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Max Richter – The Young Mariner

Stellar German-born British composer Max Richter adds to his incredible soundtrack output with the release of three new scores for film and TV: the Taboo, Henry May Long and Black Mirror: Nosedive OSTs are all out this autumn.

Below, listen to 'The Young Mariner', a piece taken from the soundtrack to 2008 feature film Henry May Long, a languid evocation of late nineteenth-century New York. Richter's score dates from 2007 and comprises music for piano, strings, bowed glass and bells, together with electronics.

Taboo, Henry May Long and Black Mirror: Nosedive OSTs are out on StudioRichter Records via Deutsche Grammophon this autumn.

Firmin – La Selva

If you're out and about in London then you'll likely have been to one of the Tessellate parties at Corsica Studios, where they've been running for the last four years. Regulars will be very happy to learn that Tessellate are now launching a label, featuring artists and friends they have booked and met over the years.

Their first 12" comes courtesy of Firmin, a new alias of one of the Tessellate regulars – we'll leave it to you to work out who on earth that might be! Energetic Solution is a brilliant debut release for the label, with a pair of originals backed by Brassica and Moscoman remixes. We're premiering 'La Selva', a beautiful sunrise-ready deep house cut which unfurls gracefully over the course of its 8 minutes. Listen below: 

Energetic Solution is out 13th October on Tessellate. Pre-order here.

Dawn Again & Rothmans – Nazare (Max Essa Remix)

The mountain was ferocious. Up high amongst the rocky peaks a raging storm was wildly battering the cliff face upon which they had been climbing for a long, long time. Nazare had never supposed to be this difficult, a peak with simple complexity was proving to have a peculiar weather system which tossed and turned at the change of a breeze. Not long ago they had been basking beneath the glow of the delicate sun, the snow melted beneath their feet. Now they were under attack. 

Dawb Again and Rothmans release on El Diablo's Social Club, a release which has been supported by the likes of Laurent Garnier and Detroit Swindle. It was the Max Essa remix which caught our eye however. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Rupert Cross – Avenue X

The street was marked with a cross. The town was a hollow shell of what it once was, many people had left and now it was an empty series of corridors and alleyways in which few people walked. The shops and restaurants were boarded up for the winter months as the snow began to fall from the heavens upwards. The sky was a cold shade of metallic grey yet it was somewhat peaceful and wholesome to witness it as such. Avenue X on a perfect December day. 

Rupert Cross has worked with Air-Edel Records' sub label Besant Hall on a new collection of material titled "Music For Three Plays". An assortment of ambient and electronic tinged works in expertly crafted style. Listen below: 

Visit his website HERE

TM404 & Echologist – Bass Desires

She had unusual cravings for which music was the only resolution. Bass desires were alluring and yet at times haunted her beyond any sort of recognisable figure. There had even been moments by which she had been afraid of her own senseless actions, times when she had fled the house in the middle of the night to find herself lost amidst the sound of drones. Stood all alone surrounded by blistering noise and the weighty rumble of deep low end kicks. 

TM404 & Echologist are the monikers of Andreas Tilliander and Brendon Moeller on a new EP for Kynant Records. Rough and ready techno with an individual streak, this one packs a punch. Listen to "Bass Desires" below: 

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Dwell – You And Me

The pair of them ran through the park, wild lovers lost beneath the glow of the moonlight. You and me they say, they and I. She held his hand tightly as they began to dance beneath the glow of the great pink orb which shone so brightly out there in the sky, way up high. The stars glowed a reflective crystal white, their flutter bounced back in the reflection of the pairs eyes. This might be heaven, but soon all could be gone. They fell together into the long grass below their feet and concluded their dance. 

Dwell is set to release a new EP on the Of Paradise record label. It will be his first release to be pressed on vinyl as he delivers an organic take on house and techno in a forward thinking manner. Listen to "You And me" below: 

Buy the release HERE.

Donald Dust – In Motion

The wheel kept spinning, a perpetual chain of action and movement which kept the motorcycle very firmly on the road. The rubber burnt against the tarmac as the bike swerved and curved down the long, winding road. In motion he was at his very happiest, for there was nothing worse than standing still. Perhaps that was why he had never settled in any one particular place but had simply drifted from town to town, looking for a lover who might somehow feel the same. He hadn't met her yet. 

Donald Dust appears on a new compilation from the Edinburgh based record label Paradise Palms which operates out of the dive bar and shop of the same name. The second edition of the 'Bonnie Tropical' series is out on September 22nd. Listen to 'In Motion' below: 

Buy the release HERE

Anthony Fade – Same Tune (Andres Remix)

The noise echoed in the empty chamber. The room was lined with metallic plates and the sound bounced in expansive chaos as the walls rattled. The light glowed a pale, glistening, medicinal white and the foghorn of a speaker continued to blare the same tune repetitively. Men marched asleep to the sound of a kick which banged and banged. Then all of a sudden there was a change, a melody, a twist of fate within a space which had once been so cold. 

Anthony Fade are an Australian duo with a sense of purpose. Having previously released on Tomahawk, Lost Palms and House Crime they now feature on Shall Not Fade accompanied by a legend in the form of Andres. He steps up to remix "Same Tune". Listen below: 

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Elite Athlete – Adufe

The animal sat perched high up in the trees observing the jungle floor which was swamped with leaves down below. She could not be seen by her prey this high up amongst the fine, delicate leaves. She was camoflauged beneath the shade of the branches, little could be seen but for her piercing eyes which seemed to glare with a raging might outwards into the day. Soon she would swoop down, clambering onto the silky bark and feast upon something innocent. For now it was simply but a waiting game. 

Elite Athlete appears on a new EP from the Paraíso camp alongside Photonz and others. The release has been supported by the likes of Jackmaster, Groove Armada, Pearson Sound and more. Big indeed. Listen to "Adufe" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Tolga Fidan – Hord (Convextion Remix)

The performer moved quickly across the sand as a crowd of onlookers had gathered with watchful intent. She was juggling with delicate skill as the sticks flipped and spun ablaze in the sky before her. She stared upwards towards the heavens, never once looking down for risk of dropping her tools. The sand sunk beneath her feet as she danced in the glow of the moonlight, it was after midnight yet still the heat beamed down amidst the tropical climate. She was at one with her instruments, the dance was well and truly within. 

Tolga Fidan returns to Vakant with a new EP packed with driven energy and a distinctive identity. The release also features a suitably abstract remix from Convextion, a masterpiece in its own right. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Healing Force Project – Alternative Currents

The water flowed back and forth as the tide began to rise. It had rained significantly that day and the water was a dirty, dark muddy shade of brown. A barge moved slowly down the stream, it's proud bright colours were illuminous against the colourless grey backdrop. Operating at an alternative current the boat seemed almost as if it were in a world alone. It ceased to exist within the dull, uninteresting expanse which swamped all things in this town. 

Healing Force Project will release a new EP on the recently launched record label On Board Music. The Italian producer has previously released music on the likes of Firecracker, he will now be the first artist to appear on the newly launched label. Listen to a track below: 

Buy the release HERE

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