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Franz Matthews – Guns Of Rixdorf

Deep in the fantasy he found himself buried between books and parliamentary papers. He was attempting to solve a riddle as to the whereabouts of the guns of rixdorf but little insight was to be gathered upon this evening it seemed. The little candle flickered abruptly on the mantlepiece and sizzled into the abyss upon the breath of wind. He was surrounded by little but the night and the cold crackle of a stereo. All of a sudden a great voice beckoned down the corridor. 

Franz Matthews returns to release a new EP on the much loved Days Of Being Wild record label. Listen to "Guns Of Rixdorf" below: 

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Mind Fair – Symphony Rising

The sweet sound of the blossoming trees echoed prominently through the Japanese countryside. Pink flowers were flickering upon the hazy spring breeze as the birds soared high up above. In the distance the sound of cheerful voices could be heard glimmering in the morning air. The park would soon be busy, scattered with tourists and sun worshippers alike. They flocked to such a spot amidst the crowded city and looked for release from the daily struggle. 

Mind Fair are set to appear on a new EP from Rogue Cat Sounds. They deliver a spectacularly chilled out contribution with oriental percussion and poetic delicacy. Highly recommended. Listen to "Symphony Rising" below: 

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Fit Of Body – Ridin 2 That Trap Or Die

This Friday we're proud to be releasing an EP from Atlanta producer Ryan Parks aka Fit of Body. Healthcare draws lines between everyone from Drexciya and Underground Resistance to Jermaine Dupri and Arthur Russell, and it's f**kin excellent if we do say so ourselves. Today, we're very happy to share the first cut with you.

'Ridin 2 That Trap or Die' will doubtless appeal to a certain kind of romantic – one who can hear the pulse of all life itself in its battered drum machine beats and melancholic synths. After spluttering into life like a beloved motorcycle on its last legs, a throbbing bassline snakes in, before those streaky synths whirl us onwards into the glow of the twilight. Raw machine soul made for strange times and unknown futures.

Healthcare is out 31st March on our very own Ransom Note Records. Pre-order here.

Yougrent – The Hole In The King's Sock

For one of such royal heritage he lived a life far from the realms of luxury one might expect him to be accustomed to. The hole in the king's sock grew wider and wider each day as he trudged wearily through the forest, he cared not for gold and palaces but for the sweet essence of nature and the outdoors. Many had criticised his role within such mighty authority whilst others admired his humble reluctance towards the spotlight. For they cared not for the crown, the politics and it's reign but sought sweet freedom from its perilous clutches. 

Flexi Cuts are set to release their second EP in the form of a five track split. They invite a number of new found friends on to the label for the very first time. Listen to Yougrent's track from the EP below: 

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Strip Steve – Odyssey

Deep within the distant galaxy, a spaceship cruised under the glow of exotic stars. It's metallic frame glimmered beneath the shimmering light as it surged forwards through time and space. It was embarking upon a spectacularly perilous odyssey, a journey into the abyss. It's passengers sat eagerly watching their planet vanish out of sight through bubble windows. They made jokes amongst one another, cracking a smile as appropriate, but they were scared. 

Strip Steve might be a familiar name to some, his evolution through sound has seen him release music on the likes of Boys Noize records. However, more recently he has returned to a sound slightly more humble and orientated towards the smaller room. Listen to a track from his new release on Man Band, a Berlin based label, below: 

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Mori Ra – Musically Time

The noise echoed between the hollow walls of the prison cell. The clatter of bars amidst the Middle Eastern desert was all that could be heard riding upon the morning breeze. It was musically time for action, the prisoners had opted to demonstrate fiercely against the ruthless captors which had herded them away. Their resolve was more triumphant than ever before as they rattled the framework of the great prison with their bare hands. The sweet metallic chimes were all they would remember. 

Mori Ra has been on a run of form as of late having released music on the likes of Berceuse Heroique & Macadam Mambo. Now he steps up to release the first record on the newly founded Tracy Island imprint. Listen to "Musically Time" below: 

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Ben Kaczor – Balance

As he towered above the circus tent he did not listen to the war whoops and jeers of the hideous crowd. Some of them probably wanted him to fall to his death, whilst others watched with a more nervous hesitancy. He marched confidently upon the tight rope as it wobbled and contorted beneath his delicate weight. This was all a game of balance and it would take something far greater than a crowd to prevent his beautiful walk forwards. All of the sudden the lights flickered, the tent went dark.

Ben Kaczor is set to release a new EP on his recently launched imprint KCZ. The EP sees him release three tracks of hypnotic textures and elegant house. Listen to "Balance" below: 

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Hunter/Game – Dead Soul (Joey Anderson Remix)

Deep within the murky reaches of the black sea lay a buried creature. A dead soul had died beneath a sinking ship many moons ago, now he lay amidst the golden sand and the growing creatures covered his remains. The sound of a submarine could be heard hunting in the distance, looking for any sign of life which might remain. It would be lucky to find even but a hint of a presence within the shadowy black abyss which the dead souls remains would now call home forever. 

Hunter/Game return for a bang this year as they prepare to release a new EP on Just This. The announcement came following the release of their album on Kompakt last year. However, this wasn't even the best bit of news about the release as we were enlightened by the prospect of a Joey Anderson remix. Listen to his reimagined version of "Dead Soul" below: 

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Kadajane – Nightress Waitmare

The queue was gathered abruptly outside. Meanwhile, inside the restaurant she began to panic recklessly. She had promised that she would not find herself in such a position, in such a pained stance and frantic. She was not a nightress waitmare, damnit, she couldn't even think straight let alone serve a customer. She was not a nightmare waitress, that was better. She took a deep breath and paced behind the bar, ready for the onslaught of wind as the customers rushed in. One, two, three, breathe. 

UN.T.O. Records are set to release their seventh EP in the coming weeks. The next release comes in the form of a five track EP from Kadajane, listen to "Nightress Waitmare" below: 

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La Jungle x Mugwump – Cold (Pure Evil Ritual Remix)

Faster, faster, faster. It was the only way to kick off this evil haze. She ran harder through the icy side streets, sweating away the fears that had kept her disturbed through the cold night, her exertions exhaled as foggy shadows beside her face. Steeper, steeper, steeper. Up into the hills away from the nightmares below were her goal, where she would ache as her muscles tightened and she saw the glimmer of another day.

La Jungle, a Mons-based duo born in the obscure noise music scene, get their good friend Mugwump in to battle and he triumphs in this live instrumental growler. Rattling drum kicks and snares race from the start, a tight and insistent bass slide gets nagged by some up in the bridge guitar twinkles, and then the claps get the plaudits they heartily deserve. Zooming.

Out today and available HERE. La Jungle will be playing a handful of UK shows in May, check their Facebook for info. Follow Mugwump on Facebook.

Unisex Audio Club – Miamishi

There were still too many miles to go. No matter how fast he drove, no matter how many gas stations he saw disappear from side to rear view mirror, the freeway stretched ahead of him. It never relinquished, "there" was always still to be reached. The hazy neons of the traffic signs blurred and melted into the cobalt skies around him. Time could not be caught, but his appointment he dare not miss.

Magic Feet finally wake up and realise it's 2017 and release a new record. The Spring sampler sees Markus Gibb and newcomer M.E.A.D. and long suffering friends Unisex Audio Club. The enigmatic Scot gets cinematic on this release, modish sequences, FM basslines and emphatic strings give a yearnful yet insistent drive to this journey. Wind the windows and the volume up.

Magic Feet Spring Sampler is due soon. Follow the label on Facebook for updates.

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