Premiere Inn: Round Up 11.03.16


Rocco Universal – Tiny Islands

The patches of sand sat dotted amidst the deep blue waves of the sea. In the midst of the Mediterranean ocean there were pockets of civilisation living on tiny islands, care free and euphoric they danced on the beaches from morning until night sipping on succulent juices of fresh fruit and leaves. Colourful shoals of tropical fish swam under the beams of the sun, there radiant cartoon like appearance flickering between the glitter of the waves. These tiny islands were their home. 

Leng Records have established themselves as a stalwart in the sound of sunkissed music and melody. Their latest release comes from Rocco Universal, he takes inspiration from far and wide and introduces us to "Tiny Islands" on this EP. Listen Below: 

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Duckett – I Aint Seen The Cat For 3 Days Now

Three days had passed since the turf war. The streets were solemn and quiet, many had lost friends in the fight. Gang trouble was all that they knew, society had firmly distanced themselves from this part of town. His brother was still out there somewhere, lost amidst the troubled streets. The phone rang abruptly with a buzz. A voice on the other end of the line asked if his brother had been seen amidst the chaos, but time was fading fast and he hadn't seen that cat in three days now…

Duckett are set to release an ep titled "Balsamic State Terriors" for Greta Cottage Workshop. A lot of care and attention has been put into this release, with hand painted sleeves and well crafted tracks. Listen below: 

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Schmutz – Two Seconds

A lot can be achieved in two seconds, a glance, a motion, a gesture, the blink of an eye, a sign. It does't take much time for something to change, an incident can occur in a flash. What will you do with the next two seconds, how will you put them to use? Will you achieve something important, upset someone or begin a sequence of events. Life is a motion, each second as important as the last, use your two right now wisely. 

Schmutz are an upcoming duo from Belfast. The pair have been actively running parties in the city, booking guests such as Leon Vynehall, Hunee, Midland and many more. The pairs latest adventure in music sees them release an EP for a sub label of Fina, titled Fina White. Listen to 'Two Seconds' below: 

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Yard One – Enhua (Roger Van Lunterens Acidic Re-Feel)

Enhua had been far from home for a long time now. She missed her friends from the tiny village by the sea but it had been time for her to leave. Little had made as much sense to her in her life but this. She must travel far through this land to find where she belonged. Her family were good people by the coastal town and they always would be, but she felt a connection to something which called to her from beyond those surroundings. It was primal, a reason to search, a reason to find the root of her very being. 

The latest record from Tact Recordings has been receiving a solid stream of support from the likes of Gerd, Mr Ties, Efdemin and Missimiliano Pagliara. Here is the remix of Yard One's 'Enhua' from Roger Van Lunteren. Listen Below: 

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Felix Dickinson & Jaime Read – Mistaken Identity

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? At a glance it can be hard to make sense of yourself. Is it a case of mistaken identity or is it real? The truth is out there somewhere and hope always remains but just be sure that you do not mistake yourself for someone that you are not in a time of madness. This is the case which may be for some, not all, but some. Mistakes are made and identities change. 

Felix Dickinson and Jaime Read are toying with a case of "Mistaken Identity" on their latest release for Let's Play House. The pair are set to release a three track EP on the label shortly. Listen to a track below: 

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Lizards – International Track

People of the world, take notice and listen. This is an international track, an edit for the people. A beat for the dance, a groove for the prance and a pioneering movement for foot tapping. The crowd had begun to form, a sea of people from far and wide and the sound of a drum could be heard clattering from the mountain side. The ground shook with the movement of feet against the fields and the wind roared in their ears as they danced. The world had come at last, as one. 

This is the latest release from Not An Animal records and it features a three track offering from Lizards who explore a range of dancefloor orientated music across the EP. Listen to 'International Track Edit' below: 

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J.Wiltshire – Hydrophony

The underwater exploration had taken them deep into the dark murky depths of the sea below. The submarine was travelling into the abyss in the hope of being able to send some sort of audible signal back to the land which lay far above where they know now found themselves. There was little to be seen through the window, occasionally the glimmer of a tiny sea creature could be seen in the lights of the bubble ship. They scuttled across the floor unaware of the ship and its search for hydrophony…

Super Hexagon is a Leeds based party and newly founded record label. Their guests have ranged from the likes of Dj Stingray to Luke Vibert and Helena Hauff. Their debut EP is a split record and features J.Wiltshire and Alma Construct. Listen to 'Hydrophony' from J.Wiltshire below: 

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