Premiere Inn: Round Up 10.06.16


Hardway Bros – Pleasure Cry

The chamber echoed with the abrupt, stark cries of pleasure. From the depths of the kingdom the beasts of a nation roared. Lions, tigers, and the animals of the free world had spoken and they would rise to triumph amongst the great plains of a country in ruins. The burning sun cast its beaming rays over the golden sands and the black silhouette of a burnt out tree stood distinctively against the royal blue sky. 

Up next on Throne Of Blood is Hardway Bros aka Sean Johnston. He offers up three dynamic, club ready tracks alongside a remix from Tuff City Kids. The release is out today. Listen to 'Pleasure Cry' below:

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Catch Sean Johnston @ Lust 4 Logic alongside Ewan Pearson, Haules Baules, Richard Norris, Jono Ma and Nathan Gregory Wilkins this Friday Canal 125 full details HERE

Marcel Vogel – Always Isn't Only

Marcel Vogel's forthcoming album, Human Beings, on Intimate Friends will be his second on the Dutch imprint following 2014's 'Doin it' EP. Human Beings drops 25th July, holding 8 tracks including remixes from Reginald Omas Mamode IV and Dear Earth.

Vogel offers up downtempo grooves from the sensual, jazzy title track, 'Human Beings' with it's honeyed-vocals, through to the reggae-riffed 'Doin It', the album has been created blending live recordings with samples and sequenced percussion, adding the depth which makes this low slung, albeit slightly sleazy 8-tracker a balmy night's delight.

We premiere the track 'Always Isn’t Only'. More kickin' than the afforementioned 'Human Beings', with layers of clicks, claps and low-slung vocals epitomising Vogel’s sound – Influenced by the likes of Theo Parrish – electronic music edging to the left, with a wealth of global influences bringing heat to groove, disco and house beats. It's received a tropical rub up by label mate, Dear Earth, also on the album.

Listen to Always Isn't Only:


Human Beings drops 25th July via Intimate Friends. Buy it HERE.

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Edit Select – Loop Continue

Circling and rotating, freely and endlessly, the loop grew and morphed, absorbing all in its surroundings. Engulfing and devouring the very matter of each being, it drew its infinite strength from the unique strands of all lifeforms. Parasitic, it manipulated it's preys DNA, increasing it's own invincibility, the loop's qi charged and it's life eternal.

Berlin based Dreiklang Records second release features Scottish techno veteran Tony Scott aka Edit Select. His original DJ tool production gets a dreamy, broken-beat makeover by Dino Sabatini, with stuttering percussion, infinitely morphing circular chords and abstracted pads.

Edit Select – Loop Continue is released vinyl only by Dreiklang on 14th June 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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Kasper Bjorke – Zenith

Deep in the distant night sky, the stars aligned and the resultant celestial forces awoke. The astronomers had predicted that this combination would never occur again, but this man had always decried them. As Polaris, Vega and Antares came into ascendence it was the first time viewed since the Bronze Age. His solitary work, high in his observatory had been rewarded, and his pronouncement would signify a new universal theory. If he shared his knowledge, but that was still to be decided.

Taken from his latest album 'Fountain Of Youth', Kasper Bjørke produces this stunning piece of electronica. A manipulated synth riff, righteous mallets, and some trick laden percussion have been accompanied by a mesmerising promo by Danish multi-artist Lotte Rose Kjaer Skau.

Kasper Bjørke – Fountain Of Youth is out 10th June 2016 and is available to buy HERE.

Kolomensky – Forest Disco

The mysterious woods came to life in the middle of the night. Fires blazed between the trees and crowds flocked to and fro celebrating the party which was. The music of the free world was playing under the canopy of green as the moonlight cast its buoyant beam over the majestic land. This was the place, it had to be. 

Moscow based Kolomensky is the artist and producer behind the new ИДА record label. The latest release sees him feature alongside several artists on a split EP but it is his track which caught our attention. Listen to 'Forest Disco' below:

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Al Kassian – Diamonds On Jupiter

The glittering stars were cast scattered across the chaos of the blackened night sky. They shone like diamonds with their light leaving a dusty brush amidst the shadow of distant planets. The depths of outer space were gloomy and harsh, the cogs of jupiter chuntered with a metallic grind. Diamonds on Jupiter eh? Who would have though it? 

