street. A glow from the lamp was the only light turned on. He watched out upon the lonely city as another day dawned. The blue dusk illuminated the morning and the world would soon rise awake. He however, would remain watching, another lonely man without a place. 

In Any Case are about to release a five track EP from an assortment of producers. The record incorporates a range of sounds and expressions spanning house, disco and hip hop. Listen to Martin Hayes 'Another Lonely Man' below:

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PREMIERE: Seahawks – Escape Hatch

Buried deep beneath the castle was their only way out of the maze. Outside they could hear the tropical birds of the wilderness calling them, but they had yet to determine a way to break free to the jungle. The escape hatch would provide their only means of access to the greenery of the forest floor and the place of paradise. 

Seahawks are pretty freakin' balearic. I mean, their name is balearic, they sound balearic and the music they make is sure as hell balearic. Lush, peaceful and warm, their new release on Ocean Moon leaves us longing for sunnier climates. Listen to 'Escape hatch' below:

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PREMIERE: SHMLSS – 4AM At The Kebab Shop (Bawrut Remix)

We've all been there. It's been a helluva night, you have danced & sweated like a loon, consumed all the pleasurables but are now running on fumes. Desperately trying to find a cab office, before you pop your head through that window, you smell the meaty fuel in the noisey joint just next door. Refilling on the hot sauce and your fleshy weapon of choice, gobbling it down and gabbling away on the night's misdemeanours, once the belly gauge shifts out of red you are ready to be taxi bound to pals and more sins.

Netherlands based duo SHMLSS make their debut on Nein, and on this track get R$N Records star Bawrut to give it a remix. A solid kick drum for this blue Monday, tons of echo & respond percussion and a repeating single note bassline get joined by some freaky snatched vox as the bass takes off, and gets it's squiggle on. Grand stuff.

SHMLSS – Adriatic Swing EP is released by Nein Records on 19th August 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

PREMIERE: Vanishing Twin – Vanishing Twin Syndrome

The issue had been forced, the cards were laid bare upon the table. They knew what they must do. The vanishing twin had left their family broken, however, the time had come to strike back and find the culprits at hand. Their small village had lived through wars, peace, and natural disaster, the wooden huts sat promptly on the hillside. Now, into the jungle they must go, to find their long lost brother, their long lost twin.

Soundway Records continue to uphold a reputation of excellence as they deliver music of superb quality time and time again. This time they have placed their faith in the recently formed group Vanishing Twin who blend traditions of English Pop alongside arkestral and world influences, a winning combination. Here is an exclusive premiere of 'Vanishing Twin Syndrome'. Listen Below:

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Watch the video below:

PREMIERE: Folamour – You Never Told Me I'll Miss U That Much

The days had grown long and tiresome, there was little light in the place in which he sat. Four walls surrounded his very being, he had not known he would miss her as much as this once she had gone. Now there was little left to do but brush the tears from his eyes, dive, dance and enter the abyss of a new and wonderful world. Only, without her. 

Folamour steps up to deliver a five track EP for the newly formed imprint Noire & Blanche. He blends emotive melodic twists with percussion and club sensibilities. Listen to 'You Never Told Me I'll Miss U That Much ' below:

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