Premiere Inn: Round Up 02.12.16


PREMIERE: Yotam Avni – Yeezianity

Sanity was long gone. He had little left to believe in but for what lay before him. Who the hell knew if he could trust that. As he walked down the street he scowled through the shop windows, the glass flickered under the glint of raindrops. The noise of traffic echoed horribly around his head and the voices kept talking back and forth. He wanted to run but who could say how far he would ever get. A broken man walking alone through the rainy streets of a town he once knew. 

This one is pretty special. Yotam Avni has been making vast waves over the last twelve months and this track first surfaced in Ame & Dixon's Essential Mix earlier this year. We are delighted to be able to bring you 'Yeezianity' in full: 

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PREMIERE: Neville Watson – Hazing

Back once again, serious this time. Now was the hour to let those hazy days be recognised, all the original heads were knocking about. Like those long nights back then, we closed that turgid daily grind behind us. We got sweaty, drank, smoked and loved.

After last year's successful outing, Glaswegian label Craigie Knowes are releasing a further charity album. 'The Second Annual Fundraiser – War Child' will donate all profits to War Child UK, a charity that provides aid to children who are affected and displaced by international conflicts. Amongst the talented line-up is acid house soldier and Ravin' veteran Neville Watson. His dub heavy and rewind riddled opening throws some solid beats and bass at us from the off, with a ravey electro sidewinder and machine drum grinder. Too cool for old skool.

Various – The Second Annual Fundraiser: War Child is released by Craigie Knowes on 5th December 2016 and can be bought HERE.

FIRST VIEW: Kuro – Arashi

"The mood in the room lay dark and quiet. There was little sound to be heard but for the buzz of instrumentation…"

We here at Ransom Note can sometimes struggle to seperate ourselves from the world of distorted electronics, drums and noise. However, when we do it often takes something quite remarkable and and at times captivatingly odd to make us pay attention. KURO achieved the above with a resounding yes.

As a result we opted to cover and we were delighted to be offered an exclusive first play of their brand new music video for 'Arashi' which sees a dark room set alive with the sound and whir of ambient music.

Watch below:

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PREMIERE: MCULO – In Retrospect

When looking back he now realised that there was very little which he could have done to prevent what happened. In retrospect, the scene of the crash had been far too chaotic and messy to be able to salvage any of the stock. The van had laid tipped over by the side of the road and the produce was spilt far beneath on the banks of the highway. In hindsight he should have run away, The cops were always bound to catch him. Boy, had they punished him when they busted his ass. They didn't take too kindly to having product spilt on the roads of their great country. 

Mculo steps up with a new release for the Roots By The Oder label which marks its third release with an EP simply titled "Lago Santo". This one features three warm house cuts with a tech influence. Listen to 'In Retrospect' below: 

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PREMIERE: No Moon – Manc1010101

The noise of industry echoed between the walls of the factory. The throb of metal buzzed hazily in the air and the bumps of machinery chundered on and on. As he paced the gangway he looked down upon his empire below, men rushed frantically in time with the speed of the production line as the warm sun beamed through the tiny windows up above. Steam rose inside this place, during the summer it got so damn hot that you could probably fry an egg. Manc1010101 was the address, this was the place all right. 

No Moon delivers a beautifully harsh EP for X-Kalay. The contrast in terms may sound odd however rough drums alongside stunning and elegant pads leaves a pretty special taste in ones mouth. Listen to 'Manc1010101' below: 

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PREMIERE: Thrilogy – Make Your Body

The sentence remained unfinished and the writing lay abrupt upon the page. The story was yet to be finished and the tale might never now be told. He had died to young and had been unable to make his body complete the final pieces of the puzzle. Readers across the world would sigh in dismay at the unfinished prose. Now as he lay beneath the deck of planet earth he pondered what more it would have taken to achieve a result, an equilibrium and a new age. 

Thrilogy appears on a new EP from the recently founded Fate And Fiction Recordings. He delivers alongside Admin, Ishmael and Remotif. Listen to his track from the release below: 

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PREMIERE: Lutto Lento – Wild Wishes

His ambitions were high, his hopes low. These were wild wishes which had yet to come true. Only time would tell whether he might reach his goal and succeed. As he gazed out upon the city which lay before him he watched the lights of the buildings flicker. Each of these people had dreams like him, they each strived for something more, why wouldn't they? There would be little point otherwise. The light in the park began to fade and he stood up from the bench on which he had been sitting. He took a breath, the cold air blew, and he screamed. 

Lutto Lento was the first artist to release on Charles Drakeford's From The Depths imprint back in 2014. Now some two years later he is set to return with a new EP which is simply titled "Wild Wishes". Bizarrely melodic and pad focused this one is very much unique in its own right: the horror scream makes it so. Listen to the lead track below: 

Pre order the release from the FTD bandcamp HERE

PREMIERE: Aquadab & MC A – Twilight Of Dinner

The restaurant lay empty and the plates bare. The people had left in a hurry when the bomb had struck. In the twilight of dinner the trouble had started as the foundations of the buildings shook. They had feared this day would come for a long, long time but yet they still felt unprepared. How could you prepare for an act of war, it wasn't in their nature. Quite simply, they were now left with no choice but to fight back with persistence and all of their earthly might. The day would come in which all of this would be a bitter memory. 

