Premiere Inn: 17.03.17


Michale Laven – Aufgang

Deep in the jungle grew an array of plants and flowers which belonged to an environment found nowhere else on planet earth. The mystic jungle was a place of distinct beauty and charismatic creatures ready to erupt at any given moment. The forest floor was alive with insects and life as the leaves feel softly from the greenery of the trees up above. In the distance the sound of a bird could be heard chirping loudly amidst the tall trees, it's cry echoed through the summer air. 

Michael Laven is set to release a six track mini album on Kerosene. Crisp ambient textures are paired with tightly crafted percussion in what is a beautiful release. Listen to "Aufgang" below: 

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Wilhelm – Reverie

His world was a pleasant daydream as he patrolled the seafront. Looking out from upon the pier he began to wonder whether anyone else lived their life in such similar states of reverie, away with the clouds if you will. The dance was on as the waves rolled gracefully in the distance as the boats came and went. He was at ease with the world and at one with the gracious narrative of life. Can it be that it was all so simple? For now he cared little as to the answer. 

Wilhelm embodies the definition of an up and comer. His sound weighty and forward thinking, his music supported by the likes of Tasker, Bruce, Randomer and many others. Listen to "Reverie" below: 

The release will be out on Oscilla Sound from the 28th of April next month. 

Yard One – Karman Line

The sandy outback was not a place to be caught off guard and unaware. This was a perilous place packed rife with danger at every turn and a villainous omen might come a calling at any given time. The purple hills in the distance hung hazily in the blurry echoes of his vision as he continued to walk forwards into the dust storm. The noise of the wind echoed fiercely with a weighty tone between his ears. This was the last time he might see the sky, for it would be no more. 

Yard One returns with a new EP for Unclear Records. It is accompanied by an action packed rave remix from Simoncino, however, it was the original which caught our upmost attention. Listen to "Karman Line" below: 

Grab a copy of the release HERE

Zzzzra – Douce Mollesse

Deep in the mountainous region she marched amidst the dust and dying plants. She was searching for a place which many had only dreamt of between the distant noise of a lullaby. The cold wind blew freely in her hair and the scent of clean linen radiated from her cotton clad body. She wandered distantly between the cascading leaves as the last of the autumn blossom fell heavily to the floor of the dusty road. marching forwards, she tread with caution, in search of Douce Mollese. 

Romance are a newly founded record label who are set to release a ten part assortment of vinyl and cassettes exploring house, techno and ambient. The first release comes in the form of Zzzzra's 'Douce Mollesse'. Listen below: 

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BXT – FM – 80

The channel was flickering between the chip chop of voices and rumbling static. As she turned the dial she ramped her foot hard upon the accelerator below, the engine roared beneath the weighty presence. The screech of wheels upon tarmac left a strain in the ears of the innocent bystanders as she flicked the switch to FM 80. This was to be her day, it had been far too long. The lights flashed and changed beneath the dark summer sky. She moved. 

BXT is a bit of a supergroup to be honest. Made up of Niko Marks, Amp Fiddler and Eddie Fowlkes the three have collaborated to produce an EP of deep textures and elegant house. Listen to "FM – 80" below:

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Undo – Computer Friends (Cabaret Nocturne Remix)

The website was a maze. Perilous black holes lurked behind every stray corner, the risk of deletion a destiny beneath the code. Here he felt at home, in the furthest corners of the web, his computer friends were with him now. Tucked away in the corner of his bedroom he began to laugh chaotically as the code flickered and flashed rampantly across his screen. How could a system of such strength be tampered with by such ease. He was the hacker amidst the midnight hour. The rest watched on. 

UNDO's "Disconnect" first emerged towards the tail end of 2016. Now Factor City return with an array of remixes from friends and associates. Listen to the Cabaret Nocturne remix below: 

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Sace – Palma

Deep within the murky clouds flew an aircraft of grandeur and splendour. The glow of its white metallic wings shone brightly under the rays of the morning sun as it travelled graciously through the distant sky leaving a dusty trail of muffled white in its wake. Soon they would descend upon a new city in which they must conquer through the power of protest and voice. For now, they would sit amidst the warmth of leather chairs, drinking champagne and reflecting upon a campaign which had been simply marvellous. 

D104 is the next to release on Palma, an up and coming label which seems to consistently catch the attention of us here at Ransom Note. Delicate pads, rough glitches and dusty drums. Intriguing release. Listen below: 

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Freestylin – Tone Droput Vol 3

Deep in the dark basement a solitary dancer began to move. He was but a shadow against the cold brickwork and shady noises. Freestyling two and fro he moved back and foth, ambitiously conquering the space through body and soul. The bass echoed loudly and rattled the metal framework of the building within which he stood. He shivered slightly as the chords began to engulf his racing presence, ecstacy in full effect and the pluck of heavy machinery. 

Tone Droput are good, humble friends of Ransom Note. They return with another hard hitting assortment of weighty tracks for the dark edges of the club. Listen to 'Freestylin' below: 

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Daniel Araya – M45 [1] Seven Sisters

The car flickered under the hazy glow of the orange lighting. As she approached the junction she indicated her movement, the car behind continued to tailgate relentlessly as she let out an exhausted sigh. The intersection was busy, tightly packed amidst a jigsaw of concrete and zealous metal. M45, Seven Sisters: where dreams came to die and those who had simply forgotten to live emerged from the dark depths of London's fog. Yet, it was her home, and she longed for the eerie smell of such mist now, more so than ever. 

Daniel Araya is the next to appear on Cardopusher's Classicworks record label. He delivers a rough and rugged album of disruptive electronics and glitchy techno. Listen to "M45, [1] Seven Sisters' below: 

Buy the release HERE.

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