Premiere Inn: 24.11.17


Bawrut – Pregamell

The jungle was alive with the sound of music, distorted and loud it echoed through the trees. The drums of passion banged loudly amidst the midnight hour as the villagers danced and chanted in a glorious display of love and adoration. The leaves of the trees cast strange shadows across the soggy ground as the rain began to pitter patter in the puddles beneath. The night air smelt like the wild flowers and strange plants which grew all around, she began to dance.

Our brother Bawrut has released a new EP on Lyon based record label Hard Fist. A beautiful collaboration between good friends we are delighted to be able to showcase this one. Listen below: 

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Beraber – Ugly

The underground palace was not the temple perceived previously. It was an ugly sight, the rustic gold was not glimmering and shining prosperously but rotten and dirty. The place looked as though it had been left unloved by the previous tenant, perhaps it had sat empty for decades. They would never know the murky details as to what had led to the disarray of such a special place. However, for now it was there job to rebuild and revitalise the old mess. 

Beraber is set to release a new EP on La Freund, a record label which has become synonymous with understated deep house. There is a quality to the output of the label which can sometimes go amiss when establishing a niche within a certain sound, Vincent Floyd even features on the EP on remix duties. Listen to "Ugly" below: 

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Steven Rutter – The Battle Continues

The night was always the hardest, being out there on the mean streets of London was like walking into a concrete jungle at times. The battle continued day by day and the towerblocks became a holding ground for many of the so called elite. Not long ago they had lived in the fancy houses of the West, sitting high upon the thrones of parliament. However, when the great flood arrived and the revolution came a knocking they had found themselves atop the council estates they had once ruled chaos over. They were no longer the elite, but the poor. 

Steven Rutter is perhaps one of the most influential forces in British techno. The genre owes him much credit for his contribution over the years. B12 has been prolific across several decades. However, now the man behind the label has decided to unveil new music under his own name. Steven Rutter offers up a new EP for Firescope Records. Listen below: 

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Fear-E – DX

We've got a very special free download for you today from Dixon Avenue Basement Jams affiliate Scott McKay aka Fear-E! Fresh from a series of releases on the Glasgow label, he's just returned with a brand new track. 'DX' is a barnstorming no-nonsense diva-sampling club banger and you can grab it below via the WeTransfer button.

If that's not enough to satiate your rabid hunger – and honestly you're just being a glutton at this point – then worry not, as we're reliably informed that Fear-E has another four EPs lined up and ready to drop in the very near future! 2018 just might be his year.

Sutja Gutierrez – I'm Wild, Oh I See

Relish are gearing up to release a new v/a EP next month! The 3-track label sampler features contributions from Sutja Gutierrez, Justine, Curses and Younger Than Me.

We're premiering Sutja's track 'I'm Wild, Oh I See'. Best known as an artist and musician who's released on labels including Lumière Noire and bORDEL, Sutja also hosts a monthly radio show on dublab and is a frequent contributor to our own site with his Metaphysical Circus column. Described as "an ode to self-referential humour", his new track is a sample-delic trip headfirst down the rabbit warren. Listen below:

REPVII is out 8th December on Relish. Pre-order it here.

Hior Chronik – Remember

Greek musician George Papadopoulos aka Hior Chronik is releasing his fourth solo album next month on modern classical imprint 7K!Out Of The Dust sweeps between ambient, drone and indie-neoclassical pieces with a dark, cinematic flair.

We're premiering the video for 'Remember', which was directed by Vjane Vida and inspired by "the natural cycles of our existence, our planet and the Nature we all came from and will come back to." Hior Chronik describes the track as "like a tunnel that I see the light coming closer to me", because of how it changes the atmosphere of the album mid-way through. Watch the video below:

Out Of The Dust is out 1st December on 7K! and you can pre-order it here.

Keith Lorraine – Beautiful

The parking lot was empty and deserted, the yellow paint stuck to the metal clad walls like some sort of sticky glue. She was the last one out of the building for a change, soon she would begin her drive slowly home. Her innocence was striking, a beautiful presence with an understated warmth. She was not one to underestimate, not one to glaze over. The car lights flashed as she flicked the key, the doors opened and she sighed as she took a seat. 

Next up on the fine establishment which is Feelings Worldwide is Keith Lorraine. The London based record label and party series continues to move from strength to strength with fine force, the new EP doesn't disappoint. Listen below: 


Antenna Happy – Carriere (Sleepwalk Mix)

Marching in lockstep, a full moon beaming down on them from the night sky, the army closed in on the enemy encampment. While they possessed cover of darkness and the element of surprise, they were still outnumbered three to one, and as such there was an air of terror filtering throughout the troops which the top brass were doing their best to control. But if this was to be a suicide mission, they would ensure they took as many of the enemy with them as they could.

Brighton producer Nathan Pope aka Antenna Happy returns to Reinhardt Records, following last year's Memory Tracks EP on Discotexas. His new release Solitaire comprises four tracks of stunning late-night electronica. We're very happy to be premiering the Sleepwalk Mix of 'Carriere' which swirls and throbs with insomniac intensity. Listen below:

Solitaire is out 24th November on Reinhardt Records. Pre-order it here.

Uncanny Valley – Chain Store (Manfredas Remix)

The shiny lights illuminated the forecourt. The bright glow of the neon was piercing in the dense desert outback. As a chain store the manager had very little say about the saturated decor on display to the customers. Not his brand, not his problem. It was easier that way, disconnected and loosely affiliated he was able to keep a low profile. One day the shop had been robbed, his response had not been one of desperate fear or strife but of blissful content. He had the next day off….

Uncanny Valley are set to release on London based record label and party series SC&P. Good friends of Ransom Note the label has continued to move from strength to strength. Listen to the remix of 'Chain Store' by Manfredas below: 

Buy the release HERE

Tanda Tula Choir – Sesi u hi komba miholo

The latest release on Hippie Dance came about when label co-founder Superpitcher was invited on safari in South Africa. On the first night of his arrival he heard what he describes as "the hypnotic and moving sound of the voices of Africa", or the Tanda Tula camp staff choir. Superpitcher was so captivated by their songs and beautiful Shangaan language that he decided to record a CD for them to sell in the camp shop – and it's now available on vinyl/CD via Hippie Dance / Bush Recordings.

We're premiering the wonderful track 'Sesi u hi komba mihlolo' (or, 'My sister, she is a miracle') which you can listen to below:

Tanda Tula Choir is out 24th November via Hippie Dance / Bush Recordings. Order it here.

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