Premiere Inn: 14.07.17


Sharif Laffrey – Always

The knight stood stock still, firmly fixed to the floor, plotting out his next move. Arching his neck this way and that, he surveyed all possible alternatives until he had exhausted his choices. The troops around him seemed gripped by a similar state of inertia; he would wait, the knight decided, for the right way to present itself. Sure enough, that familiar shadow soon loomed over him, and pinched between those giant fingers he moved forward in his inimitable L-shape. Check, he chuckled rogueishly at the king.

Sharif Laffrey is one of the most important players in the Detroit scene, having been putting on parties and spinning records for many years now, since the rave scene in the early '90s. He's no slouch as a producer either – having recorded under aliases such as Quadrant and Maersk, he's currently releasing under his own name. Returning to Berlin-based imprint Discos Capablanca, his newest transmission is the single-sided 'Always'; a deep, cavernous weapon whose rattling drum hits seem to reverberate around the inside of your skull. Watch the video premiere below:

Always is out now on Discos Capablanca.

Delusion Men – The Wanderer

Who he was, no one knew. Where he was wandering to, no one cared. He cast a shadowy figure as he wandered the streets alone. Streets so eerily quiet under the cover of darkness, with only the light of the moon to guide him along his way. He whistled as he walked further still, a sound that carried whistfully on the breeze. His shadow grew taller as he made his way along the winding pathway towards the seafront. 

'The Wanderer' from Delusion Men appears on their latest offering Stuck On The Border, forthcoming on Future Nuggets.

Listen below:

For more on Delusion Men, head HERE.

Ethyène – Cherish The Day

The sun began to set, bathing the field in a warm orange glow. The swallows darted about the sky, weaving their silhouettes against the tapestry of the sky, chattering excitedly. The couple sat in the tall grass, their fingers interlaced, taking deep breaths in, drinking in the serenity of dusk. They lay there in the grass, watching the sky fade to pink and then to a deep, velvety black as stars came out and twinkled overhead. If heaven had a feeling, surely this would be it.

Moonrise Hill Material present a new EP from Ethyène- Essence Of Adolescence. It's with great pleasure that we bring you a premiere of 'Cherish The Day', a 5-minute track of beauty and wonderment, perfect for soundtracking summer sunsets.

Listen below:

Buy the release HERE.

Kion Dump – Specialist

The class were perplexed by the glistening theory which was cast in chalk upon the board. The dust hung ominously in the air, the black mirror had not been used to portray such a chaotic theory in decades. Replaced by technology many of them observing had never witnessed the true form of a specialist in motion. They were astonished and amazed by the precision and intricate calculations of a man who was proving his worth far beyond the capabilities of any machine. 

Klon Dump is set to release a new EP on one of the most interesting up and coming record labels, A Colourful Storm. Listen to a track taken from the record below: 

More details can be found HERE.

Rigopolar – Sun Of Lemuria

The sky was lit up brightly by an orb a million miles away. Deep in the dark and murky backdrop of space glowed a raging hot ball of fire known only as the Sun of Lemuria. It was a beautiful, god like blossom amidst the otherworldly darkness which swamped all else. Down on earth they observed the burning resolution from afar, worship it they did for it was what made plants grow, water run and the morning light when they awoke. 

Rigopolar is set to release a new EP on the newly formed imprint Nazca records, the label was founded in homage to the ancient Nazca people who loved to dance whilst celebrating nature and music. Listen to "Sun Of Lemuria" below: 

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The five days were a toil and terror upon the working man. Friday was the be all and end all for a generation lost beneath the waves. He looked out upon the carnage which was the Saturday night high street with a loathsome sense of self despair and and an anxious gaze. This was to be the place within which humanity would unfold, unbutton itself in disgrace for all the perilous world to see. 

DJ OIL appears on a new compilation from Ivan Smagghe's much loved Les Disques de la mort record label. The label is set to release a compilation titled "Grieve Not But Try Again" which features an impressive array of musicians. Listen to "WEEK ENDS" below: 

Buy the release HERE.

SFV Acid – 125bpm_atnight2

The mechanics were proving complicated, the gears continued to grind against each other within the metal frame. The rusted old machine was working surprisingly well given that it had been buried underground for a lifetime. The wheel spun as he placed a record down upon the platter amidst the heat of the midnight hour. Only time would tell whether the old busted box would give out any sound. A hiss echoed from the stereo as the clang of a drum echoed out at one twenty five. 

SFV Acid is set to release a new EP on Third Try Records. A meandering record which wanders between obscure rough cuts and oddball electronics. Listen to "125bpm_atnight2" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Die Orangen – Museum of Old and New Art

The wide hallways echoed with the sound of footsteps upon the marble floor. The pitter patter reverberated and bounced between statues and elegant decor. This was a museum of old and new art, of old and new people and of past meets present. They wandered aimlessly along vast sprawling corridors taken in by the luxurious paintings and the hollow technology which illuminated it all. Perhaps museums had been better in a past life, not like they were now. 

Malka Tuti is set to release a new LP from Die Orangen in the coming weeks. Titled "Zest" the release will be available from the 18th of July. Listen to "Museum Of Old And New Art" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Eindkrak – Shawarma

The small restaurant was packed beneath the bridge. The metal framework up above rumbled as trains passed over with a wicked pace. This was a secret treasure trove, a luxurious goldmine within which good things lurked. Behind the counter there was an energetic man, he was hot under the spotlight and the warm glow of the grill. Outside a queue had began to form and a rife sense of expectation hung ominously in the air. The best food was always to be found on the outskirts of town. 

Eindkrak is one of several artists to appear on a new split release from Glasgow based record label Contort Yourself. Listen to a warm serving of "Shawarma" below: 

More details can be found HERE

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