Premiere Inn: 27.07.18


Paul White ft. Shungudzo – Ice Cream Man (Gum & Ginoli Remix)

Paul White's latest album Rejuvenate came out earlier this year on R&S Records. As the title suggests, it marked something of a rebirth for the South London artist. Best known until now as a producer for the likes of Danny Brown, White played and produced all of the music on Rejuvenate himself, abandoning his supreme sampling skills in the process.

Two of the highlights came in the form of collaborations with Zimbabwean musician and poet Shungudzo. One of those, 'Ice Cream Man', has now been remixed by production duo Gum & Ginoli. Their hugely impressive effort repurposes the track as a psychedelic dancefloor odyssey, with a nod to Gum aka Jay Watson's work as a member of Aussie bands Tame Impala and Pond. Check it out below.

With the help of some of his talented friends, Paul White will be performing music from Rejuvenate live for the first time at The Waiting Room, London on 1st August. Tickets are available here.

Ice Cream Man is out 1st August via R&S Records, pre-order it here.

JEM – Emotional Discharge

The gradient of feeling was leaking profusely from his fragile mind. The emotional discharge was repugnant and he would never feel the same way about another ever again, his lady was long gone. The sky was a murky shade of dim blue, the shining sun might as well have been non existent for it was cold and sad inside his pitch black, devilish heart. He walked alone between the city streets and didn't think much for the people which surrounded his sphere…

JEM is set to appear on a new split EP on Metamorphic Recordings alongside an eclectic array of producers with superb taste. JEM has long since been a friend of Ransom Note and he delivers in fine form…Listen below: 


Emre Can Swim – Golfclap

Walking out on to the green he observed the scene as the crowd began to gather with eager expectation. Promptly adjusting his golfcap he walked outwards into the open space and looked off out to the distance – there was a hole out there, he simply had to connect. This was to be the last shot of the tournament and with it he had the potential to be crowned champion. Glory and greatness were just around the corner yet in his heart he felt nothing but deep, deep sorrow. 

Emre Can Swim is set to release a new EP on Artesian Sounds, an intriguing melodic affair which spans three tracks and includes a remix from Aleksandir. Deeply singular and interesting. Listen to a track below: 


Grim Lusk – It's My Nature

The jungle was rife with wild animals and tropical birds which moved between the water and trees. Pink and golden it was in their very nature to fly remotely amidst the outback of the jungle and into the abyss of the wild forests. The deep water which sat dormant beneath the towering trees was swamp like and packed with an ecosystem all of its own. Strange creatures moved between the deep murky greenery which lay prominently under the wild west. 

Grim Lusk is set to release a new EP on Domestic Exile, an intriguing six track affair which blends obscure percussion with electronic influences and oddball soundscapes. Listen below: 


Lårry – systems_encoder

There was a strange glitch which flickered prominently upon the advertising screen as millions gathered to watch the unfolding events from the city square. Looking upwards towards the flashing lights they were left perplexed and amazed by the system encoder which had left them all with spectacular access into what went on behind the scenes for the very first time. This was the way that the world was run, in madness and chaos whilst the ants marched back and forth below – now it was all very clear. 

Lårry is a Berlin based producer who is set to release his debut EP on UK based imprint Uncertainty Principle. We have been told that there is a wealth of material in the pipeline… Watch this space, Listen below: 


Phare – Humid Nightblue

There was a delicate tint to the haze of the midnight hour. The stars flickered abruptly against the humid nightblue, the moon was set like a beautiful pearl in the heat of the evening. Watching from the world below had never felt so sweet – there was a dreamy sense of wonder about the early morning. This was to be the longest day of the summer season and the heat beat down with a prominent force from the dotted sky upwards – it was hot. 

Phare is set to release a new EP on Irish record label 045. "Lines Of Flight" is forthcoming next month and will be released on the 17th of August – it will be his second outing on the label. Listen below: 


Timothy Clerkin ft. Natalie Reiss – Knife Edge Heart

Fresh from starting his own label Insult To Injury, Timothy Clerkin returns to Ransom Note Records with the Knife Edge Heart EP! Having already previewed Gabe Gurnsey's remix of the title track, we're very happy to finally present the original.

A departure from Timothy's usual facemelting techno, ‘Knife Edge Heart’ stands as an unabashed pop song whose shimmering exterior is cut through with flashes of steely darkness. Frequent collaborator Natalie Reiss’ glacial voice is held at the perfect level of remove, while Timothy allows his love of shoegaze to blossom with a guitar line that seems to extend like a ladder to the stars. Listen below:

Knife Edge Heart is out now and you can order it here. Vinyl to follow, more details soon.

The launch party takes place 2nd August at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, featuring live sets from Timothy Clerkin and Kalli Ma, and DJ sets from C.A.R. and a super secret special guest… trust us on this one! Tickets available here.