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At the water's edge, warm, turquoise water laps at toes and carries soft grains of sand back out into the ocean as palm trees sway gracefully in the gentle, tropical breeze .

The sky shifts effortlessly from deep blue to warm hues of pinks, oranges and purples, the silhouettes of birds darting all about as the sun slips slowly below the horizon and makes way for the majestic moon. 

Dream Raw Recordings and Ransom Note invite you to listen to Beridze 'Sky High' and allow yourself to be transported to your happy place, wherever that may be. Part of the latest Dream Raw Recordings compilation featuring 35 different artists, bringing with them dreamy synths, a touch of acid, some mighty jungle and a smattering of breakbeat. Arriving 23rd June.

Listen below:

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The woodsman stood in the clearing, sharpening his axe on the grindstone. Nothing but forest for miles around, and not another living soul. His was a solitary life, but he liked it this way, prone as he was to quiet reflection. Lifting his instrument, swinging it, feeling its weight, he then set to work on a particularly tall redwood. Overhead an eagle soared by, surveying the scene with casual interest. He could just about hear the *thunk* of the axe as it bit into the tree trunk.

Icelandic art and music collective FALK (stands for Fuck Art Let's Kill, innit) are gearing up to release a white label split 12" from two young producers, Fascia and Decanter. Limited to 50 copies, it's chock full of brutal, searing, hardcore techno. We're very happy to premiere 'RFE2', one of Decanter's three contributions. Listen below:

[FALK16] is out 7th July, and you can pre-order it here.


The clouds gathered ominously above her head as the droning sound of the helicopters grew closer and closer still, their monstrous blades cutting through the air.

She withdrew into the shadows of the apartment building behind her and hoped and prayed that the storm would soon pass.

It is without further ado that we present to you the St Bones EP from Pletnev, the production alias of Alexander Pletnev and the darker alternative to his other alter ego, the melodic and shimmering Ponty Mython. Pletnev has enlisted fellow St Petersburg producer Inga Mauer for remix duties.

Listen below:

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Orlagh Dooley aka Or:la is fast becoming one of the most exciting DJs in the country. Her talent as both producer and selector – one with proper record collector chops – belies her young years, and is evident to anyone who's caught a set or heard her debut EP UK Lonely which came out on Hotflush last year. Orlagh also co-runs a party called Meine Nacht in Liverpool along with Breakwave, and now the pair are starting their own all-vinyl label – Deep Sea Frequency.

While Or:la's loose approach to genre will extend to the label, the records themselves will be tied together by a special braille concept encouraging inclusivity for the blind/partially sighted. With distribution from Lobster Distribution and releases on the way from Pépe and DJ Seinfeld, we're excited to see how everything pans out.

Anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves – the first release on Deep Sea Frequency will be Kyoto's Dance, a new two-track offering from Or:la herself. We're very happy to be premiering the title track, which has already been getting rinsed by the likes of Joy Orbison. This is pacing, threatening techno with a surprisingly funky rhythm, constantly shapeshifting and lulling you into its hypnotic clutches. One to keep the dancefloor enraptured.

Kyoto's Dance is out in July on Deep Sea Frequency.


Inching towards the clearing, the leopard tensed every fibre in his body, trying not to make any noise as he brushed up against the creepers he found himself hiding amongst. Just metres away now, his prey bathed in a miserable little puddle, utterly unknowing of the fate which was soon to befall him. Springing out of the thicket, the leopard claimed his prize.

Disco don and edit emperor Dimitri From Paris returns to Gomma with a new 3 track EP – his fourth release on the label, and this one is another collaboration with Italian producer DJ Rocca. We're premiering 'Zanzibar' which is an absolute pearler, thwacking along with huge drums, gloopy bass and sexy chanting. Listen below:

Erodiscotique EP4 is out 16th June on Gomma.


In the past Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has tended towards a mutable alternation, blending and moving between effusive machine noise, undiluted field recordings and the more abstract vestiges of shoegaze and dream pop. Yet throughout this flux there’s been a persistent sense of rhapsodic scintillation. Recent solo works like ‘A Year with 13 Moons’, ‘In Summer’ and the affiliated ‘Songs of Remembrance’ / ‘Songs of Forgiveness’ material have embodied a fervent, bittersweet expressionism inspired by themes of place, time, memory and relationships.

‘Tenderness’, the third offering from his latest record ‘On The Echoing Green’, preserves a significant share of those ideas but does so with a keener regard for stability and clarity. Where before coarse electrical outbreaks washed out the more tuneful facets of Ledesma’s sound – frequently in climactic disintegrations – here there’s a sumptuous, unbroken quality of definition. There’s still a characteristic soak to the guitars but everything feels immaculately graphic. Lifted into the light and crystallizing into pristine colour, it’s the sound of Ledesma shifting from experimental tendencies into full scale pop radiance.

