Premiere Inn: Round Up 08.04.16


Spike – Baby Love (Juju & Jordash Re-Dub)

Do you recall that track "Baby Love"? Yeah? It was great wasn't it. Well, it still comes nowhere near to this. There's a lotta love to be found in this one, oh yeah baby there is. 

Juju & Jordash step up to remix the work of Spike, in this case 'Baby Love' to be precise. Forthcoming on Golf Channel is a remix and edits album of the much loved 'Orange Cloud Nine' which landed on the label several years ago. Those featured include the likes of Mark E, Juju & Jordash, DJ Nature and Justin Van Der Volgen. the record is expected to land this month. Listen to the "Baby Love" remix below: 

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Black Booby feat Dave B – Sold Soul

Have you ever sold your soul as you danced through the darkness of the night? Have you ever lost your mind in the pitch black amidst the noise? Who knows whether it might be wrong or right? Do you even care? This is about the movement of feet and heads, the groove in hips and the feeling inside your brain. Have you sold your soul? Of course you have…

Here is the latest release from the Black Booby camp, a tribute to Sylvester set for release mid April, a Special Edition four track EP. Listen to 'Sold Soul' below:

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Kader Yani – Hayal

The great plains of Hayal sprawled into the distance before them as they looked towards the last of the dying sunlight. The beams of gold cast a warm glow over the fields of long reeds which blew in the lazy wind. Little sound could be heard but the chirping of birds and the rustle of grass, they had found peace at last. From this day forth the tribe would live in sweet harmony with the lush countryside of Hayal, its fruits, offerings and provisions. They were home. 

Here is the latest release from the Semper Memor camp which sees them unveil a split EP from DLS and Kader Yani. Listen to 'Hayal' from Kader Yani below:

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Sonderr – Finding Time

The clock made barely a noise in that busy office. It was but a piece of background detail amidst the shouts, cries, phone bashing and flabbergasted employees of the Wall Street building. The crash had hit them all hard but they hadn't expected it to necessarily be as bad as it now was. Time was absolutely of the essence now, and they had to find it once again to ensure the future of the company remained upheld and afloat. Find time is never easy, but now so, it was more difficult than ever. 

Here is the latest release from the Axe On Wax sub label Axe Traxx. It sees the Australian duo Sonderr offer up three tracks as part of an interesting EP which also features a remix from Mall Grab. Listen to 'Finding Time' below:

Forthcoming HERE.

Kuf – Tascam Loops

The tape machine crackled and popped as the system whirred into life. The hiss of electrics reverberated and an image began to flash on the screen. It was blurry, distorted and messy. It reminded him of a far more simplistic time, a time in which the tascam loop was king and this new age era of electronics was yet to exist. He missed the tascam loops.

Here is the latest release from Soundscape Versions. Listen to Kuf's track titled "Tascam Loops" below: 

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Orphan Swords – Zagan

The mountains roared as the planet crashed towards the sun amidst the harrowing sky. Grey and white flashed monstrously past as the stars distorted the clouded vision of the blackened evening. Planet Zagan had longs since been in trouble. It was only a matter of time before it finally crashed in a blurry ball of chaos with the fiery energies of the great fire. The time had come, and Zagan would cease to exist for any further forward. Zagan was gone. 

Here is the latest release from the ever rugged Clan Destine camp. No introduction required, needed or wanted. Listen to Orphan Swords 'Zagan' from the forthcoming record below:

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Kilchhofer – Lefu

The rattle and clatter of percussion bounced between the trees of the mystic forest. The jungle floor vibrated under the weight of the noise and the birds flapped and squawked amidst the branches up above. Leaves rustled as the drums began to bang louder and louder, it was a cacophony of noise amidst the shadows of the undergrowth. The great emperor Lefu had risen from the murky depths of his tomb and the party had begun. He had been asleep for a thousand years, but now he would rise once again to take his position as the ruler of the jungle, ruler of the dance. King Lefu was reborn and my oh my would they celebrate. 

Here is a first view and listen of the latest release from the Marionette record label. They have been spiking interest as of late with a taste for the eclectic and earthly. Here is 'Lefu' from the forthcoming Kilchhofer EP titled 'Dersu'. Watch and listen below: 

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Justine – Away

Synths and beyond echo coarsely through the drakness of the night. They were far away from all trouble and day by day their memories of the past would begin to fade into the blank space at the far corners of their mind. Away, away, away…

Here is the very first play of the forthcoming Justine release for Nein. The record finds itself dabbling between euphoria and melancholy and the black and white conceptualisation of the video reflects that. Watch below: 

The EP is set for release on the 16th of April and is accompanied by two remixes from both Sutja Gutierrez and Nite Rate.