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Hardway Bros – Friedman Feedback Loop Revision (Max Pask Remix)

Sean Johnston returns to Throne of Blood this month with a new 12" under his Hardway Bros alias! Best known as one half of legendary DJ team A Love From Outer Space alongside Andrew Weatherall, he's also released music on labels like Flashcomm and Sabres of Paradise.

We're premiering Throne of Blood label manager Max Pask's remix of 'Friedman Feedback Loop Revision' (the title itself a nod to label boss James Friedman's "highly-valued opinions"). Pask brings his love for all thing analog and Italo to the table, transforming the original into an epic set-closer. Listen below:

The Laser EP is out May 11 (vinyl) and May 25 (digital) via Throne of Blood. Pre-order it here.

Shelter – Lady Chipo

She danced wild into the small hours. Lady Chipo was out for the count and happy moving freely beneath the glow of the delicate stars up high miles away. Her hips swayed freely in time with the beat of the sun kissed drums and the sand sprayed flamboyantly under the bouncing feet. There was still a dense warmth to the air, it was the height of summer and the sun had only sunk beyond the skyline an hour before. The atmosphere was close, compact and heavy. 

Shelter is set to release a new EP on Camisole Records, a sun kissed balearic affair which follows on nicely from recent outings on International Feel. Summertime music. Listen below: 


Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades – Hunted

The noise in the distance was staggeringly loud and brutal upon the ear as they ran between the trees away from the demonic figures. Hunted they were, by people of the night who left them little choice but to run and hide in blistering fear. The trees surrounded them, tall and mighty, their branches snapped and crackled underfoot and the roots offered not much in the way of support. It was autumn time and the seasons were changing, the bad people were back. 

Alex Albrect pres. Melquiades on a new EP for Analogue Attic Recordings. Beautifully crafted ethereal ambience set for the warmth of summer and delicate moments. Listen below: 


Warden CA – Elemental (Smagghe & Cross Remix)

Warden CA's self-titled debut 12" is out next week via Washington D.C. label Lurid Music… and the dastardly duo Smagghe & Cross – that's Ivan and Rupert to their friends – have gone and remixed 'Elemental'. The one and only C.A.R. is on vocals, her lyrics based on a poem that Danny Alias performs in the original. Basically, a lot of talented people have contributed to this track. Smagghe & Cross add weezing synths that sounds like the last gasps of a dying machine, culminating in a raspy death rattle. Listen below:

Warden CA is out 18th May via Lurid Music, pre-order it here.

Nicky Rosa – Solar Flare

Netsphere is a new Colombian label run by DJ/producer Astronomical Telegram and music journalist Mauricio Atencia. Born from a common love of anime, the idea behind the label is "to represent an imaginary world composed of cyborgs, robots and infinite mega structures and levels that will be connected through different musical releases, seeking to create a world order that can satisfy the people's desires, encompassing electronic music in general."

The first release on Netsphere comes from Nicky Rosa, who hails from Mazamet in the south of France. His new EP Solaris contains seven tracks of off-kilter techno that foreground texture and unexpected melodies. 'Solar Flare' conjures up an ominous atmosphere with twinkling synths and eerie pitch-bends, and you can listen to it below:

Solaris is out 14th May via Netsphere.

Solution 99 – Deep Inside

"As she swam alone through the inky depths, with only a small torch to guide her, she thought she noticed a gentle twinkling light somewhere towards the periphery of her vision. It disappeared as quickly as it had arrived, but she knew better than to ignore her instincts, and changed direction with a deft kick. Soon she was able to make out a a whole canopy of pulsing luminescence floating above her – finally, the rare jellyfish she had spent a whole month trying to locate had decided to make their presence known."

Young Detroit producer Robbie Brandon is gearing up for his next release! He's been making music for six years, but this is only his second release under the Solution 99 alias. 'Deep Inside' doesn't pull any punches – how could you afford to with a name like that? – and aims straight for the stars with yearning synths, rumbling bass and a soulful diva vocal. Listen below:

Deep Inside is out 11th May via Chill Music, pre-order it here.

Tora Vinter – Sheherazade

The great pyramid loomed in the distance, a towering dark triangle etched across the brilliant blue radiance of the midday sky. Sheherazade would attract gatherers from far and wide, they came to observe the ominous scale of the brickwork and the golden glow which illuminated from the nothing that was the desert floor. It would be there until the end of time, they would not. It would stand tall, they would crumble. Inside it was fierce and strong, nobody knew the power. 

Tora Vinter is set to release a new EP on BROR. The Gothenburg based producer delivers two eclectic house cuts which are then followed by a remix from Dj Lily. The atmosphere runs deep on this one. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Hardfloor – Yo! Bum Rush The Silver Box

DJ Pierre once said of Hardfloor that "they make acid as though they were born to make acid." Well, the Düsseldorf duo are back with the brand new Lights, Camera, Acid EP, and we're happy to announce that their talent for crafting earth-shattering dancefloor bombs remains intact. We're happy to be premiering the flip today, which finds Hardfloor ploughing more of a twitchy electro furrow. Listen below:

Lights, Camera, Acid EP is out 8th June via Byrd Out. Pre-order it here.

DJ Senior Vasquez – No More Drama

There was a sense of happiness which travelled across the great square as people began to realise the circumstances which were set to unfold before their eyes. The toppling of a regime was no small feat, the king was dead and the revolution had one. No more drama, no more war… The time was now for celebration and prosperity amidst a new era in which strife and poverty was to be no more. The people danced in euphoric celebration and rejoiced together. 

Dj Senior Vasquez releases four purpose built club belters. Let's not beat around the bush here. Perhaps better known as Photonz he returns to the Paraiso imprint with a brand new bang for your buck. Listen below: 


Forgotten Corner – Prosthetic Limbo

The skeleton danced into the small hours around the old house. The wooden floors creaked underfoot as the bones bumped wildly upon the boards in time with the beat. The prosthetic limbo was the name of the dance and under the glow of the moonlight skeletons and grave monsters moved to the rhythmic pulse of drums and the howling wind. Some might describe it as a sight to behold whilst others might watch on in fabulous horror, neither knew of their plight. 

Forgotten Corner Records returns with a brand new release, the first in several years to be more accurate. It's great to have them back as they bring the abstract focus to the floor. Listen below: 


Keshavara – Creators of Rain (Legowelt Remix)

The darkened skies cast a shadow of sadness across the city as the festival of wonder drew to an exciting close. In the distance the sound of thunder could be heard rumbling loudly over the hills, occasionally a flash of light would burst through the countryside and illuminate the darkness for a split second before vanishing once more. The clouds were the creators of rain, the dancers of the sky were casting shapes and throwing their distorted spells into the open space. 

Keshavara is set to release a new EP on FILM, a vocal escapade with a deep melodic tale beneath. It is then remixed by none other than Legowelt, a man who needs no introduction. Big. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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