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Shan – Good To Me

Making his debut on Beats in Space is Shan. The A-side of the two tracker is inspired by "many a long night and early morning spent at the legendary Frankfurt institution Robert Johnson". Supported by this head-working promo video, this kaleidoscopic rave rewind, full of chord stabs, repeated diva vox samples and hedonistic breakbeats expects some prime time dancefloor mayhem. 

Shan – Good To Me is out now on Beats In Space and can be found HERE.

Knowsum – Funk Isn't Dead It Just Smells Funny

There was a murky smell lingering in the basement of the club. It buzzed and hummed as the band began to strike up their next track. The crowd of onlookers watched on eagerly expecting the best but fearing the worst. Funk wasn't dead but it smelt funny as hell down here in the damp cellar of the old town dive bar. A dim red light hung flickering above the black door and the wooden floors creaked beneath every tap of a foot. How the hell where you supposed to dance in here? 

Knowsum features on Money $ex Records with a new LP titled 'Play God And Shit Happens'. He brings life back to the funk and plays out a soulful blend of beats, groove and jazz. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Alek S – Honey Wheat

In the field the long wheat blew softly in the breeze. The dying sun cast an orange glow across the field as the light of day began to fade. The night would soon fall across the land and the stars would light up the sky. Down upon the floor of the earth little would change, the leaves would continue to flutter in the evening wind and nature would be left to its own devices. The rain would not fall upon this night, it might not fall for several months now. For spring had sprung and life was easy and still.

Alek S caught our attention here at ransom Note with the announcement of his forthcoming EP on Made Of Concrete Records. This one is a blend of dubbed out bliss and graceful pads. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

n.stal – La Plage

The beach was a beautiful place of peace and paradise. In the sky above the birds cruised casually on the breeze. They looked down upon those who baked in the light of the sun below. The golden sand flickered in the glow of the warm afternoon and the gentle ripple of water was the only sound to be heard. The island was a paradse, a spectacular place of beauty and mystique. It would become their sanctuary and soon life would begin. 

Our friends at Les Yeux Orange have recently started their own label. Following the success of their first release which came from WAV Fuzz they have now announced a new EP from n.stal. Listen to "La Plage" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Eskimo Twins – The Fridge

My usually dull and flaccid senses had felt excitable all night. Each incident had been magnified and scrutinised as if a pin-sharp beam had held it to account. My emotions augmented, and my understanding of everything exacerbated and enhanced. I understood like never before, and those learnings were as harsh as they were unexpected. I needed to find a safe space, where this sensory overload could be contained and examined. Sat still, barely breathing, I held my frame rigid and inspected the silence. It deafened me.

Neither icy cold or even related, Nathan & Timothy Eskimo have been producing and remixing since 2009 across labels including Clouded Vision, Days Of Being Wild and Throne Of Blood. Next up is their debut appearance on Beachcoma (the label owned by Fairmont, Metope and Sid Le Rock). This disco-infused cut is fully of sprightly hi-toms, scintillating hats and claps, with a pitched down titular vox sample. Then the breakdown gets it's wonk on and well, breaks down actually. Lovely messy chrimbo party starter, with something naughty thrown in the punch.

Eskimo Twins – The Fridge Click EP is released by Beachcoma on 25th November 2016. Follow them on Facebook.

BXP – Acapulco

The community spirit was strong as they crowded the streets. They had arrived on mass to protest against the changes which had been forced upon the kingdom of Acapulco. This place may of seemed like simply a city to some but it was in fact so much more. It was an entity, a paradise in its own right. There was a beach, a stretch of land and the sun kissed climate of euphoria. It was heaven on earth and they would fight for its very survival. The drums banged and the beat went on. 

BXP is the second artist to release on RA-1. He delivers two intriguing versions of a track titled 'Acapulco'. This is then followed by two seperately enchanting remixes from none other than D'Marc Cantu. Listen to the original below: 

Buy the release HERE

Air LQD – Let's Talk

The days of violence were over now. It was time for fact based reasoning, logical balance and debate. Let's talk. Let's talk about the world in which we live today. Let's talk about the destructive powers that be and the forthcoming apocalypse. Let's talk about the towering cities which roar with the buzz of pollution and smog. Let's talk about the damage which we have caused to one another over the years and the impact of the human condition. Let's talk. Let's talk. Let's TALK. 

Air LQD will release a new EP on Unknown Precept this month which will be pressed on 140gram vinyl. The release will also be available digitally. The tracks are heavy hitting, distorted and punchy. Listen to 'Let's Talk' below: 

The release is available from the Unknown Precept bandcamp HERE

Affie Yusuf – Spirit Acid

The soul had long since left this place. The spirit of acid however lived on. Back in the days of grey and white countryside they had danced peacefully under the moonlight. Those were the best of times, before the corruption and monopoly had brought them all down, down, down. The music was pure and the energy honest. Nowadays the superficial reigned supreme and the roots of the musical integrity had died a humble death. What was left?

Affie Yusuf is the next artist to release on the club ready EP series being powered by Fina White. Purpose built music for the dancefloor seems to be the name of the game on this one. Listen to 'Spirit Acid' below: 

Buy the release HERE

Dawn Again – Coloured Pens

Easily wasting away hours and then days and then weeks, the heat and the bright light made each moment evanescent. Capturing each detail seemed pointless, it was more worthwhile just to allow it, to enjoy. It absorbed wonderfully and became alive just under the skin, radiating with it's own solar glare deep within.

After some time on the sub's bench, Rothmans are back with The Johan Cruyff EP. Making his label debut, NY based Aussie Dawn Again offers up three solo tracks and a collaboration with Seth Cobblepot. Subtly bubbling and softly chiming, the laser pen swoops and tough snares bring in layers of percussion, while Junos chorus and fill you up. Pearler.

Dawn Again – The Johann Cruyff EP is released by Rothmans on 28th November 2016. Pre-order it now.

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