Premiere Inn: 11.08.17


Kask – Vorst

The bus was uncomfortable and stuffy as it bounced along the country road. The green fields which lined either side of the dusty concrete grew all sorts of crops, they would sell very well in the summer time. This was not a place frequently travelled by many, the outback was remote and had the potential to be somewhat desolate. The gang sat side by side on the robust metallic seats as they headed in the direction of the sun. Soon they would be at the seaside. 

Kask has a strong affiliation with the X-Kalay label having released on the imprint previously to great success. Now he returns with a new EP in the form of "Vorst". Listen to the lead track below: 

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Tandoori – Ravn

The wind howled as the storm battered the East Coast. In the distance she watched the waves crash against the rocky abstract, the white spray cascading high into the air where it dissolved amidst the wicked gusts. The house shook, the wooden frame was taking a battering beneath the harsh weather. She did not fear, there had been times like these before and there would sure as hell be storms worse than this wicked plume. Closing the window she walked away. 

Tandoori releases a two track EP on a newly launched imprint operating out of Copenhagen. Twin Cities has been a long running party in the city, now they have launched a label by which to support friends and residents. Listen to "Ravn" below: 

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Fingers Of God – Flying From Place To Place

The airplane soared high between the dark and gloomy clouds, the white metallic shell housed a hundred passengers yet none were as important as him. Flying from place to place he was a celebrity of sorts, yet he still did not feel particularly comfortable in his own skin. People flocked in their thousands to see him speak to the masses yet he struggled to feel much attachment to any of them at all. His place was up in the sky, that was where he found silence and peace. 

Fingers Of God is set to release a new EP on LKR Records. The Vienna based producer draws for heavy hitting drums and a subtle assortment of musicality on a new five track release. Listen to a track below: 

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KGB – Detroit 909 (Rydm Sectors Mix)

The drums rattled in the chamber. Their harsh brutality banged loudly against the walls as the movement of those before the ramp fastened. The space was dark and dimly lit yet a sense of summer like euphoria reverberated in a great wave above their heads. It was the sound of the 909, that beautiful machine in all its thunderous glory. 

Next up on Cosmic Rhythm is a reimagined version of a classic 1991 track in the form of KGB's "Detroit 909". A fresh take on a somewhat under appreciated classic. Listen below: 

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Cowboy Rhythmbox – Cats Invasion

They were everywhere. The park was alive with rampant cats and the wildlife was bustling with energy. The trees swayed back and forth in the breeze as they gathered in great swarms amidst the long rushing grass. They were mostly silent yet from time to time there was the occasional echo or cry from one of the younger kittens. Nobody knew why they were here, it seemed as if they had appeared overnight but they were most certainly drawn to something.

Outsider house misfits Cowboy Rhythmbox, return to Phantasy with a tri-pronged blitzkrieg of wildly singular tracks. The pair deliver an expertly crafted EP packed with life. Listen to "Cats' Invasion" below: 

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Yuki Tosaya – Acid dawn Breaks

The sky was a warm golden colour as the light began to emerge from beneath the horizon in the distance. The acid echoed out across the campsite as the dawn began to break to the cries of birds. Many awoke from their slumber, blinded by the glow of the sun which had buried its head for the evening. The end of the world was nigh but for now they were happy and content with the simple life which saw them reside by the sandy rocks.

Yuki Tosaya features as part of a new EP on Futureboogie, a sun kissed Ep which also features tracks from Christophe, Zombies in Miami and Forriner. Listen to "Acid Dawn Breaks" below: 

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Luca D'Alberto – Wait For Me (Edward Remix – Ambienca Version)

Luca D'Alberto is an Italian maestro of sorts. The classical composer has amassed a crucial following with the likes of Wim and Donata Wenders, Peter Lindbergh and Lars Von Trier’s Zentropa all supporting his work. His most recent piece of work comes in the form of an album titled "Endless" on !K7 records contemporary classical imprint 7K!. It has been hugely praised already however the most recent addition to what is an impressive release is the addition of two remixes by Edward. 

The pairing of the artists is a somewhat genius decision as he remixes "Wait For Me" with a touch of distinct class. An already established producer executes the requirements of a remix with style and grace. 

Listen to his "Ambienca Version" below: 

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The static bounced between the walls. The fuzz of the television was all that could be heard within the large monitoring studio. The desks were empty, those who manned the station had long since gone, they'd taken to the streets in protest of a brutal regime for which they had been a part of for far too long. Now the vast building lay empty and bare in the dead of night, peace had fallen amidst the chaos as the world began to twist and burn. 

EYEBEX is a duo made up of Rafael Cohen and Gabriel Andruzzi. The pair originally met at the famous Go-go club The Ibex in the District of Columbia. Now a new project is born as they deliver a hard hitting EP on E2E. Listen below: 

Innershades – Darkness Fades (Betonkurst Remix)

The quiet sense of sadness had been all consuming for so very long. He had struggled to break free from its devious clutches for many years, sometimes at war with himself and others blisteringly deafeated. Now though it felt as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders, darkness had begun to fade and daylight had emerged from beyond the horizon. He had dreamed that this day would come for a lifetime. 

Innershades is remixed by Betonkust on a new EP for 9300 Records. A hard hitting trip through an intergalactic realm. Listen to a reimagined version of "Darkness Fades" below: 

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