Premiere Inn: Round Up 12.02.16


Carreno Is LB – Control

Constrained, captured in this cube, the sounds which leak as it ascends between floors offer a chemical escape. Tight conversations caught snatched as the walls of the lift glide smoothly from ground to penthouse. His destiny is controlled by the elevated mechanics as it drives skywards, only for gravity to discourage him. Crashing his palms against the smooth stern steel, he hopes to breakout of this cell and live high above, with the grey skies closer to his fingers. This little bird will fly.

Carreno Is LB – White Space EP is released on My Favorite Robot on 22nd February on VINYL with full digital release in March. Follow Carreno Is LB HERE.

Lemontrip – Fade

The clattering thuds would never fade, they would bang through the dark of night emblazoned into his dreams forever more. He was still haunted by the tunnel, the flashing light and the warwhoops and screams of revellers lost in the tripped out maze of darkness and noise. His escape from that bittersweet warehouse had seemed so bliss at the time but now there was an eerie sense of longing to return to a place which he had once loathed and loved at the same time all so much. 

Lemontrip is based in Holland, his latest EP on Fog Mountain explores only one element of his musical personality which also sees him involved in the programming behind De School. Listen to 'Fade' below. 

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Richard Rossa – Hypno Vox (Heretic Remix)

Look into the eyes, not around the eyes. Don't think too hard, don't let those thoughts deny you. Can you see the snake? Softly coiling while it's pants are charmed right off it, make the connection, be wide on it. There is no need for fear, let that irrationality be denied, avail yourself and channel. Become it's master, let it dance and sway. Kiss it's whispered hiss, don't let it rattle, let it roll.

Sweden's Richard Rossa's latest cut is this kaleido-disco charmer which gets its scales soothed by Heretic on this remix. Full package includes 4 original tracks and further remixes by Thomass Jackson and Motorcycle Boy. 

Richard Rossa – Going Rough EP is out now on Tom Tom Disco available HERE. Follow him on Facebook HERE.

Innov Gnawa – Toura Toura (Mr Assister's Assisted Version)

"Toura Toura" they cried, from the mountain on high to the travellers down below. The walk had been long and their sandals had taken a battering from the dried up desert sands on which they had tread. The rocky cliff face cast it's shadows across the red sands below as it rose from the ground like some sort of twisted stone skyscraper amidst the nothingness. Those at the top unfurled a large red flag to those below, it blotted a blackened shape against the pale blue sky as it soared. 

Formed in New York City, it is through accidental circumstances that the members of Innov Gnawa, originally from Morocco, found themselves as a musical group. Innov Gnawa are the only NewYork-based Gnawa band who play regularly and still remain true to the traditions of the ancient ritual. Here they receive the remix treatment from 1-800 Dinosaur affiliate Mr Assister on a forthcoming release for Pique Nique Records. Listen below: 

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Ishmael – The Leviathan

The deep sea monster lived in a cavern a thousand miles beneath the surface of the waves. Nothing but blackness could be seen amongst the murky depths except for it's wicked white eyes burning through the black and its fins cutting through the water like a knife. It moved through the water with such grace and elegance, it's presence so strikingly terrifying yet beautiful. From time to time legend would tell of it rising to sea level to bask in the light of the moon but who knew whether that were myth, fantasy or dream. 

Here is a track from the forthcoming Ishmael LP on Church Records. Listen to "The Leviathan" from 'Sometime In Space'. 

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Ralf Laurent – Delhi

Akshardham sat upon the skyline overlooking the sprawling landscape of Delhi: this was a spiritual place, a peaceful place which sat illuminated in the pink dying light of the Indian sun. A cloudy smog hovered above the streets and the warm scent of cooking spices being tossed in kitchen pans floated on the air. Music played, a steady percussive drum and the plucking strums of a chord.

Modern Obscure Music are a record label based in Barcelona. Their forthcoming compilation features music from the likes of Sau Poler, Damian Schwartz, Biel Blancafort and newcomer Ralf Laurent. The album 'Ritual Rhythms' is set for release on the 24th of February. Listen to a track from Ralf Laurent titled "Delhi" below:

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Anthony Mansfield & JP Soul – Inner Demons 

Dainty Tory Mary opened up her Celebrity marquee flaps and was flabbergasted at the incumbent finalists. With an intoxicating souciance of juniper and quinine, the 46 inch chested monster rolled through her canvas entrance and mumbled unapologetically. After verbally chastising her, and asking where her Fanny was, Oliver held his space like a fridge-freezer, stolid and dominating despite his intemperance. He de-floured all in his area, butterflied his sponge, and set about whipping his cream. He knew The Best was yet to come.

Anthony Mansfield & JP Soul's new EP for Roam Recordings is out on vinyl SOON

Trux – Aziol

The light of the foyer illuminates the street. The illuminous pumps shine in the midst of the petrol station courtyard and the striking brand name 'Aziol' reads flamboyantly above the door. There was nowhere else to fuel up for miles around, business was booming and the chirps and chimes of mechanics echoed from parked cars. There was to be a race soon, crowds had already begun to gather to observe the fastest guys in town. Engines roared…

Trux is set to release an LP on the rather secretive German based Office Recordings.  Office07 is the latest edition to a series which has seen releases from the likes of Christopher Rau, Baaz and Dorisburg. Listen to "Aziol" below: 

Visit the Office Recordings site HERE.