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Wayward – Good Morning Mr Magpie (Big Miz Remix)

The bird sat promptly in the old apple tree at the top of the garden. Good afternoon Mr Magpie, how are you today? It was the ominous bird which brought with it a sense of foreboding dread, it was the imp of the mind which lingered from the night before. The morning after was never very fun, at least that's what his experience of it was. The party had been so tall and grand, it had felt like it might never end and run for all of eternity but like all good things, it had to end. 

Wayward are to release a new remix package which features an all star array of talent in the form of Brame & Hamo, Duke Hugh, Folamour and more. Big Miz features on the EP, the Glasgow producer very much on the rise following his new album on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Listen below: 

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Severin – Infinity 2018

Who knows, this might be the year we last forever. Infinity 2018 is coming, in an age of artificial intelligence, robot wars and futuristic hyperspace we might just be about to enter a brand new dimension. There was a hideous sense of hyperactive tension which hung in the air as they all stood watching the space shuttle prepare to kiss the sky. Soon the fire would roar beneath the great metal frame and send it skywards with magnificent power and might. 

Severin is set to release a new EP on Petrola 80, a record label with a vigorous sense of individuality and a focus on the future. Cutting edge electronic music with a distinctive drive. Listen below: 

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JEM – Semiotic

The confines of the rulebook left little room for imagination or free spirit. It was not so much in what the text read but in the semiotics which were implied. He put the book back upon the dusty shelf and decided to move on for the day, this was no time for reckless abandonment but for celebration and positive thought. Who cares what the rule book read anyway? It was time for him to settle and do his own sweet thing. The time was now. 

This next one is from a secretive producer very close to our hearts here at Ransom Note. It's always nice to see a friend do well and this is a thoroughly excellent EP on Sheik 'N' Beik. Listen below: 

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Extra Terrestrial – Satisfaction

The envy of the room gave him a strange sense of warmth and boosted his self esteem. He took satisfaction from watching them grimace and groan as he claimed the prize they had all so desperately been seeking. Walking off into the night he appeared to have won the day, the rain battered down upon the concrete, the rumble of thunder from the sky above echoed with a clap. It was haunting and beautiful, there was much to be said for the night air. 

Extra Terrestrial are a duo based in East London, familiar faces amidst the capital and firmly supported. They release a new EP on the up and coming label Trouble Maker. Listen below: 

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WCC – Heroic Purgatory

The defiant battle between good and evil is neverending. Heroic purgatory and a state of discontent was all that awaited beneath the pearly gates and the crystal staircase skywards. Down there they were having a whale of a time, there was little rule and order, none of that nonsense was permitted in heaven. He wondered how long he might stay here for, but at the same time felt an overwhelming sense of sadness at the thought of ever having to leave. 

WCC are set to release a new EP on what will be the second outing for Cologne based record label RDK Island. Intriguing and limited this one looks to be interesting. Listen below: 

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Modula – Incontro al Club Ventuno

The tropical haze blew across the wilderness and cast a spell upon the distant land. Those that danced upon the shore looked fondly outwards towards the deep blue of the ocean as the clouds began to roll in and leave shadows upon the hillside. The sand felt great between his toes as he moved freely under the magic of the delicate music. Balearic bliss had been found upon the island and it would seem as if there were to be little reason to ever return home. 

Modula is set to release a new EP in line with Record Store Day which is set to take place on the 21st of April later this month. He delivers two sun kissed tracks for Futurible Records. Listen below: 

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Rodion & Local Suicide – Abu Dhabi

The country was a beautiful entity within which wild things grew and wild spirits ran wild and free. It was home to many a man, woman and child whom had established life amidst the beautiful backdrop of Abu Dhabi. It was a place in time in which much had flourished and in which life had changed, for better and worse. Abu Dhabi was a state of presence and being. 

My Favorite Robot release a new four track EP as Local Suicide join forces with Rodion for a creative new collaboration which draws upon influences and fuses elements of both party's profound taste. 

We are delighted to be able to showcase their new video below: 

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Adrena Adrena – Cybals

The flickering lights darted between the darkness of the blackened room, the glowing trace of fluorescent blue stained the wall with prominent sparkle and delight. It was intrusive and inflated by the hyperawareness of his brain which did not allow for much self forgiveness or risk aversion. He danced between the electric beams and watched the hazardous embers dance robustly. 

We are delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive first view of the new video in accompaniment to Adrena Adrena's new track "Cybals". The limited edition 7" single will come accompanied by a photobook and is being released on Champion Version. 

Watch below: 

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