Planet Sundae is a new vinyl only record label emerging from London. On their debut release they have lured in the music of Al Kassian who has delivered two tracks of dancefloor orientated house music with a melodic edge. The release also fetures a remix from Massimiliano Pagliara. Listen to 'Diamonds On Jupiter' below:

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Coyote – Dead Feathers

The years of darkness had left him scorned and castigated, until today. With plumage resplendent, the magnificence of his fiery wings were magnified by the intense solar glare. He ascended proudly into the celeste skies, ignorant of familiar cries. His avarian cloak became his Emperor's Clothes, as the feathers wilted and died in the Cypriot sun and he crescendoed, spiralled and fell tormented into the halcyon waters below.

After nearly two decades of DJing and a successful podcast series, "happily ageing" Leeds trio Clandestino are now embarking on the label journey. First up is a vinyl sampler, from which this track by Coyote (Is It Balearic? chaps Timm and Ampo) is our favoured cut. Militaristic beats and soft glitching give way to a gentle aquatic bassline, retro chord progressions and a sublime acid flutter which feels just right. Get a screaming lift off, take a low-in-the-mix synth lead, and get all muddled up at the end, just how it should be. Other tracks on this sampler come from the lads themselves, Bird Of Paradise and A Vision Of Panorama.

Clandestino Label Sampler is due on vinyl 15th June 2016, with digital soon after and can be pre-ordered HERE.

For more info on Clandestino look HERE. Follow Coyote on Facebook HERE.

Vitalic – Ooey

"Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Oooooooo. Pardon, what was that mate? Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Oooooooo. Oh, and again? Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Oooooooo. Just one more time now please? Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Ooey Oooooooo. Ah, cool."

Correspondant have thrown a curveball into the equation with their latest release. They invite the much loved Vitalic on to the label to contribute two tracks of heavy duty club orientated oddball weirdness. Listen to 'Ooey' below:

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Xao Seffcheque – Kassa – Bubu

The temple of Kassa Bubu was built of golden bricks. It's dusty chambers lay laced with jewels and grandeur. Very few had ever been granted entry to this place: the ruins of a generation, the pride of a once great empire. Nowadays it remained caked in dust, a symbol of a forgotten history which had cause the ruin of so many. The temple stood tall amidst the jungles sprawling talons. The roots of trees clung to the old statues like entangled wire. Kassa Bubu would rise again one day, but for now it remained a mess. 

Rivet's label Kess Kill is remarkably experimental. The latest edition to the release schedule features three tracks from Xao Seffcheque, an Austrian new wave musician with a penchant for the bizarre. Listen to 'Kassa-Bubu' below:

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FLVN – Luster (Kiwi Remix)

The young insurgent saddled his motorcycle, its midnight black bodywork rendering it almost invisible, just the fine mist of this cold, thin rain reflecting the orange neon street lights. Speeding stealthily from the clandestine shadows of the back streets, the cylinders beneath him fired smoothly and powerfully as he twisted back on the throttle and headed to the autoroute. He knew it was time to be away from town, and the road signs became nothing more than a travelogue of memories reversed in the lustre of his visor.

FLVN is Flavien Gaubert, a young producer from Bordeaux inspired by everything from film soundtracks to Radiohead to Bowie. He layers up rich bass and industrial influences into his productions, with support from Ivan Smagghe and Chloe amongst others. This remix from London's Alex Warren AKA Kiwi drives some deep, submerged bass patterns into the sci-fi movie homage, with an aching, poignant and melodic synth riff which reverbs and morphs into this dark, slo-techno monster from the darker edges of the club.

FLVN – Logan b/w Luster is released by Night Noise Music on 13th June 2016. Follow FLVN on Facebook HERE.

Golden Bug – Un Paradis Artificiel (Mr TC Remix)

Awakening from a hazy fug, if he even was awake? It had taken it's toll on his sense of reality, he was a glutton, a reprobate for research. Smoky voices echoed and bounced from somewhere close by, but he could not be certain if that was real or just part of the trip. Outlines of fellow partakers melted and morphed into the heavy patternage that adorned the walls. Was he any closer to understanding these spaces, or was he simply slipping through to a place he had read of? He stretched out to touch something, anything, but could not be certain if he was even moving. The pleasure of this narcotic journey was definitely a hook for his return, but had that principle taken control of him now?

La Belle label boss Golden Bug hails from Paris and is a record producer, label owner, DJ, groove sculptor and metal sculptor who has had great solo success with singles on Gomma and recently Ivan Smagghe's label, Les Disques De La Mort. This exquisite track from his new EP has been recrafted by Glasgow's Mr TC, and is an opiatic, drawn out, trippy affair, pinging and bubbling ahead of you, with a sultry vocal which comes from somewhere behind you in the hashish mist. 

Golden Bug – Accroche a Moi is out now on La Belle and can be found HERE. The Mr TC remix will be available shortly, further info soon HERE.

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