Premiere Inn: Round Up 09.09.16


PREMIERE: Dimitri Veimar – MM

A mysterious man, a monstrous mogul, a mythical machine. Mr. MM was the most difficult customer of all. He had escaped the force of the law for decades, some loved his raucous nature, some believed him to be a danger on the streets. All we knew about him was that he was a living legend, and by damn there wasn't many of those left to walk this town no more. He had become our idol old Mr. MM, whoever he was, wherever he was, we loved him. 

Dimitri Veimar is taking step by step to notoriety with a recent string of interesting releases. His latest output appears on Renate Schallplaten, the record label run by the infamous Berlin nightlife hostpot known for debauchery and intrigue. 'Lazy Trance' offers a spectacular soundtrack to such antics. Listen to 'MM' below:

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Von Party Ft. Naduve – Cobra Kush

It's not often that you get a press release that totally sums up a release, which is generally why us bods here come up with some esoteric (and usually jarg) creative words in this bit. But today, we were really happy that the supplied one-sheet blurb hit over and above what we could wrangle from a story, so I'll leave this one to them:

"It’s a real HIGH-light when you run a label with your partner and they bring a track in like this. It affirms everything that you are working on together. You don’t need to talk anymore that day – the music has tied you into an eternal bond. But like a jealous girlfriend you ask who is this ’Naduve’ character ? 

It's all love round here though – I’m not the jealous type, we have an open relationship. Thomas has found a kindred spirit in Israel’s Naduve. 

This is how my listening experience went :

Hit play…Straight-up into the groove…the percussion is soaked in hemp milk. 

YES. Loop that…. leave it. I need to get aligned.. where is my love-sack ?

Ok – I’ve had enough time to skin one up – I’m excited. 

Exit loop – let that charming melody form dancing clouds of thick smoke around me. 

Oh man….. I’m lying down for this one…..No fuck that i’m getting up – I need to let this body out of this body. 

Whats that smell ? Cinnamon.. No its more like cardomom … Was that a light note of cumin ? TVP can cook (again i can attest)

Skip back to the start. 


Stoned idea #4532 : Let’s round up some fellow herb-merchants for a go at rolling this one up. 

Rodion – BONAFIDE big-snake smoke machine. This I can attest to – his mixing desk is one big mixing bowl. You don’t actually have to look for the weed because its everywhere there. It's inside the machines, it’s all over the mouse, and the smoke alarm has dead batteries from being overworked.

Peter Power – HERO status round these parts. It goes without saying that when Peter does something he does it right. Haven’t seen him DJ yet ? Keen to change your life – we will let you in on a secret – he has the power to do so. 

Last to roll up to the head-shop is Sabo. He purchased 4 packs of king-size, 3 boxes of nag champa and 2 bottles of CBD oil to assist on his adventure into remix territory. 

So – sit back or lie down wherever you are – reach out for the kush bush and let nature do its job."

Von Party Ft. Naduve – Cobra Kush is released by Multi Culti on 19th September 2016. Find out more HERE. Video produced by Eli Magaziner.

PREMIERE: Neotnas – Elin

Her presence was mystical and fascinating. She gazed out upon the mountains and looked towards the heavenly blue skies above. Elin was a thing of beauty. She dared not look down from the perch upon which she sat. She feared what she might see looming below. For now she was quite simply happy to observe all that was good in this world from the great sweeping heights of her fantastic imagination. The world roared in her ears as she began to entice the very thing she once feared. She would soon fly. 

Neotnas has previously released on labels such as Atypical Dopeness, Sacred Rhythm Music and Dope Jams. Now he enters the world of Dancing Like Quagmire as he releases an ep with the Bologna based label. Listen to 'Elin' below: 

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PREMIERE: Kalbata – Al Shark

The mysterious villain had been terrorising the town for decades. Al Shark was his name, and he was a bad ass bandit with a temper like a rocket ship. His crimes we perilous and terrible, his heart cold and hard as stone. However, this time he had gone too far, it was time for the town to fight back against his vile presence. Within the saloon they gathered, ready to drive him out of town. In the distance a hawk could be heard crying, it was time to run the road. The sands roared wild. 

