Premiere Inn: 13.10.17


Mo Reece – C Mo Futur

The candle flickered under the strain of the ghostly wind. In the distance there was a dreamy whisper, a hollow echo with a prolific sense of wisdom. "C mo futur" was the bizarre chant, edgy and foreboding with venomous weight. The trees all around seemed to be cast under a deathly spell, their branches were held abruptly at pointed angles as the green leaves fell one by one to the forest floor. The autumn was approaching fast and soon there would be little left to observe, let alone the future. 

Mo Reece appears on a new split EP which marks the triumphant return of the World Unknown Record label. The new EP will be the first to appear since 2013 and also features a secretive track from a producer under the alias of Flight Mode. Listen below: 

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Markus Gibb – Dernier Souffle

The river flowed through the town with prominent energy whilst those sat upon the riverbank observed the rushing water. The sky was a golden shade, the leaves on the trees a brown, red auburn. The season was upon them and summer had now passed. Sat in cafes up and down cobbled streets they pensively wondered what might come next. As they sat around a table they began to gather their thoughts collectively for the year ahead. It would be busy. 

Ransom Note continues its love affair with Lyon as we premiere a track from friend of the site Markus Gibb. He appears alongside a number of up and coming producers on the newly launched record label Kump. Listen below: 

Buy the release from the 27th HERE

Dub Syndicate – Boggled Minds

As he sat in the empty room he stared at his pale reflection in the glow of the mirror. The white tiles surrounded him with an ominously clean and magnificent presence. This was no place to spend a life but it was a needs must scenario for his boggled mind. He didn't much care for the outside world anyway, he had crafted his own magnificent paradise up atop his skull in which he was able to run wild and free. In this place he was safe and in control. 

On-U Sound are preparing to release an extraordinary catalogue of old material from the vaults. From dusty dubs to rare recordings the label has revealed an astonishing body of work, some for the very first time. Listen to "Boggled Minds". Steve Barker describes the track himself from the sleevenotes. 

“Boggled Minds” is a version to “10K At 0VU – 60 Hz – Mind Boggles!” from The Pounding System, itself an alternate version to the title track of Bim Sherman’s Across the Red Sea released in the same year."

Find the collection HERE. Catch Adrian Sherwood at The Jazz Cafe on November 18th. 

Marlon Hoffstadt – ARP+ (Scott Fraser Sunrise Mix)

It's finally here – Marlon Hoffstadt's Observing The Known is out tomorrow on Ransom Note Records. The rising star of house music, Marlon's new EP is being supported by the likes of Palms Trax, Honey Soundsystem and Prins Thomas.

Following premieres with Resident Advisor, Mixmag, Phonica and Délicieuse Musique, we're very happy to present the fifth and final track which is Scott Fraser's remix of 'ARP+'.

One half of London night Body Hammer and one half of the Crimes Of The Future label, Scott's fingerprints are all over UK underground dance music, and we're overjoyed to welcome him into the R$N Records fold. With remixes for Andrew Weatherall, Headman and Virgo Four under his belt, now Scott takes Marlon's classic techno track to darker lands, with snapping electro drums and seasick bass pressure ramping up the claustrophobia. We hear it's already been causing huge damage when dropped on dubplate at Body Hammer…

Observing The Known is out 13th October on Ransom Note Records, order it here.

Max Graef – Thrillhouse + Bonus Beat

As she opened the front door she felt an overwhelming sense of excitement. Her toes were tingling in the very shoes within which she stood. Someone had once told her that this was a thrillhouse, a place to be found and discovered not merely visited. She had come alone, joking with her friends she had left their company indicating that she would be having a quiet night at home alone. Now, a million miles away, she found herself in the middle of nowhere ready to enter the fun factory. 

Max Graef, a musical mogul with a prolific back catalogue and a charming personality. His sound has evolved through genre and style across several years as he continues to blend the glitch and distortion of oddball hip hop alongside house and funk. Always one to surprise he now releases on Schwarz 12 Records. Listen below: 

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World Of Batter – Peaks Transparent

The mountain was tall and sprawling before them. The group looked up towards the sky but the peak may as well have been transparent for it was lost amidst the clouds way up high. The sky was a dark shade of grey and there was a cold wind which blew prominently through base camp. They had already travelled halfway but each of them knew that what lay ahead would be the most difficult part of the journey to date. The tent struggled under the howling wind. 

World of Batter appears on the fourth edition of the Tone Dropout series. The EP is a profound assortment of techno, acid house and all that other good stuff which keeps the label very much on our radar. Unpretentious, hassle free and club ready. Just the way we like them. Listen to "Peaks Transparent": 

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Tape Hiss – Shameful Indifference (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)

The crowd had fallen into an abrupt silence. An hour ago they had been noisy and profound, vocal and prolific and loud. Now a shameful indifference had fallen hushed across the room as one by one they began to leave. The speaker had lost his way, his tired regime would not sway them anymore and soon a new leader would take his place upon the grand podium. Next, next, next please. The conveyor belt rolled onwards as the black rubber burned beneath those awaiting their chance to speak.

Tape Hiss is an up and coming producer from Brooklyn. He releases on the infamous party starters Just Jack, an EP packed with fire and energy. He is accompanied by a remix from Ostgut Ton associate Massimiliano Pagliara. Listen below: 

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Secretsundaze – Motorway Jam

The third edition in the Dance 2017 series is a very special AA-side, featuring a track from Palms Trax and also the debut production from Secretsundaze (Giles Smith & James Priestly). While the two of them have an existing catalogue of separate production work, strangely enough the party-starting duo have never collaborated on music before now.

'Motorway Jam' is an old school Detroit-style cut with effervescent synths and a raw bassline that keeps on building energy throughout its 7-minute runtime. Should be taking up residence in record bags across the world. Debut effort or not, this is a pretty damn impressive track. Listen below:

Dance 2017 Pt. 3 is out now, buy it here.

Zombie Zombie – Livity

Five years on from the release of their last proper full-length, French electro outfit Zombie Zombie are back with new album Livity, which consists of seven tracks made over seven days. Resisting the temptation to start applying Biblical metaphors… Recorded in Paris last winter, the record sees a whole host of new influences at play alongside the krautrock and horror soundtrack vibes that the group are best known for.

We're very happy to be premiering the video for lead single and title track 'Livity'. Perfectly pitched, the video nails the strange blend of zany silliness and creeping dread that the original track inspires. Watch it below:

Livity is out 20th October on Versatile Records. Pre-order here.

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