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Ilija Rudman Ft. Andre Espeut – In Her Eyes (Presence Deep Dub Mix)

The dancefloor was alive with the sound of horns and drums. There was a mystical sense of foreboding excitement awash amongst the crowd. As he danced he caught her standing alone by the bar. She looked sad, blissfully unaware of the extravagance and chaos which surrounded her. In here eyes there was a sadness and a bitter pain, as if she had been hurt before. She began to dance softly, swaying her hips gently alongside the 1234 of the drum. A melancholy moment of clarity, peace and illusion.

Ilija Rudman's 'In Her Eyes' was largely one of the most enlightening of this year. Captivating, melodic and simplistic it blended elements of old school house alongside pop sensibilities. Charles Webster now steps up under his Presence alias to deliver a remix. Listen below:  

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Matthew Jonson & Sebastian Mullaert – Pollen 4 Life

The breeze blew the grains freely into the blue evening sky. Deep within the European outback they sat upon a car bonnet looking out towards the pollen which blew in the breeze. darkness was beginning to fall and the air was still sweltering and warm. The tiny grains danced upon the breeze as the birds chirped in the last light of the sun. The golden glow fell, died and faded into pitch black. They were alone. 

Matthew Jonson and Sebastian Mullaert have recently released the luxurious "Pollen 4 Life" as part of a new EP for Hypercolour. The duo collaborated amidst the beautiful surroundings of the Swedish countryside, in a national park to be precise. This video accompanies the pair's enchanting release. 

Watch below and read the director's comment:

“For me sound and light are very connected, both being mediums of storytelling and graphic pleasure. I often see light and colors in music but in this track the correlation was really clear. The melody moved in the same way lights do somehow – as the shadows on a wall, from a tree and a mild wind in the summer heat. This video was shot in a completely analog process. I then started to play around with different techniques to create light diffractions and slowly the movie took shape. In the end I had so many short clips that it took 3 days to render." 

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Hysteric – Pepper DJ 

Upon the table lay all that they would need. The shakers sat propped within a chalice by the mantelpiece and they would not be requiring their assistance yet. The music began to echo coarsely through the dining hall as the pepper dj spun the sweet sound of love. This was a moment of perfect simplicity and the sound radiated between the warmth of the walls. Couples spun one another widely across the wooden floor and they cried to the heavens up above. 

Hysteric recently delivered an edition of the Ransom Note mix series. A master of the edit and a purveyor of all things fine and disco focussed he now appears on a new release from Edits Du Plaisir. Listen to 'Pepper DJ' below: 

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G2S – Amako

It was time for his eldest son to leave the nest. As he looked out upon the valley which lay below he asked God kindly to protect and watch over Amako. He knew that his child must go out and make his way in the world, discover his manhood and be free. Somehow the notion of him roaming between the trees cast a terrible fear across his heart. His son had never left his sight before let alone ventured upon a quest as brave and noble as this. The sky opened and the rain began to pour as he watched his shadow dissappear down the side of the mountain. 

In Any Case Records return with another jam packed compilation to see out the year in style. The second release features an array of talent in all shapes and sizes. Listen to a track from G2S below: 

The release will surface early next year. Buy it HERE

DJ Hell – I Want You (Martin Matiske Remix)

In the dark room anything could happen. Men were at work, men were at play. As they danced through the night the speaker stacks began to wobble, rocking from side to side, much like those on the floor below. A disco ball spun up high casting a dotted glow into the shadowy corners of the room, only enough for you to be able to catch a split second glance of those lurking in the black. He moved through the crowd eagerly, filled with a bucketload of nervous excitement and desire. "I Want U" he whispered. 

Dj Hell returns! His latest EP "I Want U" is a dedication to gay culture packed with a proto techno twist. His track is then remixed by Martin Matiske and The Hacker. Listen to the Martin Matiske remix below: 

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qebrµs █ ͇͇͇͇͇͇̿̿̿̿ ͇ ̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿┌ ▄█▀▄ ͇͇͇͇̿̿̿█ ͇͇͇̿̿

This weekend past saw Aphex Twin play his first live show in the USA in eight years. With him he brought a bag full of intrigue and mystery which included an array of sounds which seemed odd, surprising and new. Amongst his selection was a track by qebrµs who is set to release a bizarre and chaotic ep on Love Love Records. The tracks worked in Texas this weekend so when were offered the chance to give away one exclusively we jumped at the chance. 

Love Love Records are an experimental music crew from Essex and this one below is about as odd as it gets. Listen to the sound design of qebrµs below on a track simply titled " █ ͇͇͇͇͇͇̿̿̿̿ ͇ ̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿┌ ▄█▀▄ ͇͇͇͇̿̿̿█ ͇͇͇̿̿ ̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿▐▄" . Easy to pronounce eh? 

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