Premiere Inn: 16.12.16


M.A.R.S. – Feel The Heat

In the darkness of the night he clung to the grip of the wall which lay alongside him. It felt cold against his hand but it would not cool the temperature of his body. He was under strain, feeling the heat, feeling the pressure of city life and all that it entailed. As he roared against the pain within his stomach he began to toss and turn. He leapt to his feet and ran, sprinting from the room, down the stairs and out into the street. He shouted out loudly and his voice echoed in the night. 

M.A.R.S. appears on a new compilation from the Bosconi camp as they conclude 2016 with an array of soulful and groove focused tracks. Listen to 'Feel The Heat' below: 

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TSM aka This Soft Machine – Absence Of Rhythm (TSM Time Machine Dub)

The lights began to flash excitedly as he paced around the dancefloor. Soon it would be time to enter the circle, demonstrate his power and might and unleash blistering energy upon the masses. Stay in time he must, move a little forwards he dared. The night was his to acquire and the win was his for the taking. 

TSM aka This Soft Machine returns to Eskimo Recordings alongside Erik Lindestad. He describes the sound as follows:

“I lived in London between the ages 18-21. This time changed my taste in music forever. I would do my best to be at Trash Club every Monday night. Here I was introduced to the idea of dance music and rock music being completely compatible. Hearing the Pixies & Talking Heads played along side Dance Music. I remember dancing in the side room to ESG, A Certain Ratio, Delta 5 and The Rapture. Rory Phillips was the guy responsible for the music selection and also my extremely sore legs the next day from dancing all night. I’m super excited to have Rory giving his touch to my own music.” 

Watch an exclusive first play of the video below: 

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Internal N.Y. Rhythms – Infesta

The sunlight beamed down upon the castaway town. The golden brown bricks which upheld the churches and houses of the villagers had long stood proudly by the seaside. It was a beautiful place of dreams and elegant wishes. Infesta siesta was written on the hanging sign which blew back and forth by the wooden beach shack. As he marched boldly across the sand he looked out towards the royal blue ocean and watched the gulls soar overhead. He took a deep breath in and jumped. 

Internal N.Y. Rhythms appears on a new four track ep from Portugese receord label Discos Paraiso. This is the first release on the newly formed record label. Listen to "Infesta" below: 

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Information Flash – Early In The Mornin

When he rose from his slumber the daylight hurt his weary eyes. Early in the mornin' he would begin his day, rise and leap forth with ambiguity and ambition. He dreamt of a day in which he would not need to wake and enter the mist of outside, but it was not to be today, tomorrow or the next. The cold air blew fiercely against his skin on the long walk to work. He checked his watch and proceeded to up his pace in order to catch the train. The demons would not find him this day. 

Kudatah return with a new LP from Information Flash. Packed with a rave fuelled edge and many a dancefloor jam the release is moody yet bizarrely uplifiting. Listen below: 

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Golden Bug – Supernova

The galaxy lit up with a bang. A burst of energy roared through the black night's sky leaving with it a trail of unprecedented chaos. Meteor's fell from the stars above down to earth. The supernova had struck. The waves began to roar wildly and soon the plains would be engulfed by ferocious water. This may very well be the last hours for the chosen who few who had made it this far and the apocalypse was nigh. They ran fast, quickly heading towards ground base, it might be their final hope. Skyward they would fly. 

Golden Bug returns after what has been a hugely busy and successful year. His last outing of 2016 sees him return to Ivan Smagghe's record label Les Disques de la Mort as he explores the depths of space with a bang. Listen below: 

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