Fitting then that Paul Clipson has reflected this emphatic evolution in Ledesma’s sound with a new video that distils the imagery of a lost Summer into a similarly gorgeous vision. As with his regular visual collaborations with Grouper, footage of natural phenomena, landscapes and shimmering light play overlap and coalesce into a dreamlike succession of images, all of them charged with a vivid, transient beauty. Imagine if Marie Menken was commissioned to reimagine her seminal short ‘Lights’ for The Durutti Column’s ‘A Sketch For Summer’ and you’re somewhere close. An almost flawless reverie for the eyes and the ears.

On The Echoing Green is out 16th June on Mexican Summer, and you can pre-order it here.


Next up on Ransom Note Records is the Serenade EP, courtesy of the very talented Timothy 'Heretic' Clerkin. Three absolute dancefloor barnstormers + a remix from the equally talented Marlon Hoffstadt, these tracks have been getting rinsed by the likes of Justin Robertson and Andrew Weatherall.

As one half of Eskimo Twins and also solo under his Heretic alias, Timothy has released on numerous labels including Tusk Wax, My Favorite Robot, Throne of Blood and Rotters Golf Club. Marlon is a German DJ/producer who runs the Retrograde label alongside Natureboy Gold, and also launched his own Midnight Themes imprint last month with a new EP of original material.

We're very happy to be able to share Marlon's 'Infinity Mix' of 'Recursive' with you today. He turns the first section into an extreme tension building exercise, before the introduction of a whipcrack acid line. The second half is an entirely different beast, propelling itself full pelt into the distance while simultaneously gliding along on the softest synths imaginable. Listen below, and keep an ear out for the rather darker original which is landing early next week…

Serenade is out 23rd June on Ransom Note Records, and you can pre-order now from our Bandcamp.


The green light shone above the door through the darkness. She was the last left alone in the office, a days hard work was done and it was time to make an exit before returning to the reality of outside. She knew that she was supposed to enjoy leaving the towerblock within which she was enslaved, yet somehow the freedom of the city beyond the door scared her senseless. Work was a part of her, a systematic need which allowed her to forget the problems of elsewhere. 

Daisuke Kondo is set to release a new EP on Bosconi Extra Virgin. The Japanese producer delivers an inspired assortment of grooves and is then remixed by Italian duo Nas1 who have recently featured on Wild Oats and Money Sex Records. Listen to their remix of "Exit" below:

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The clouds rolled in one by one swallowing up what little was left of the blue sky. The early morning was always a pensive time for self reflection following an evening of little sleep and nightmares. This was to be a dark day, for he had decided so. The alarm rang promptly at seven AM, a jolt to the senses before a cold shower, the sweet minty texture and a grind of teeth. He left for work and marched alongside the thousands, looking towards the sky he gasped. 

Até delivers a three track EP on Athea records. Sparkled with intrigue this is perhaps one of the most interesting records to emerge in the last month, it's hard to believe that we haven't been introduced before. Listen to "Dark Day" below: 

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Age was but a number, he was as young as he felt. The music in the background played loudly as he weaved his way between the bodies, his linen suit neat and prompt. This was his party, his people and his place. The pink glow of lights illuminated the dark corners of the basement, yet he still struggled to find himself absorbed within the shadows. He couldn't set his brain in gear, beyond the temptation of thinking about you. The dancers moved to and fro in time with the drum, his mind was elsewhere. 

Baba Stiltz maintains illustrious form as part of a new compilation forthcoming on Sven Väth's Cocoon records. He delivers a sultry house cut in the form of "All I Can (About You)". Listen below: 

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She was the most beautiful girl in town. Her red hair blew freely upon the summer breeze as she marched into the saloon, Miss Mary Lou, queen of the south. Outside horses reeled beneath the heat whilst vagabonds drank beer behind closed doors. This was no mans land but she was the only saving grace of this deadbeat county. Little else had ever shone with presence round here, not much to shout home about. 

YGT is set to release a new EP on the spectacularly named Jazz Cabbage records. What about that for a label? Anyway, the EP features sun kissed house and a remix from Strip Steve. Listen to "Mary Lou" below: 

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Within the trees, a majestic nest came to life under the cloak of darkness. Within it were the birds of the night, the graceful pilots who would career beneath the glow of the stars as the world slept below. Some said that creatures of darkness were those that haunted the dreams of those who lived within the woods. Others believed them to be guardian figures, protectors of the forest and watchful aids to life and progress. Their silent flight had begun. 

Sir Lord Comixx is a bit of a legend of sorts, we were delighted to learn that he is set to release a new EP on That Place records, an up and coming label with articulate attention to detail. Listen to "Night Bird" below: 

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