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Landings – FTP

The runway was set and the wind howled around the empty airport. The flight would soon depart, bringing with it the fear of god to some far away land. Camoflauge covered its metal frame, overbearing and murky. This was a plane of war and whilst its flight may bring peace, its actions would not. In the air it was a thing of beauty, a floating shape against the dark nights sky. To those on the ground it was an evil omen which would swoop from above bringing nothing but pain. Fight, the plan, fight the plane. 

Landings are to release a two track EP on Vim & Vigour. The pair have produced a record of dynamic construction, fusing a jazz style undercurrent with electronics. Listen to 'FTP' below:

The release is forthcoming HERE

Marshall Applewhite x The Friend – Axig

The monster lived deep within the mountainous prism. The cave loomed perilously above the forest and nothing was allowed to grow amidst its murky territory. Axig was his name and for many years he had haunted the villages of the far away lands. Scandinavia had always been notoriously famous for the fantastic and the terrifying but few had seen such great evil as in the eyes of Axig. A hard coarse shell hung bedraggled from his back, a stench so potent arose from his breath. He was a villainous cretin and his every move was like poison. Axig was a beast, a plague upon the land on which they walked. 

Marshall Applewhite and The Friend are part of a new wave of artists emerging from Detroit's underground. The music in which they produce takes its influence from the murky shadows of a city which has often been associated with tough times. Branded as 'sludge', the genre depends upon an industrial environment and the pair use it to create slow moving, grunge fuelled electronic music with a perverse attitude. Listen to 'Axig' below:

The pair will appear at OHM in Berlin this evening. The release is forthcoming HERE

Minimono – Back In DC

The plane cruised high above the little white house which sat below. As he watched from the window of his private jet he wondered what it would be like to live amidst the streetlights of the city itself. He thought about his isolated castle up on the hill and dreamed of the day in which he might be able to throw himself into the freedom of the wild streets and the hustle of day to day life. For now, he was the president and he was back in DC. The world was his, and his flight had just landed. 

Bosconi records return with a new split EP from Minimono. The first edition of 'Theory Of Strings' is set for release any day now and features four tracks of dynamic electronics. Listen to 'Back In DC' from the new record below:

Buy the release HERE

Fab Mayday – Math

The numbers would never stand up. The game would continue to roll onwards and upwards with little end. The chalk upon the blackboard remained dusty and smudged, there would be no answer suitable to satisfy. The math would cease to work within reason and the play was lost. As he looked out upon the empty classroom he wondered if they even cared about his evolutionary calculations. One day they might look back upon this moment and reflect on a time in which they remained innocent and oblivious. The math would stand up, one day. 

Italian digger extraordinaire Fab Mayday has a forthcoming EP set for release on Violette Szabo. He experiments with edits and delivers four odd tracks packed with intrigue and delight. Listen to 'Math' below:

Buy the release HERE

Automat – IR3535

The co-ordinates had been entered into the navigation system and soon they would be ready to enter hyperspace. The craft upon which the mission would take place was simply named 'IR3535'. Little more information had been given as to its previous voyages into outer space however one had to assume that it was well versed in both flight and stability. Only time would tell as to how fit it would be for purpose upon this voyage. As they sat in the cockpit they gazed outwards into the blackness unknown. The stars flickered in the mystical night sky. Somewhere, home on earth, people were waking up to another day, but for now they must forget that that was a million miles away. 

Mille Feuilles are set to release a new compilation on the 30th of September. The project acts as a representation of the record label and showcases those frequently featured, close friends and newly signed artists. Across twelve tracks you will find a range of electronic experimentation and craftmanship. Etienne Jaumet, Molecule and The Populists all appear, however, it is a track by Automat which we present to you for an exclusive first listen: 

Buy the release HERE

Fit Of Body – Untitled (Galcher Lustwerk Remix)

The attention to detail was everything. The precision required to create a masterpiece was in itself a fine art, let alone the end product. Something in the stars had guided his life along this particular path, it had not been a decision or a choice, more of an instinct. As he etched his mark upon the glass he reflected upon the streetlights which glimmered in the distance far below. He looked down from the skyscraper upon which he was perched. Drawing on the window, he simply wrote…. The world below would never know…

Fit Of Body releases on CGI Records, a US label which has previously featured the works of artists such as Prostitutes, Jerome and Twins. The EP is accompanied with an emotive alternative from Galcher Lustwerk who remixes. Listen to the track below:

Buy the release HERE

Sano – La Grua

The huge steel crane swung slowly around, it's steel frame screeching with each laborious and meticulous movement. From his darkened room, he watched the city mutate, familial memories erased as the concrete was ripped from its core. The metal beast relished and devoured, wanton in its destruction as it staunchly laid claim to a new future that looked high into the night sky.

Cómeme's latest release comes from Colombian Sano. Inspired by his move to Barcelona, this track explores the spaces inside the slowness and the smoky, rhythmic distortion of 'la grúa' and it's mechanics.  All the artwork and art direction by Naty Lara was inspired in the work of artists like Malevich, Bernardo Bertolucci and Saul Bass with a twisted point of view from 90’s computer graphics, and is part of the imaginary world Sano is building up. The EP also features an 'Interview Remix' by Salon des Amateurs Tolouse Low Trax.

Sano – Los Muchachos EP is due soon on Cómeme and can be found HERE

Dreems & Jamie Blanco – Percussive Racing Cars

The roar of engines screamed from within the stadium. Crowds had travelled from far and wide to attend the final race of the multiplatinum mechanics series. Their noise echoed in the cauldron as a growing sense of anticipation boiled amongst the spectators. This place was a fortress and each man had come to win. Tools clattered against concrete as the teams prepared each motor, it was percussive, rattling and euphoric. Soon they would take to the track and race for their life. The sun had begun to set upon the desert, the spotlights of the stadium illuminating the golden sand. The track was lit. 

Dreems & Jamie Blanco appear on a forthcoming EP for Futureboogie. "Studio Glucose" sees them deliver three eclectic dancefloor cuts along with an accompanying Moscoman remix. The release is expected on the 30th of September. Listen to "Percussive Racing Cars" below:

Buy the release HERE

MiddleSkyBoom & Eliezer – Prism Birds

The chamber was alive with the sporadic sound of nature. Trapped within the prism the birds sung freely, their cries echoing against the glass walls in which they flew. From outside people watched with an admiration beyond description. How they wished that they too could fly so freely amongst the air, landing on the tallest points of reach. They longed to soar above the world in the same way as these doves floated inside the happy walls. White and elegant they rocketed between branches, their wings fluttering on the cool evenings breeze. The prism birds were beautiful. 

Middleskyboom and Eliezer feature on the latest release from the Days Of Being Wild camp. They deliver an ep which follows in the slow moving sensibilities often adopted by the likes of Andrew Weatherall. Listen to 'Prism Birds' below:

Buy the release HERE

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