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OURRA Feat. Robert Owens – This Time (Ilija Rudman Music Interpretation Mix)

The heist was on, the plan set in motion and the wheels beneath were turning quickly. This time they would not make the same mistake as last, money was everything in this game and their perilous quest was about to make them very rich indeed. As the car cruised along the boulevard they strapped themselves in with the click of a seatbelt, the firepower was in the trunk if necessary. Heaven forbid it would come to that, this time all would be plain sailing, perhaps….

Ilija Rudman steps up with a reimagined version of a new jam from OURRA which features none other than Robert Owens on vocal duties. A musical education if you will. Listen below: 

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Alene Marie – Permissions

The contract was laid bare upon the table. Face down, it shimmered under the light of day as they sat aside the radiant blue swimming pool.  The permissions of the role were normal, he would have to do great things in order to protect his country and those nearby. He was a spy in the truest of senses, all his life was to be spent on this. He sighed as he watched the view. 

Alene Marie features on a new split release from France based record label Melodies Souterraines. Moody electronics and low rumbles galore. Listen below:

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Marcin Krupa – Questions

Existential doubt and fearful thoughts. A ridiculous situation one might never have perhaps imagined in which questions continuously bombard and entice reaction. The dance was very much in motion as the wrestler prepared to enter the ring. Friend or foe, the questions continued to surpass his emotional reasoning as he entered into a new dimension of perilous chaos. As he swam through the murky depths he began to see the finish line, the end was nigh. 

Marcin Krupa returns with another sun kissed assortment of melodic house and dance floor cuts on Astropical Tapes. Listen to the sound of his exotically crafted house below: 

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Charlotte Bendiks – Kaia

The mystical wilderness was beautiful under the cover of the early morning mist. Kaia, they called it, a place of dramatic intrigue and desperate fantasy. As she wandered between the trees she looked downwards towards the murky swamp which lay at the bottom of the cliff, the trickling water poured softly down the side of the rock face. The long grass blew gently in the breeze and she dreamt of being nowhere else for eternity. 

Charlotte Bendiks is set to release a new EP on Cómeme, a spectacularly percussive affair with the exotic dancefloor rumble you trust in from the label. Listen to "Kaia" below:

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Bal500 – Bleu Infini

The infinite ocean unfolded before his very eyes. The deep blue was beautiful yet devastatingly dangerous. The waters were icy cold as he looked out from aboard the vessel. As they floated ever closer towards the North Pole he began to wonder why so few men had ventured so far this way. Perhaps it was the hypnotic glaciers and their perilous clutches which threatened many, he feared little. Their beautiful white glow was spectacular in the morning sunshine. 

Invisible Inc return with a new EP from Hungarian producer Bal500 as he delivers cosmic inspired house cuts with a hint of nostalgia. Listen to "Bleu Infini" below: 

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Marlon Hoffstadt – Cyclin Since 94

The wheels kept turning as the smell of rubber hung thick in the air. Inside the velodrome the riders whizzed in circles, ever closer to the finish line yet caught within the infinite loop. He had been cycling since 1994 and yet the echo of this space still game him the same caustic shivers as the first time he'd entered. The bright fluorescent lights lit up the shiny wooden stretch with a magical glow and the sound of cheers were the only motivation helping to drive him home. He kept pedalling, kept looping, round and round. 

Marlon Hoffstadt is a firm favourite here at Ransom Note, he recently launched his new label titled Midnight Themes and this track features on the first EP. Listen to "Cyclin Since 94" below:

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Space Age – VII 

The seventh digit was alert and watchful. The guard stood firmly by the side of the road, looking out upon the coming traffic for danger and potential threat. He had been tasked with a role far beyond the value of his uniform and his previous accreditation. The night air was suffocatingly hot for this time of year, his uniform dripped with sweat as he sighed emphatically. In the back pocket of his trouser leg was a concealed weapon, beyond the vision of the naked eye yet accessible at any given moment. 

Raw Culture will release a seven track tape on the 15th of May next month. An assortment of glitchy electronics and machine driven funk alongside ambient soundscapes and krautrock inspired audio. Listen to "VII" below: 

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Rer Repeter – Shanghai Dreaming

In the distance China was calling. The echo travelled through the early morning sky across the sea: far and wide the cry would be heard from the North, South, East and West. The waves rumbled across the globe as the satelitte watched from up above. It looked down upon the distant earth, removed from civil life and the interactions of day to day life. Yet it controlled them all, from Shanghai to London, Berlin to New York the radio waves would call amidst the morning light. 

Bokeh Versions returns with a new release from Rer Repeter who reveals a delicious assortment of dub and low end electronics. Listen to "Shanghai Dreaming" below: 

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Daniele Baldelli & Dj Rocca – Funkynoizer

The noise of the drums reverberated hauntingly amidst the empty club. The working mens venue came alive at night as the weekend began and the funkynoizer began to play. In this space people would dance and let go, releasing themselves from the gruelling day to day cruelty which was the working week. The checkered floor was illuminated under the glow of disco and strobe lights, the weekend was upon them and into the darkness they would ride. 

Roll up roll up, here is a club track to behold in all it's might. Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca have collaborated on a new EP for File Under Disco. Listen to "Funkynoizer" below: 

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Awanto 3 – Share

The key to life was beautiful ignorance. Disregard the nonsense, eliminate the competition and be prepared to share in plentiful supply. This is what his education had taught him this far, yet now trapped upon the empty island it meant very little to him. For there was nobody else to compete with, simply a lonely sea and dusty sand. He sat looking out from upon the rock, gazing into the distance with a blank expressionless gaze. He was nobody here. 

Awanto 3 features as part of a new split release on Godzilla Kebab as he delivers an elegantly crafted house track.

Listen to "Share" below:

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