Kalbata is the co founder behind Fortuna Records. He delivers a middle eastern inspired techno collage with mythical properties. Experimental music for body and soul. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Carreno Is LB – Woman, Dress, Dance

A warm air swept through the open window, the white curtains blew softly in the breeze. The white walls of the villa on the hill glimmered in style beneath the evening rays of the dying sun. Within the house she moved. A woman, a dress, a dance. She was a reflection of perfect beauty, a gorgeous vision, a magnificent dream. He woke from his slumber and this was all that was left, a fitting flash amidst the depths of sleep in which a perfect life was there. 

Carreno Is LB takes an atmospheric approach on his new release for hafendisko, a new sub label of the better known hfn. Based in the Canary Islands he encaptures a melodic energy commonly associated with the heat and warmth of summer. Listen to "Woman, Dress, Dance" below:

More details can be found HERE


The blackness melted into nothing but a pale grey as a pink light echoed peacefully across the forefront of the lagoon. His brain was finally becoming warm and quiet. His mind was still, no longer pensive and full of sadness. The outlook from the boat was far brighter as they moved above the gentle rolling waves. He looked forward, no longer back, the past was but a blur which lay somewhere beneath the depths of the murky blue lagoon. This was living. 

IXVLF returns with rough and ready tendencies as he delivers a five track ep of wobbling synths and a distorted aesthetic. Listen to "Acropora" below:

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FIRST LISTEN: Playgroup – Better This Way (Feat Mike Z)

The news travelled fast when Trevor Jackson announced that 2016 would be the year in which new music would emerge from his much loved 'Playgroup' project. The dance group had produced some of the most pioneering music of the elctroclash genre and had become cult icons between 1997 and 2001. 

Trevor Jackson had himself been absent from musical production up until last year when he released his album FORMAT. However, his absence certainly didn't mean that he had nothing left to give. Thirty previously unreleased Playgroup tracks are now being released across a nine week period. It is with great delight that we are now able to bring you an exclusive first play of a previously unreleased Playgroup collaboration with Mike Z. Trevor Jackson introduces the track in his own words below…

"Better this way features vocals from Mike Z of the legendary new wave band Crash Course in Science. Formed in 1979 in philadelphia they became known for using toy instruments and kitchen appliances to augment the distorted guitar, drums and synthesised beats. Their new wave anthems 'Flying Turns' and 'Cardboard Lamb' are true genre classics, tracks have featured on many great labels (Minimal wave, Dark entries) Trevor Jackson featured a track 'Jump over barrels’ on his Metal Dance 2 compilation, and they’ve been remixed by Trentmoller, Ricardo Villalobos, Terence Fixmer & Tadd Mulliniex under his Charles Manier moniker. 'Better this way' is co-produced by Sasha Crnobrnja from Inflagranti and is one of two tracks featuring Mike Z as part of the Playgroup ‘Previously Unreleased’ series (Total Collapse featured on EP#4)"

Listen to the track below:

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PREMIERE: Doppelate – Forget About You

It can be difficult to mend a broken soul. It can be a struggle to forget. The memories of winter days past still glimmered faintly in his mind, a flickering dream which he struggled to recall in perfect clarity. He longed to be able to remember her face as she stared back from the path up ahead. He remembered the beautiful glow in a smile, in a wink, in a kiss. Most of all he did not want to forget the time in which they spent. He did not want to forget about her, he did not want to forget about you.

Based amidst the sprawl of East London you might upon an evening stumble into a party run by Let's Go Swimming. In recent months they have hosted the likes of Sotofett, Big Miz, Bell Towers and more. However, the formation of their own record label has since seen their relevancy increase dramatically. Doppelate is the latest artist to release on the label and he brings with him an expertly crafted blend of padded house, dreamy percussion and playful melody. Listen below: 

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