Premiere Inn: Round Up 05.08.16


PREMIERE: Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek – Botuto

The caves of Botuto loomed ominously above the sea, their black, murky depths swallowed up the water and sight was lost amidst the darkness. The waves roared coarsely in his ears as they clattered against the rugged cliff face, this was unchartered territory, no human had ever entered the Botuto. They would soon find out how deep the rabbit hole beneath the water would go. 

'Schaum' is the latest release to emerge from the Faitiche records camp. It sees masayoshi Fujita and Jan Jelinek get weird and wonderful across a sprawling assortment of music which comes in at just under an hour. Listen to 'Botuto' below:

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PREMIERE: M Wylde – Bring Me Down (Tuff City Kids Disco Dub)

I was looking for a place to dance in the dark. A smoke filled room with a rumbling system and an ambience of excess. I asked them to bring me down to the spot, but it was not what I had expected at all. The red walls lined the room with a deathly glow, the black mist prevented my sight, I was disorientated and lost. This was not my idea of fun and I wished I had not asked them to bring me down. 

Tuff City Kids are on triumphant form as they remix M Wylde on Cultures Of Soul. When this one landed in our inbox we knew we were on a to a winner straight from the off: a winning combination. They edit the track into a high energy melodic dancefloor escapade. Listen to their take on 'Bring Me Down' below:

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PREMIERE: Comfort Zone – Loop 04

And the loop goes on and on and on. Four times, until the end. The wheel would continue to spin, the planet would continue to turn and the sun would set upon this day once more. This relaxation would never be found once more, they were lost, deep within the comfort zone. 

Second Hand Fun is a new label which appear to have hit the ground running. Split between Montreal and Berlin their first release comes from Comfort Zone with an EP named 'The Function'. Listen below:

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PREMIERE: Unknown Artist – Drome

The rattle of metal echoed furiously down the tunnel. the subway car continued to roll through the dirt darkness, a soft light illuminating the train tracks on a winter night. The Drome network has insured that all of these tunnels were built with watertight intricacy and immaculate detail, but that was many years gone by now. Who knew how safe the lines were now…

Chicago's influence on music has defined a generation. House might not exist but for the jackin' clubs of the eighties. Little remains as a testamanet, however, Jack The Mack 3 offers an insight into days gone by. Listen to 'Drome' below: 

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FIRST LISTEN: Hugh – Direction (Salute Remix)

Hugh are a London based 4 piece featuring Andy Highmore, Joshua Idehen, Tino Kolarides, Izzy Brooks – you may have heard of Idehen before as front man of Afrofuturists Benin City. Here he's laying his vocals over Direction, a mournful torch song, impeccably remixed by Salute. After a build of soundscape and gentle, late night piano chords, the track drops into a swirling synth sound quite unlike anything we've heard. The closest we can come is that this is the imagined sound of jazz fluttering across your closed eyelids. Idehen had the following to say about writing Direction;

"The inspiration behind the song:  I wrote a few years back, around the time I was falling out of love with my own Christian beliefs. I'd been following the LGBTQIA movement online and I thought the catholic stance on same sex marriage was kind of sad: I'd grown up believing 'God is Love' and it didn't make sense to include a 'terms and conditions' to it…"


Hugh will be performing a headline show Oct 12th at Electrowerkz. Tickets here

PREMIERE: Christian S – Jonnie SDA

Jonnie SDA was a rogue, a vagabond, a troublemaker. He carried those letters with him as a reminder of his military past and with time they had become his calling card. His appearance was scruffy, his face askew, eyes wild, blazing with the malice of a battlefield left behind. He had always wanted to rebel, now would begin his reign of chaos. Jonnie SDA was in town, and he was sure as hell, here to stay. 

Up next on Comeme is the much loved Christian S. Originating from Cologne he has gone on to become widely respected having held down residencies at the likes of Salon Des Amateurs and beyond. He returns with his EP titled 'Six Million Bassdrums Later'. Listen to 'Jonnie SDA' below: 

Pre-order the release HERE.  Listen to his mix for Ransom Note HERE


'Seven Days' is a forthcoming release by Bafta nominated composer Sheridan Tongue. Having established himself as an artist behind some of our favourite film and television series Sheridan has taken a new found approach to music, determining that it is time to make something which belongs to him and him alone. 'Lake' is the first taster of what lies in store on the forthcoming release. We are able to bring you an exclusive first view of the accompanying music video. It's pretty special… Watch below:

'Lake' will be available to buy /stream from Spotify on August 8th and on iTunes August 12th. 

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