Premiere Inn: 18.08.17


Dj Deep – Thai

The country was a beautiful, sprawling expanse. The land was an elegant golden, green colour in the haze of the early morning sunshine. In the distance there were tall mountains, epic structures with a humbling presence which overshadowed the fields. This was Thailand, a place of seclusion and distant grandeur, a place in which many came to escape. 

Dj Deep releases on Kerri Chandler's Kaoz Theory record label with a new four track EP. The release is a subtle blend of gracious strings, pads and percussion. Listen to "Thai" below: 

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astvaldur – Locked On (Daniel Ruane Remix)

The glare was piercing in the glow of the moonlight. His wide eyes were locked with a steady gaze upon the target miles away in the distance. As he looked down from atop the tree he thought little of the great forest and its wild terrors below. He was safe up high amidst the long, winding branches. Nothing would be able to reach him here for he was a jungle warrior.

astvaldur is remixed by several artists on a new six track EP forthcoming on up and coming record label oqko. The label has amassed interest for its unusual take on ambient soundscapes and its presentation. Listen to Daniel Ruane's remix of a track called "Locked On" below: 

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Louis Guilliaume – Close Encounter

The wild animal reared its head with malicious intent. It stared at them with a hideous gaze from further up the mountain. They were stood upon a desperately rocky cliff, there was little room to outrun such a beast, it was a close encounter to say but the very least. The pair held one anothers hands as the sweat poured down their backs, they jumped. 

Born Free Records has long been a favourite of the gang here at Ransom Note. The record label run by Sling & Samo DJ has released several strong EP's as of late and the next comes in the form of a three track record from Louis Guilliaume. Listen to "Close Encounter" below: 

Buy the release from the 4th of September HERE

Internacional Electrical Rhythms – War Of The Worlds

The reign of chaos had begun as those from beyond the skies began to land. Their metallic frames cast deep, dark shadows across the green fields and the blue seas of planet earth. A war of the worlds was most certainly underway and there was an ominous, overbearing sense of tension hanging deep above the human race. Soon it would be time to run and hide but for now they quietly observed as the planets aligned. 

Internacional Electrical Rhythms is made up of Trikk and Lossless label boss Mathias Schober. The pair deliver a progressive cut, forward thinking dance music. Listen to "War Of The Worlds" below: 

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Akinyemi – Dust Calling

'Akinyemi' translates as "fated to be a warrior" in Yoruba, but the fiercely independent up-and-coming Nigerian MC from Queens Village, NY prefers a sound less confrontational than his name suggests, joining the dots between golden age boom bap and contemporary acts such as Mick Jenkins and The Underachievers. His lyrics, on the other hand, are as incisive as a freshly sharpened sword.

With his debut EP, summers, out next Friday, Akinyemi has just unleashed lead track 'Dust Calling'. Consider this your introduction to a very talented new artist. Listen here:

summers is out 25th August.

NIBC – Occam's Razor

The code was complicated and fierce, the numbers flashed rapidly upon the screen. Green text illuminated the blackness all around, within the tiny cell like room they were hard at work seeking to make a sustainable difference to a world beyond the walls. There was two of them here but earlier the room had been far busier, some had gone home to their families, others to sleep. 

NIBC is set to release a new EP on Trunkfunk records. Early support for this one from an all star list: Altern-8, Man Power, Horse Meat Disco, Anja Schneider, Danny Tenaglia, Perel, Iron Curtis, Tensnake, The Revenge and Moscoman. Listen to "Occam's Razor" below: 

Visit the Trunkfunk site HERE

Tom Bulwer – Nuit Blanche

The sky was a radiant shade of gold. For one day each year there was no darkness, day became night and the skies above Alaska remained ominously white and glossy. She lay in her bed observing the view from her window, looking out upon the lake she wondered if she might ever fall asleep under such unusual circumstances. Birds chirped in the trees on the other side of the glass, she saw them flock and fly upon the breeze, the great water down below. 

Tom Bulwer is the next to release on The Bricks, an EP which has been widely supported and well received to date. He delivers an intriguing house cut in the form of "Nuit Blanche". Listen below: 

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Bryte x Gafacci – I Like Your Girlfriend (Bawrut Remix)

Those of you paying attention (or even those of you with your fingers in your ears – we've been shouting about it for months now!) will have heard our ninth release on Ransom Note Records – the magnificent summertime afrobeats smash hit 'I Like Your Girlfriend' by Bryte and Gafacci. This Ghanaian word-of-mouth classic has been knocking about as a poor quality video rip for a while now, but we're ensuring it finally gets the 12" release it deserves.

When we started thinking about remix duties, we knew we had to get our brother Bawrut to step up to the plate for this one, and of course he didn't disappoint. His triumphant, tropical acid rework is centred on a funky bassline which slithers around Bryte's catchy vocals. Everything we love all in one place. Listen here:

I Like Your Girlfriend is out now on Ransom Note Records, order on our Bandcamp.

Hekkla – Lichstad

The high waves rolled as if they were a great power approaching battle. They crushed fiercely against the rocky face which looked out upon the wild, raging sea. In the distance boats could be seen bopping about above the hideous water, they were not safe out there yet the perilous nature of the job demanded their presence upon the wicked ocean. She prayed that they might return later that night to celebrate the catch but for now she was not hopeful. 

Hekkla releases on Goldbrick as he picks up from where he left off on AM last year. He delivers an intriguing release packed with twists and turns, a playful take on house. Listen to "Lichtstad" below: 

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Teddy Douglas – Land Of Love (Ron Trent Overdub Remix)

This was a place within which wild things blossomed. The land of love was not entered or stumbled upon by the small minded, those with closed intentions and guarded history. All things were laid bare and open amidst the outback, the people intertwined like a daisy chain lost amongst a field of long rushing grass. 

Ron Trent appears on one of the most interesting compilations to emerge this year. "The Dub I Lost" is forthcoming on Tribe records and features cuts from the likes of Larry Heard, Atjazz and more. Listen to a Ron Trent remix of Teddy Douglas below: 


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