Bokeh Versions have been on a run of form as of late. The latest release from the label comes in the form of Aquadab and MC A who deliver an array of electronic explorations across eight tracks. Listen to 'Twilight Of Dinner' below: 

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PREMIERE: Kasper Bjørke – Klint (Marc Piñol Remix)

Roaring through the mean city streets had left him a broken man. The late night driving was at first a selfish thrill but now it had become a compulsion which he could not control. Under the cover of darkness he revved his engine and rocketed between the other vehicles moving hastily with reckless disregard. The energy was nothing like he had ever experienced before, the rush was unrivaled. Klint was veering dangerously close to the edge and soon his car might just crash. 

Kasper Bjorke signs off 2016 with 'Klint' which was arguably one of the most club orientated tracks from his mini LP 'Fountain Of Youth' which surfaced last summer. It is paired with remixes from immense talent and both Multi Culti and Hivern Discs have contributed. It is the Marc Pinol remix which we bring to you. Listen below: 

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The cashier handed the money back to the masked man. He continued to distractedly wave the gun across the counter, he seemed frantic, on edge and nervous. He wasn't cut out for this, he had never intended on entering a life of crime but the current system had left him with no choice. He found himself an outlaw amidst a society which cared not for his sort. Ok, please, thank you, it was time to go. He ran through the doors of the bank, the slam echoing in his ears behind him as he ran. In the distance the sound of sirens began to roar. His heart pounded and he felt nauseous as hell. Run. Run. Run. Ok, please. 

Strobes have just released their brand new video for the illusive 'OK Please'. In a truly independent and distorted style the video fuzzes and blurs. Watch and listen below:

PREMIERE: Boyd Jarvis – The Music Got Me (Original '83 Instrumental)

It is with some delight that we are able to bring you an exclusive premiere of the next EP from Ransom Note Records in collaboration with House Hunting. 

First recorded in 1983 under the name Visual, Boyd Jarvis's cut The Music Got Me is one of the first true house records. A staple on the 80s New York club scene, the visionary instrumental dub was played everywhere from the Paradise Garage to Zanzibar, dance-floors packing to it's mix of throbbing bass and wooshes of analogue synth magic. 

At Ransom Note we've long been obsessed with the record, so when House Hunting's Aiden D'Araujo interviewed Boyd – and found out that we could license it – we jumped at the chance. 

Now, we present The Music Got You sounding bigger and better than ever before. Remastered from Boyd's original tapes by Keith Tenniswood at Curved Studios, The Music Got Me is pressed on limited edition, heavyweight vinyl for clarity and bass pressure. 

The EP comes with two remixes from Bawrut, and Dan Idjut/ Nick The Record. Listen to the original below: 

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PREMIERE: Captain Torkive – Flying Saucers To Krypton (I-Robots 1979 Extended Reconstruction)

The stars shone with a blinding glow as the ufo careered across the midnight sky. The blackness which surrounded the craft was not scary, not deathly and certainly not the end. It was but the beginning of a new age, the start of a new campaign which would see them voyage across the solar system all the way to Krypton and back. Many had laughed at their talk of flying saucers and alien dreams. My, how wrong they were. Now it was time for a new age in which the earth was far far away. They would simply fly. 

Roll up, roll up. This one is pretty special. I- Robots have announced the first track as part of an upcoming compilation which celebrates the roots and influences of Italo disco in Turin. The first is a re-release of the highly sought after 'Flying Saucers' EP which also sees the duo edit the original. Listen to their extended interpretation below…

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PREMIERE: Cameron Traxxx – ill See U

"Strictly club music" is the order of the day on the inaugural project from new label Merge Layers, founded by Italian producers (and Radar Radio regulars) Natlek and Nobel. Out on Monday, their first compilation features contributions from artists such as Mamboussa and Kieran Loftus (PTP/Gang Fatale). We're premiering 'ill See U', a choice cut from 28-year old Neal Dexter – aka Cameron Traxxx – originally from Philadelphia but having lived in Chicago for the last couple of years.

Working only with hardware and influenced primarily by underground Chicago house, Mr. Traxxx makes raw, unfussy dance music that expertly blends old-school and contemporary flavours. Is that a recipe for timeless music? Whatever, this track is ace, and it sits comfortably amongst the more bass-leaning elements of the compilation. The ringing bell acts as a call to the dancefloor, before blocky playground keys strut around a rudely funky bassline. Then the titular vocal sample rears its head, endlessly on the verge of swirling away into the ether. Let this one play out all the way.

Merge Layers Function Vol. 1 is out 28th Nov, and you can grab it right here.

PREMIERE: Terrence Dixon – Untitled

There was no name given. His office door remained open at all times and nobody must never knock. Some might say that he handled his business in a peculiar fashion but that was not the case, he was simply forward thinking. He walked along the corridors of the office gazing at the workers in their compartments. They were boxed in and trapped, unable to think for themselves and shackled. Work had begun to overpower their lives in every way and soon there would be nothing left but pain. 

Terrence Dixon appears on a new compilation from Out-ER alongside the likes of Efdemin, Simone Gatto and many more in celebration of the label's five year anniversary. His track 'Untitled' sees him deliver a euphoric techno workout which is bound to receive heavy interest in the coming months. Listen below: 

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