Premiere Inn: 15.06.18


Marcelus – Magnet

The tactical object was stuck with fragile precision to the metallic structure. Stood atop the bridge he watched below as the magnet hung at the end of a long piece of rope – it gripped the towering beam with firm might and would be all thet assisted his descent down the tower. It had taken many years for him to muster the courage to climb the great bridge – it would be no small feat if he completed his drop unmarked. The sun was setting in the distance and the bay was getting dark. It was nearly time…

Marcelus is set to release a new EP on Tresor – the longstanding Berlin institution and techno stalwart which has delivered across decades. The new EP is a form fitting release which rings true to the proud ethos of the imprint. Listen below: 


Secretsundaze – Still Hope (Secretsundaze's Poems In The Heart Floor Version)

The game was afoot – the teams were under immense pressure as the crowds of riotous spectators roared with horrific menace from the stands. There was still hope that they might be able to push the spectacle into overtime but by now several had begun to leave with their heads in dismay. Out there under the glow of the floodlights there was little warmth, little love and a whole lot of lonely. Teams were supposed to live and breathe but they were simply a dead, empty shell without a hope…

Secretsundaze return to the main Phonica label for a new EP which comes kitted out with remixes by none other than Waajeed. It is however their own re-evaluation which we present to you. Listen below: 


Vaskular – Ah! Ah! Ah!

The shopping mall was incredibly busy – the crowd moved back and forth between the shops spending money like paper was free. "Ah, ah, ah.." was the ringing sound of money being dished between each register and the dollar signs were illuminated in the eyes of zealous businessmen behind the scenes. This was not a place of peace, a place of passion or of love but a land in which the ego reigned supreme. It might as well have been a graveyard for all the life and soul in this place… 

Vaskular appears on the second volume of the latest Comeme release. "Solidarity Forever" is now in its second edition and features four tracks of utter strength and family unity. Listen below: 

Marlon Hoffstadt – Cyclin Since 94 (Leaf Remix)

Turning his head to each side and assessing the state of the leading pack, going over all the possibilities in his head, the rider chose his moment and broke into a sprint. Immediately he started to worry that he'd broken too early – the remaining distance was not inconsiderable, and there were some strong cyclists around him. But he'd made his bed now, and would simply have to keep on pushing to the finish line. His muscles throbbing with lactic acid, he visualised the yellow jersey that he had dreamed of for so long.

Marlon Hoffstadt is releasing a brand new remix EP! Human Interpretations Part One is out 22nd June and features contributions from the likes of Bawrut, Johannes Albert and Opal Sunn. Our pick is the Leaf remix, which soars through a series of beautiful textures while never losing sight of its bouncy dancefloor appeal. Listen below:

Human Interpretations Part One is out 22nd June via Midnight Themes, pre-order it here.


Elliot Adamson – No Chill

The club was loud, the dancefloor packed but the people were extravagant. They deserved little of the splendour and the glamour which surrounded them for they quite simply had no chill. Weaving their way between fellow dancers and speaker stacks they looked as if they did not belong – the night was young yet they seemed exhausted and burst. However, outside on the street there was a local crew fighting for a place within the spot. They argued with security and hustled for the respect they deserved. They were the chilled, the real dancers and the ones destined for the floor. 

Elliot Adamson is a name beginning to appear with consistent regularity – many have preached his praises. He is set to release a collection of tracks on Man Power's Me Me Me imprint. Listen below: 


Soda Lite – Liffey Falls

There was a sense of grace and foreboding about the hesitancy of his tone. He spoke with such fickle promise – his very nature was conflicting and difficult to determine. Stood in the empty gallery he spoke as if he were able to offer the world to those that stood before him. However, there was nothing to say that he had much grandeur or life beyond the four white walls at all. Life can fail, life can fall – he didn't seem to care outwith the walls. Paintings hung promptly around the room – they looked old, like him. 

Soda Lite appears on a new split EP by Ville Nouvelle – an intriguing release with subtle charm for the dancefloor and intrigued mind. The release is titled "Music For Five Post Cards". Listen below: 


Sunareht – Saga

Sunareht returns this Friday with his second EP for Parisian label Paradoxe Club! It's called Sagas and it's honestly one of the freshest things I've heard in ages. Over four tracks, he reimagines the golden age of filter house through a distorted club lens, influenced in equal measures by Baltimore club, classic trance breakdowns and the 'weightless' movement coalescing around the Different Circles label.

