Premiere Inn: 21.07.17


Pablo Mateo – Fazing Trees (John Osborn Remix)

The distant haze was but a blur amidst a distorted line of sight. Some said that you couldn't see the forest from the trees but there was little doubt in his mind as to where he was and what peril he found himself within. The moving shadows were eerily haunting and the cold wind blew between the fazing trees, their dark green presence ominous and tall. The sound of the night was all around, creatures alive under the glow of the moon as they hunted. 

Pablo Mateo is set to release a new EP on DRED Records, a fast paced, techno laden assortment of sounds completed by a remix from John Osborn. Listen to the remix below: 

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Kevin McPhee – Short Techno

There is something beautifully straightforwards about lack of pretension. Kevin McPhee is a musician who perhaps knows this better than many, maybe this is why he has named his latest track "Short Techno". Abrupt, fast paced, club focussed and one hundred percent no beating about the bush. Something which we can all appreciate. 

He appears on the latest part of the WNCL "We Are Family" series, the third edition. He features alongside Boxwork, J.Tijn and Caldera. Listen to "Short Techno" below: 

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Dawn Again & Rothmans – Woman For A Day (Clandestino 'Desert Trance' Remix)

The place was heaving and the crowds at the makeshift bar were the only faces visible, the swinging lightbox bathing the word "LIQUOR" on the thirsty fizzogs. Just yards away, the darkness was clammy with pilfered delirium. There was no structure to the merry dancers, no routine. Nothing more than a random synchronicity, a heady escape from the toils of the weekdays. They were all just off the leash right now. Work, score, dance, rest and start it all again next week. 

Scouse footie nutter Rothmans teams up with his Antipodean associate Dawn Again on the forthcoming 'Pele EP'. On this remix, acid urchins from the other end of the M62 Clandestino provide a surprise. Falling in like some fluffy cloud, the driving bass and tribal excursion soon blows away any hazed ambience. Pushing further into CinemaScope territory than other Rothmans releases, a piano refrain and delayed FX keep it sci-fi before the snares roll and the bassline wriggles it home. 

Dawn Again & Rothmans – The Pele Release is out on Rothmans on 18th September 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

FYI Chris – Captains Patilla

The ship was rocking abruptly backwards and forwards upon the rocky sea. The wild waters roared as Captain Patilla began to shout coarsely above the high winds. The sails were being battered by a pointed gust and the clouds loomed ominously overhead. There was concern amongst the crew that this may well be the end. 

FYI Chris continue to fly the flag high for South London with fresh releases on an array of labels. Next up is an appearance on the recently founded West Friends. Listen below: 

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The noises echoed between the tall brickwork. The estate was rough and the intermittent patches of grass which flourished between the towering prisms sprung to life under the heat of darkness. The rattle of tins could be heard in the distance as a fight broke out amidst some of the older revellers. They had been here too long and this place was not safe. Yet, despite of the whirring buzz of tension all around they continued to make their way through the estate. Welcome to Oboo. 

IKPATHUA releases a new EP on Noorden / TwelveFour which features moody avant garde style techno and remixes from Berlin based Machine Woman. Listen to the original version of "Oboo" below: 

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Placid One – Life

Next up on Ransom Note Records is talented young Belgian newcomer Placid One, who's about to gift the world with his C Balloon EP. Only two days to go til release! Mr Postman just arrived with the records and they are looking beautiful.

You'll have already heard the title track and its blissed out Cass. remix, but today we're unleashing 'Life', a gorgeous cut that soars along on swooshing synths and classic breakbeats. Listen below:

C Balloon is out 21st July on Ransom Note Records, pre-order on our Bandcamp.

OHM & Kvadrant – Yding

In the distance the sound of trumpets roared as the procession made its way across the outback. The people marched before their great leader, prepared for him to guide them towards the end of the earth if that was what he so chose to do. The rallying call could be heard from far and wide, the sound fierce and weighty. A steady drum banged ominously beneath the dime growl of thunderous cries as the footsteps of a million men marched upon the sand. 

OHM & Kvadrant collaborate on a new EP for German based record label Kontakt. An excellent dub orientated techno ep. Listen to "Yding" below: 

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Aki Aki & Rasputin – Kit Plavaet V Okeane

The city sprung to life in the glow of the summer heat. Groups gathered down by the riverside to celebrate the orange glow and watch the water ripple delicately beneath the warm breeze. They would stay out late into the early hours of the morning taking in the ambience of a seasonal night, Music played loudly from cars parked nearby as onlookers watched eagerly on. 

Candomblé was introduced to us by a good friend in the form of Jan Schulte. Described as the new wave of artists in Düsseldorf he has entrusted good faith in the up and coming label. Their first EP sees them release three tracks from an array of producers, many of them new faces. Listen to Aki Aki & Rasputin's contribution below: 

Visit the Candomblé site HERE

Soft Rocks – Mousso Mousso

The mountain peaks were covered in a deep haze, the clouds had returned. In the village below they looked upwards towards the snow glazed peaks, soon they would begin their walk towards the rocky crevasse. The glacier was melting quickly, this was far from paradise. The tour guide Mousso would hopefully lead them to safety but there was little certainty amidst the ranks at present. She packed her gear away and held her breath attempting to reconcile her fate. 

Soft Rocks are set to release a new four track EP on Passport To Paradise. A hotly tipped record packed to the brim with enticing edits and disco power. Listen to "Mousso Mousso" below: 

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