Premiere Inn: 19.05.17


Clandestino – Quiet Strom

From their space high on the hillside in Sant Josep, the three maestros conjured musicality and mayhem, oblivious to the darkening of the once crystal skies outside. As they layered their mix with beats and sorcery, the ocean below turned slate grey, mirroring the devilment in the skies above. All ears were tuned to the machines four-four kick, and this greedy distraction and sweaty hedonism left them unaware of the natural calamity descending imminently.

For their third release Clandestino step into the light themselves to present two original tracks. A-side ‘Another Horizon’ channels a heady late eighties vibe, while here ‘Quiet Storm’ quickens the tempo. From an expectedly solid 707 beat, gentle swathes of distant synths lap this retro houser. As the rhythms fill up the space, deep throated vox samples and old school piano vibes bring forward the dance floor heat as the storm swells overhead. Acid rain. 

Clandestino – Another Horizon EP is released by Clandestino on 19th May 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow them on Facebook.

Hatterman – Makes You

The bag was hidden behind the lavender bush to the left of the cobbled path. He looked furtively over his left shoulder and then over his right. No one was in sight. Gingerly, he side-stepped across the cobbles and crept around the back of the bush. His heart rate quickened and his breath grew faster, faster still, faster as he opened the bag. He gasped and recoiled in horror, stumbling backwards, his hand clamped across his mouth in a state of shock. 

The 'Makes You' EP from newcomer Hatterman is the fourth release from Trouble Maker Records and their first foray into the world of wax. Listen below:

Pre-order the record HERE.

Turenne – Triplett

The towers swept from beneath the sand like great thrones of gold. Beneath them many had gathered to observe the spectacle, for this was the highlight of the calendar. The sun was at its highest point and the radiant heat cascaded down heavily upon the desert floor. There was little life out here but for the occasional insect, yet somehow a concave of humans had masqueraded their way across the haunted landscape to meet beneath the shadowy pillars. 

Turenne is one of four to appear on a new EP forthcoming from Axe On Wax. Packed with enchanting tracks for summer the release also features the likes of Marlon Hoffstadt and Jesse Bru. Listen to "Triplett" below:

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Lawrence Le Doux – Hermanio Age

A new dawn lay awaiting beyond the hillside. As the sun began to rise in the distance the sky was illuminated a spectacular shade of pink and gold. The breeze blew freely between the trees as the night was banished for another day. This was the Hermanio age, a peaceful time with which little would suffer or perish and man was free. Nature was everything to the people of the lake, they watched eagerly in awe as God addressed the world for yet another day. 

Lawrence Le Doux delivers a stunning piece of well crafted house music on a collaborative release between Le Pacifique and Unref. The release is accompanied by remixes from Cosmo Knex, Innershades and Kassett, however it was the original which inspired our imagination. Listen below: 

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Hertthrob – Intersection

The lights flickered in the distance as he stuck his key into the ignition. He ramped up the engine and prepared to launch forwards onto the intersection, in the distance the sound of sirens echoed and throbbed violently in the air. He was caught off guard for a hazy second as he found himself lost in their perilous wail. Suddenly he snapped, GREEN. Leaping through the gears he rocketed forwards into space, the race was very much on. 

Label boss Heartthrob releases on his own imprint ISNISNT. He is accompanied by remixes from Justin Cudmore and Red Rack'em. Listen to the original below: 

More details HERE

L.Pearson – PSR1170

The space shuttle was ready and eagerly set to launch. Smoke bubbled beneath the weighty metallic chamber and the concrete was blackened by the radiant heat. Soon the craft would leave planet earth destined for some place far, far away. PSR1170 had been a long time in the making, it was a miracle that the project had evolved this far. Little of them knew what might happen next but they were prepared to enter the darkness, the sky beyond space. 

L.Pearson releases as part of a split EP on the newly formed Cong Burn label. The release draws upon an array of experimental electronics. Listen to "PSR1170" below:

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TKUZ – Dagon

The silent, soft ripples which had entranced as the vessel crossed the harbour were now as distant as her hopes of survival. Tar black breakers rolled into her boat, smashing against the bow as the sea bed raged with anger. The surf felt summoned, flung in fury by the mythical beast fathoms below. Why had such a creature turned it's fury on this naive captain? As the trawler was tossed and shuddered by the force, the woman screamed futile as the god laid bare her humanity.

Sulk Magic returns with it's third collection of left-field recordings, taking a darker route on this multi-layered six-track EP. Mexican producer Tkuz (Clouded Vision/ Le Dame Noir) shares this "nefarious industrial chugger". Sonar bleeps and bounding bass propel it forward before it becomes submerged in the darkness. Horror rave synth stabs and bottomless sci-fi vox samples drown the dancer, in this eerie and foreboding techno tackle.

Various Artists – Sulk Magic : III is released by Sulk Magic on 22nd May 2017 and can be found HERE. Follow the label on Facebook.

Avatism – I Was Warned About People Like Us

In the darkest basement the cries echoed cheerfully in the black. As she wandered steadily forwards she began to hear the sound of drums and caught a glimpse of the frantic faces which hustled past her in the hallway. The lights began to flash and the music filled the little space. She had been warned about people like this, the dancers amidst the midnight hour. The love, enthusiasm and hectic disorientation had left her excited and wanting more. 

Avatism delivers a hard hitting EP on Vakant as he draws upon distant soundscapes and the hammer of drums. Listen to "I Was Warned About People Like Us" below: 

Buy the release HERE

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