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Love Letters – Ducue

The call of the night welcomed her home. She had ran for thousands of miles by day across the dandy dunes and the grassy plains but something always ensured she returned to her place of rest. "Ducue" echoed out across the night as the stars sparkled in a hazy glow up above. The sky was a pitch, deep black but it was not threatening like it once had been. Now it was still, peaceful and dreamy. Half the world was asleep whilst another roared and rioted. This was far away. 

Love Letters is an artist whom we have supported previously on Ransom Note, an interesting up and comer with a distinct sound reminiscent of the days when house was… better. Yeah, we said it. Anyway, here is a new track on Yield Records, listen to "Ducue" below: 

Visit the Yield bandcamp HERE

Aathens – Idiot Thing

Hackney-based post-punk outfit Aathens were formed in late 2015, their early rehearsals taking place in the basement of Kingsland Road's now-defunct DIY space Power Lunches which closed shortly afterwards. That dark, sweaty, hallucinatory basement was where I first witnessed the band's incendiary live show, which bristles with tightly-wound energy.

Now, Aathens are releasing their debut album Virtue Signal on East London imprint Blank Editions, and we're premiering the record's first track, 'Idiot Thing'. The taut, spindly guitar lines and acrobatic rhythm section call to mind a cross between Television and the Minutemen – and it's just the tip of the iceberg on an album which announces Aathens as one of the most exciting and substantial guitar groups in the UK right now. Listen below:

Virtue Signal is out mid-November on Blank Editions. Pre-order it here.

Hammer – Rails

The line rattled beneath the weight of the train as it rumbled carelessly across the wild, blooming countryside. Inside, the passengers were fast asleep above the rails. The ground shook under the weight and pressure of a rattling carriage as the metal screeched triumphantly. Soon they would arrive at their destination, far away amidst the middle of nowhere. The station was not connected to any major city or town, merely the countryside by which they would wander out into the night. 

Hammer is set to appear on a new compilation being launched by Glasgow Underground. Titled "The Underground Sound Of Glasgow" the release features an array of talent including the likes of JD Twitch, Auntie Flo, Jasper James and more. Listen below: 

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Yør Kultura – Willow (Mehmet Aslan Remix)

The tree was aged and tired. It had lived across bygone decades, many who walked beneath the wispy branches could no longer imagine yet care for things of old. The tall wooden might had seen stories played out upon fields beneath, the green grass replaced by weakened ground. Golden leaves fell one by one to the forest floor. Each time they gracefully pirouetted it seemed as though it might be the final act. Winter was coming, poor Willow, would she survive…. 

Mehmet Aslan appears to be a man of the moment and why the hell not? The producer has moved from strength to strength. From humble beginnings in Basel to Berlin he has carved a niche for a unique style of dance music. Listen to his remix of Yor Kultura below: 

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Dave Clarke – I'm Not Afraid (The Hacker Remix)

The night howled with the ghastly echo of a raging wind. The trees blew under extreme strain, their branches shaking and rattling under the burden of the breeze. The rain poured with an endless pitter patter as impending doom seemed to loom near. However, he continued to walk head down soaked to the skin. Despite all of this he was not afraid, he marched amidst the trenches, the muddy bogs rife with wet long grass and venom. He simply smiled through it all. 

Dave Clarke has collaborated with Anika on a new single, the second from his new album. It comes complete with a fierce remix package which features reimagined versions from both Surgeon and The Hacker. Listen to the remix by The Hacker below: 

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Stojche – The Exchange

The meeting point had been a hot topic of discussion for several months. They had to choose a public location which would not be guarded under the close scrutiny of cameras or watchful eyes. The exchange would take place, money would be swapped for a suitcase and the whole horrible deed would be concluded. At least that was how it should play out upon paper. Nothing ever went to plan in such circumstances, not for people like them in a town like this. 

Jaunt Records are celebrating ten years in business with an assortment of new music coming from all corners. Stojche appears on a new EP for the label drawing for deep dubby pads and crafty drums. Listen below: 

Visit the Jaunt Records bandcamp HERE

Ark – In Lov

The empty boulevard was strangely enchanting under the glow of the dying sun. The radiant pink sky was lit up with a fluorescent haze as the cars travelled back and forth upon the tarmac. She walked along the sidewalk simply watching the world, she was blissfully ignorant of the smog and fumes being dispelled by the monstous exhausts. She cared little for the honk of horns and the angry words being exchanged between passengers. The whole world might as well disappear for she was in love. 

Ark is a somewhat underrated figure. The French producer has crafted a deeply singular sound across many years and yet is often forgotten or displaced amidst the dance and electronic music community. Maybe that's the way he likes it, on the fringes, dabbling in sound. Listen to "In Lov" on Bloop below: 

Buy the release HERE

FaltyDL – Paradox Garage (part 2)

Following last year's acclaimed Heaven Is For Quitters album which came out on his own Blueberry Records, Brooklyn producer FaltyDL aka Drew Lustman debuts on AUS later this month with a wicked three-track 12" called Wondering Mind that showcases his versatility.

We're premiering the wonderfully titled 'Paradox Garage (part 2)', which kicks into life with rat-a-tat drums and a splintered vocal sample, before blanketing itself in a soft cloud of synths. Listen below:

Wondering Mind is out 17th Nov on AUS, pre-order it here.

Achterbahn D'Amour – Don't Talk To Me

The storm was furious, and bearing down on the ship fast. The captain had to make a decision, and make it quickly – head for the safety of the bay and risk being blown up on the rocks, or sail out into open ocean and risk getting caught up in the worst of it? Gripping the wheel with white knuckles, seeing his crew's frightened faces looking up at him in expectation, he inhaled deeply and pulled hard to starboard. Now they would just have to pray that the bay provided enough cover from the lashing winds.

Achterbahn D'Amour (aka Jool & Iron Curtis) have a new 12" out on Acid Test next week – their first proper release in three years. We're premiering dreamy electro cut and closing track 'Don't Talk To Me'. Listen below:

Acid Test 13 is out 13th November. Pre-order it here.

Beach Wizards – Lucky Dips

As she walked into the packed gym hall she recalled days of old, school days in which this place had been nothing but torment and trouble. Now it was packed once again with familiar faces as they visited for their annual show of support. Stalls lined the room, each more ridiculous than the last – selling bric a brac, second hand goods and endless lucky dips they offered little cheer. The wooden floor was shined and polished spotless, the painted lines reflected upwards towards the sky. 

Tracy island return with a new EP from Beach Wizards. This will mark the second release on the label following the successful debut of Mori Ra previously. Listen to "Lucky Dips" by Beach Wizards below: 

Buy the release HERE.  

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