Premiere Inn: 10.03.16


Views – Sadsun

The dying light left a faint shadow across the face of the earth. The blue seas which rolled down below looked peaceful and still as the sad sun vanished for the evening. It was a difficult time for all, darkness was never safe. Within the spaceship he looked out through the tiny peephole towards what had once been his home. He floated back into the pod and began to cook his ready made space food. Riding it out had never seemed this difficult before. 

Views is set to release a five track EP on Tape Archive. It blurs the lines between ambient music and techno, drifting through electronics and delicate pads. Big release. Listen to "Sadsun" below: 

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Kiwi – We Are Here

As he charged victoriously towards the finish life he reflected upon a charmed life. Hardship? No. Pain? No. This was all far too easy, in the distance he could hear the echo of a tannoy blaring out loudly to a crowd of onlookers. 

"We are here today…" 

All that nonsense got old pretty freakin' fast when you were running your socks off upon the bareback concrete in extreme temperatures. Little did they know that he would be just fine. 

Kiwi features as part of the latest edition of the Mushroom House series on Toy Tonics Records. He contributes alongside Ponty Mython, Tom Trago, Munk and The Barking Dogs. Listen to "We Are Here" below: 

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Name In Lights – All Inclusive (Samo DJ Remix)

The hotel towered fiercely above the city skyline. It loomed ominously, casting a black shadow amidst the skyscrapers and its pitch black windows allowed not one soul to peer inside. This was a place that was exclusive, all inclusive and yet deprived. Only the rich were welcome and the weak were left cast aside on the street outside. In this concrete prism people would dance well into the small hours, blissfully unaware of the world outside, a tower of doom, despair and ignorance. 

Name in Lights have been steadily working behind the scenes for many years, producing music, running party and pioneering their record label Feed. Now they release on Omena records and are remixed by Samo DJ. Listen below: 

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Aimes – Grandiose Visions

He'd left the office hours ago, and reconvened in his favourite joint a few blocks away. The bar keep kept him refreshed, while he mused over the meeting from earlier when he had first heard their misgivings. He scribbled away while the ideas came to him, crossed out as erratically as their origins. He screwed his face as he caught his reflection in the mirrored wall lined with liquor. The inky scrawl on the back of his Malboro's was hardly a manifesto for success. Ordering another whiskey, he crushed the carton in his veiny fist and hurled it at his mirage beyond the bottles.

Wonder Stories’ head man Aimes readies his first 12” of the year with 'Grandiose Visions'. The EP contains mixes from pal DJ Rocca and San Fran's the Beat Broker. On the original mix here, guitars shimmer in from a clear horizon, as an arpeggiated bassline propels this grandiose groover. Always ready to fill in the details before some classy Italo piano, this spacey trip drives on through the late night, licks, tricks and spills along the way. Pedal to the metal, there's still miles to go. 

Aimes – Grandiose Visions is released on Wonder Stories on 15th March 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow Aimes on Facebook.

Tensnake – All In All

Following on from Phil Gerus' Make Time EP, the next release on Berlin's True Romance comes from label boss Tensnake. Machines is home to three rather brilliant tracks that should usher in the summer. And strangely enough, with cooing vocals and disco filters, it feels as French as droopy Gauloises and 6pm adultery.

We're premiering closing track 'All In All' which sticks to the classic Tensnake template with predictably excellent results. Right out of the gate you know this one is gonna cause some serious moments on the dancefloor. The bassline casually struts along with a rude level of funk, while the fizzing synths gradually bring the whole thing to a rolling boil. Listen below: 

Machines is out 10th March on True Romance.

Too Smooth Christ – Sweet Like A Fabric

The spinning wheel rotated fiercely within the machine. The metallic glow of buzzing metal whizzed furiously casting vibrations across the empty room. Inside the clothes turned upon rotation, sweet like a delicious fabric they would smell upon their delivery to the outer world. For now they simply floated gracefully between the soapy bubbles, dancing amidst the splash of water and the fuzz of electricity. 

Too Smooth Christ first appeared on Ville Nouvelle's debut release over a year ago. Now he returns with 'LD Fantasy Tracks' which is due for release on vinyl at the tail end of March. Listen to "Sweet Like A Fabric" below: 

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Arnaldo – Heritage On The Sign

The jungle was within his mind and his dreams were under a spectacular attack. This was a sleeping assault which would leave his senses shaken and stirred, he was under arrest. The last he could remember was sitting on a speeding train as it roared through the English countryside, now he was amidst rocky mountains being stalked by rapturous beasts. The sky fell dark so suddenly and the nightmare began to warp his perception of all that was around. 

Arnaldo has long since been a favourite of ours here at Ransom Note, a stalwart of all that is deep and splendid. We were delighted to hear that he had launched his own imprint. Naturist is now open for business and Arnaldo releases its second. Listen below: 

Visit the Naturist Soundcloud HERE.  Clips from the EP can be found HERE

Terrence Parker – Unconditional

One of our favourite labels, Local Talk, are putting out a 12" from the "Telephone Man" himself, Terrence Parker. One of the second wave Detroit pioneers alongside Carl Craig and Jeff Mills, but on the house side of things rather than techno, his moniker derives from the fact that he uses a telephone handset instead of headphones when DJing.

In the past TP has released on labels such as Nervous, Defected, Planet E Communications and his own Intangible Records. His new 12" sticks to his classic sound, and we're very happy to be premiering one of the tracks. 'Unconditional' takes its name from the arresting vocal sample which weaves its way through keyboard stabs and funky synth blips.  Perfectly encapsulates that smoky Detroit skyline. Listen here:

Gratiot Avenue Piano is out 9th March on Local Talk.

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