Premiere Inn: Round Up 10.02.17


PREMIERE: Niv Ast -Before I Let You Go (Yovav Remix)

The letter was the last reminder left of her presence. He looked downwards towards the fireplace, the roaring flames swallowing up every one of her last possessions. The wood burned black and the smoke billowed from the chimney of the lonely cottage. His mind was on fire, he read it once more before he let her go and then cast it out of reach, She disappeared into the darkness of the night, out of sight, out of mind. He went to bed, awaiting the dawn. 

Niv Ast recently released "Before I Let You Go" as part of BLDG5's compilation "Nightingale Floor". The track has since been remixed by Autarkic and Yovav respectively, it is the latter which we bring to you exclusively. Listen to the Malka Tuti affiliated artist's version below: 

Buy the release from the 20th of February HERE

PREMIERE: Rebar – Hansaviertel

The moonlight cast a white glow across the blue water of the swimming pool. As she watched from the diving board up above she began to shake, the water was a long way down and she did not know when she might fall. It had been hours since she had initially climbed the ladder, attempting to overcome her fear of impending death and height. The water looked so peaceful and still, the contrast between her racing heart and that which was down below was striking and beautiful. 

Rebar are set to release a new EP on made of CONCRETE in celebration of the record labels second anniversary. It sees the founders behind the imprint collaborate for the first time, the result is as follows… Listen to "Hansaviertel" below: 

Buy the release from the 20th of February HERE

PREMIERE: Photonz – Somewhere I Read

The dusty library was full of tales gone by. The history of our great planet lived within the wooden shelves, the golden, dirty pages revealing the very passage of time itself. He dragged the ladder across the dimly lit room and placed it down beside the bookcase before proceeding to climb. The ladder wobbled back and forth beneath his weight, he frantically clutched onto the wooden beams which were weighed beneath paper upon paper, scroll upon scroll and age upon age. 

2020 Vision throw a curveball into the mix as they prepare to release a new EP from Photonz, a producer who has previously released music on Creme Organization, Unknown to the Unknown, Dissident and more. Listen to "Somewhere I Read" below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Minimal Violence – Rapids

The raging waters rushed furiously down the side of the mountain and over the edge off the cliff face. The waterfall was a typhoon of chaos and misery as he watched the wooden panels of the boat being swept away beneath him. The rapids were fierce and violent, wicked and wretched. There was little hope that he might survive but as he clung firmly onto the plank beneath his body he began to sing a song that he recalled from years ago. From the distant beach it had come to him upon the breeze, he repeated it now. 

Minimal Violence are to release a three track EP on Jungle Gym this month. Following a previous release on 1080p they now delve deep into the depths of house and techno with a rugged edge. Listen to "Rapids" below: 

Buy the release from the 20th of February HERE

Pixelife – Chimeras In The Matrix

The small things. They were always the ones that most people forgot, especially when they were giving someone "down the banks" for forgetting a birthday, an anniversary or those things, that your timeline/ timelife now insists those with scant regard now frivolously seem incapable of tethering. The woman had built her life on the detail, the specks of light and life which had embellished so many others lives. Now, she found herself scrutinised, her single mistake held like an ant on a 70s summer day while she coiled. Both magnified and burnt by those who had bigger recourse.

Fresh on new US label Samo Records is this cut from Pixelife's new EP. Previously with Throne Of Blood, Horn Wax and also currently balancing his synth pop lovecombo Ghost Cop, Sean Dack shows detail between the frames, much like his moniker suggests. Acidic, yet lean from the kick off, the urgency is balanced by some melancholic patterns before the curtains draw further back and the full event takes place.


The EP is coming soon and can be pre-ordered HERE.

PREMIERE: George McVicar – Pollen

It was that time of year again. The sun beamed down upon the open fields as the birds flew hazily in the breeze. The scent of pollen hung heavily in the air as the bees flew between flowers. Spring had sure as hell sprung and the misery of winter would soon be just a bitter memory on the outskirts of his imagination. It was difficult to contain a smile as he walked peacefully amongst the long grass, gold surrounded his every fibre and the light in the sky flashed glaringly. 

George McVicar is set to release his debut album on Aa3 Recordings on the 10th of February later this month. "Nulls" was inspired by a trip to Japan and is an exploration through static and drone. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Goshawk – My Heart feat. Astral T

The dancers are really the ones which push the beat. At least thats what they say. My heart tells me otherwise for if there were to be no music there might be no dance. Is it in fact the sound which makes the dancers move, or is it the dancers movement which leads to the production of sound. Such questions should not be explored too heavily, there was little reason to continue down this path of chaotic delusion. Instead she began to move her feet back and forth. That was all. 

Goshawk steps up with a new release on Hudd Trax. "My Heart" features a close friend of Ransom Note in the form of Astral T. Luxurious vocals with a warm groove. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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