We're premiering the closing track 'Saga' below, which builds through finely-chopped sample stabs, only to refuse any sense of easy closure, resulting in a state of permanent, unresolved euphoria. Oh, and for anyone admiring that awesome artwork (courtesy of Manuel Moreno Cortes & Octave Abaji) you can get it on a t-shirt right here.

Sagas is out 15th June via Paradoxe Club, pre-order it here.

Colossio – Moto

Mexican producer Fernando Luna returns next week with a new release under his Colossio alias (which has become his permanent creative output of late). Out 18th June, Moto marks his debut on Calypso Records, the label run by Thomass Jackson and Iñigo Vontier. It contains three new originals and a pair of ace remixes from Man Power and Jonathan Kusuma.

The title track is our pick – its dark, driving beat shows off Colossio's krautrock and psychedelic influences, and is bound to ensure this EP becomes a mainstay in numerous record bags. Listen below:

Moto is out 18th June via Calypso Records, pre-order it here.

Pat Ca$h – An Ode to Dr Alex Paterson

The lab was full of people waiting for the experiment to begin… This was to be an ode to Dr Alex Peterson, a project which had been decades in the making. The test tubes bubbled with green fluid and the steam began to rise towards the large metallic chimney up above. The students were all wearing protective goggles for everything might unfold at the blink of an eye with an almighty bang. They hoped not… but it might. Outside the beautiful sunshine cast a sombre mood on the nature of the inside world. 

Pat Ca$h is a mysterious figure – really nobody knows who on earth he is. Some tennis player or something perhaps? Anyway, this new EP is great and the second track particularly caught our ear. Listen below: 

Brieuc – Soirée Au Chantier

There was one strict motto held by all who lived within the town. It was taught to them when they were young, It was learnt as they grew old. It lived with them until the day in which they died. 

"Soiree Au Chantier"

These were the words the people lived by, it meant the world. Each day was brought in with a breath of fresh air and a sense of new opportunity as they sought the promise of the motto and the night. 

Brieuc is set to release a new EP on Comic Sans – packed with wonderful breaks and elements of nostalgia it's a bit of a whirlwind trip from past to present. Listen below: 


DJ Manny – Can't Get Enough

Paris-based label Moveltraxx are back with their latest release – a new four-track EP from Chicago footwork artist DJ Manny! Out this Friday, Can't Get Enough showcases both sides of the Teklife producer's output – his signature RnB influenced smooth style, and a rawer approach that harks back to the genre's roots as fuel for battle dancers.

We're premiering the title track, which takes its heart from warm horn blasts and a soulful diva vocal, but contains enough furious percussion heat to transform any dancefloor in an instant. Listen below:

Can't Get Enough is out 15th June via Moveltraxx, pre-order it here.

The Magic Ray – Ce n'est pas toi

The Magic Ray are releasing a brand new EP this week! Ce n'est pas toi is out 15th June on digital and transparent 7", limited to just 30 copies. There's a launch party taking place the same day at Berlin's 8mm Bar.

Led by Fred Bigo, who started out in Paris' late '90s experimental noise scene, the band's self-titled debut album came out last year on Jennifer Cardini's Dischi Autumno imprint, with remixes from Simple Symmetry and Khidja.

We're premiering the title track from the new EP, which fizzes with spiky guitar lines, swarming synths and Bigo's quintessentially Gallic vocals. Listen below:

Ce n'est pas toi is out 15th June via No School Today, pre-order it here.

qgb – Seeingsound/Hearingvision

This month marks the release of an intriguing new album on an imprint we honestly weren't familiar with until approached out of the blue. qgb will release an eight track assortment of abstract electronics, dreamy soundscapes and wandering melodies on Present Tense, an imprint that he himself runs and founded alongside Pepé back in 2016. The album has been a long time coming and has since received support from the likes of Ben UFO, Mary Anne Hobbs and Call Super. The release will be available from the 11th of June on digital but is also being distributed via a specially designed USB courtesy of Samuel Iliffe, a student of Innovation Design Engineering at the RCA in London.

Watch the video for 'seeingsound' exclusively here by Reece Selby.