Premiere Inn: 27.04.18


Pépe – Futurepresent

There was a strange sense of foreboding which hung in the air as the city gathered to watch the sun fall beyond the skyline. A beautiful blend of gold and pink was casting a spell over the dense old town and soon there would be little but shadows and darkness. In the futurepresent there was no street lights and no guidance for one to wander amidst the concrete empire, it was up to them to make their own way under the cloak of the night sky. This was to be the way forwards now for the ambitious squadron…

Pépe is back with a brand new bang. Seriously, this one is pretty special. A forthcoming EP on Renascence Records with a statement of intent to say the very least. House music gold. Listen below: 

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Benjamin Frolich – Drawn From Memory (I:Cube Remix)

The painting was somewhat distorted by the fragmented nature of his head from last summer. It had been a tough year but little by little he had been able to piece together what needed to be drawn from memory in order to begin his healing. It would always take for him to feel more like himself again but he had never particularly expected to find himself sat upon a beach painting out pictures of his problems from another life far away. This was supposed to be meditative rather than pensive, happy not sad. 

Benjamin Frohlich has invited some of his favourite producers to contribute to a remixes EP which features appearances from the likes of Chinaski and Aera. It is I:Cube however, who steals the show. Listen below: 

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Medlar – Tripped

The power suddenly seized and the show came to a blistering halt. The cars which had been previously illuminated by the glow of flickering spotlights were suddenly plunged into chaotic darkness as the dodgems froze abruptly on the concourse. The power had tripped, it was a beautiful disaster as the funfair froze for a moment of blissful chaos and drastic hazard. Upon the ferris wheel sat dazed revelers who watched the scene unfold from a perch within the midnight sky…

Medlar returns to Delusions Of Grandeur for the first time since 2015 with a new club focused EP which is set to be heard across dancefloors all summer long. Listen below:

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Marlon Hoffstadt & Natureboy Gold – Pitfield St.

The one and only Marlon Hoffstadt is back back back with a brand new release! Real-Time Experience is the first of two EPs that he'll be releasing on Frankfurt label Rawax this year.

We're very happy to be premiering the lead track – a collaboration with Marlon's frequent partner in crime Natureboy Gold, who hosts the Common Narrative show on Cashmere Radio. 'Pitfield St.' is a gorgeous slice of summertime techno, with rubbery synths like condensation trails streaking across a clear blue sky. Listen below:

Real-Time Experience is out in June via Rawax. Pre-order it here.

Gallo – Remember To Forget

The noise was deafening, it was if he had no reason to carry on. Remember to forget is what they'd told him before he'd flown out to the tropical island, forget what was at home, forget the people and their desperate faces. Now as he stood watching the ocean crash against the shore the noise reverberated in his ears. He felt far away from the dirty grey streets and the toil and the trouble. It was to be a summer escape and that would be the reason in itself. 

Gallo is set to release an EP on Hell Yeah Recordings, a gorgeous sun kissed balearic EP which features charming remixes and a sense of summer notoriety. It's nearly here. Listen below: 


Trinidadian Deep – Touch It

The trees were blowing softly under the strain of the slim breeze which echoed down the valleys and into the mountains which cornered the sky up above. The colours were golden and fragrant green, reflective of the season in which all things began to change and quiten. Autumn was a funny time to be alive, watching the sun fall beneath the horizon cast a shiver up his spine as he looked out into the distance with a faint sense of regret and hesitancy. You could almost touch it…

Trinidadian Deep appears on a new split EP with up and comer Will Lister. Together the pair combine for a new record on Anma which digs deep through the realms of meditative house and into enlightenment. Listen below: 

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Sunmantra – Esoteric (Timothy Clerkin Remix)

The noise was overwhelming and dense. It was somewhat esoteric yet had a fanciful sense of playfulness which ran riot amidst the green dense forest. The trees shuddered under the heavy weight of the sludge of drones as the cult began to gather and observe the sacred ritual they had spent so long in preparation for. This was to be the highlight of the year, the turn of the century in their own magnificent calendar and by the end of the night they would be the special ones. 

Sunmantra is set to release a new EP on Roam Recordings, it is accompanied by some exquisite remixes by the likes of Fabrizio Mammarella and Timothy Clerkin… The latter of who i'm sure you are already aware of… Listen below: 

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LK – (I Wanna) Make Luv 2 U

The room was empty but for one or two people who hung loosely beside the bar, the dim lighting didn't lend itself to social chit chat but more so business and forward focus. The red leather sofas which lined the walls were old and tattered, they offered up an attempt at some sort of luxurious grandeur but in fact were a glittering example of the failed decline of a struggling empire. No love was to be found within this place, let alone the type you'd like to make with one another. 

LK is set to release a new EP on the record label run by Moxie, On Loop. He delivers three tracks of summer focused house music with a driven focus towards the dancefloor. Listen below: 

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DSG – Parting Ways

There was a silent shout which echoed under the bridge beneath the cloak of darkness. It would sound distant and faint to anyone out there amidst the distance but for those who lingered under the old metallic framework it was loud and poignant. A train rattled by up above and the ground vibrated softly under the rumbling weight. Parting ways always resulted in such desolate sorrow, he cried loudly as he walked beneath the rain and back into town. The night was young….

DSG is set to release a new EP on his own Palais De Danse record label, rough and rugged hardware jams with a steady focus on the murkier undertones of dance music and club culture. A representation of the North in beautiful style. Listen below: 

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Scott Franka & Kaap – Stacy's Pink Cadillac

She drove down the street swerving wildly on the old concrete roads as her hair blew fanatically in the rushing wind. The convertible careered at one hundred miles per hour down the freeway as she turned up the music on the speaker system she'd spent all month installing. Stacy's pink Cadillac was a thing of beauty, in your face and bold it roared loudly as the bass bumped loudly in the boot of that old car. She was heading to the seaside, far away from this dirty old town… 

De Lichting is a newly launched collaborative project made up of contributors from three independent Amsterdam based record labels – Yield Records, Native Response and Working Titles.. The first release is a compilation of tracks which span the breadth of electronic music in the present day. Listen below: 

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Dario Reimann – Remedy44

The bottle was safely kept in the medicine cupboard upon the top shelf. Remedy44 was the name of the treatment which would help him through the day… Addicted? Who cared when life was as good as this beneath the spell of the dreamy purple liquid. He wandered down the street and cast his eyes skyward and watched the clouds move slowly past up above. They were fluffy like bubbles floating upon the warm summer breeze, his mind began to wander and dance. 

Dario Reimann is set to release a new album, his very first in fact. The LP comes two years since he last released under his own name and is forthcoming on Pressure Traxx. Listen below: 

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Laroze – You Better Give Up

The chorus echoed loudly in the sports hall as she prepared to take centre stage. Walking behind the towering felt curtain she felt smaller than ever before as the voice in her head reverberated in circles… "You better give up…" She would not… "You better give up…" She would not. All of a sudden the lights cast a magnificent splash across the room and she was illuminated beneath the fantastic filter of colours. Her mind was racing as she began to move across the floor.

Laroze returns to Flux with a new EP which is set to ignite dancefloors with vigour and pace. The Bordeaux based producer turns his attention to flickering melodies and percussive flutters. Listen below: 

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