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Tech Support – Sugar

The bowl sat promptly upon the glass table. Within it sat a billion grains, tiny particles which flickered pale beneath the glow of the spotlight. This was sugar, the sweet taste of dreams. A nation was built upon this crystal speck, its taste delicate to the tongue and the user addicted to its glorious novelty. Sticky and luxurious it offered a taste sensation unlike little else and those who frequently succumbed to the delicious dot were left hypnotised by its lease of life. 

Brighton based producer Tech Support makes a debut appearance on the newly launched Homage record label. The NYC based party come label is set to release its first EP, a delicious blend of disco and house. Listen below: 

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Tendts – Gold Silk

The shop was incredibly busy. The queues rampant and long. Much deliberation had gone into the organisation and conceptual build of the setup, however few had expected that they might be pedalling hundreds of thousands out of the door and onto the streets. All for a glimpse of the rarity which was gold silk, a garment so beautiful that it had caused social uprising and riotous behaviour. The day was young but few would last long enough to gain vision. 

Tendts are a Greek duo who are set to release a new EP on Lower Parts. Intergalactic soundscapes aplenty and beautiful bewilderment. Listen to "Gold-silk" below: 

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Aril Brikha – Eat The Heart

She wandered the streets of New York city, lost amidst the chasm of blinking lights and the glow of signs. She could not recall pain like this at any point previously. This feeling of loss and sadness was overwhelming and pointed. Perhaps we humans should care little for one another, eat the heart if you will, pretend it does not exist. This might make life less cold and distant. The concrete beneath her feet groaned as she heavily tread, this was nothing but a walk in the dark. 

Aril Brikha features on a new compilation, "Somewhere III", set for release on Something Happening Somewhere. He delivers a melodic cut in his own truly hypnotic style. Listen to "Eat The Heart" below: 

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Too Smooth Christ – HSW

The breeze blew softly down by the river, the hot sleepy winds alive in the afternoon sun. Boats came and went as he looked outwards upon the water, the day running away from him. He dangled his feet over the edge of the pier as the the wooden frame shuddered slightly under the blow. This was blissful summertime, the space in which his mind felt most at home and in which he could be himself. The stresses of work were left far behind and the lake was his sanctuary. 

Too Smooth Christ has long since been a favourite of ours here at Ransom Note ever since we first introduced to his delicate house music a year back. He is set to release a four track EP on Fuego International, an up and coming Parisian label. Listen to "HSW" below: 

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Serenus Zeitblom Oktett – Erster Teil

Experimentation and freeform progression is the name of the game. A new album by Berlin based ensemble Serenus Zeitblom Oktett demonstrates the evolutionary need for expression and transcends the linear narrative within genre. An intriguing piece of work with abstract composition and stunning originality. Diverse backgrounds and far reaching influences have led to a cunning piece of work devoid of stereotypical associations, a truly blank canvas with which the ensemble have run wild. 

»Erster Teil – Zweiter Teil – Dritter Teil« is set for release on the newly formed Hyperdelia record label. 

Watch an exclusive video created by Roman Hagenbrock below, described as follows:

"When »Erster Teil – Zweiter Teil – Dritter Teil« was recorded at the Vox- Ton Studio in Berlin early 2015, Roman Hagenbrock aka i am just a video girl took his cameras and filmed the Serenus Zeitblom Oktett while they were being recorded.

The result is an album long video which Hyperdelia is releasing now alongside »Erster Teil – Zweiter Teil – Dritter Teil«. The video is a poetic
imagination of the recoding process as an outer space travel, in which the control room is preparing the musicians for take off.

But it seems as if the music is not really controlled by the musicians any longer, rather by alienated hands, by control panels, by machinery and
cables. Instruments play themselves and become autonomous agents. The layers of images and sounds Hagenbrock interleaves are arbitrary and deploy a very own aesthetics of the acousmatic. Thus adding yet another level of abstraction to the album, which in itself is already dis/
connected from the initially recorded sounds.

Hagenbrock poetically embraces these moments of abstraction and lets every cable, every flashing light and every sound signal have its own space of unfolding. If it weren’t for the all- encompassing tentacles of the control room."

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Tim Karbon – Golgaol

The park was beautiful. He strolled beneath the golden leaves as the ground crunched under his feet. It was winter and the days of warmth and sun had long since passed. This was his favourite time of year, a dream like state within which little seemed real. Golgao park was elegant, its sweeping landscapes sprawled before his distorted vision and the mountains in the distance looked taller than ever before. The sound of water rippled in the nearby stream. Home.

Tim Karbon is set to release a new ep on MAÂT. It is the second release on the label and draws upon percussion and electronics as Tim paints a vision of a dystopian water land. Listen to "Golgao" below: 

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Maxime Alexander – Salon Rouge

The noise bounced between the walls as the dizzying red glow of light danced in the early morning hours. The salon was alive with the cries of the night, a mysterious venue attended only by those in the know. Rouge, red, bright, disorientating colour. It was ominously loud, uneasy yet inviting. 

1991 is an intriguing record label based in South Africa. With a sophisticated, slick visual identity and some incredibly forward thinking dance cuts they have set the bar incredibly high for themselves straight from the off. 

Maxime Alexander returns to the label with a new release. 

Enter 'Salon Rouge': 

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Jakam – Wabi Sabi (Moscoman Remix)

The cave was illuminated with the glow of flickering torches. The walls were lined and engraved with ancient markings indicative of tradition and bygone heritage. This was a special place within which magic happened, the caves of Wabi Sabi. Many had sought entry to the sacred prism but had struggled to break through the intricate rock structure. Now as they looked down upon the space they wondered if they might ever leave. Who would want to return to the outside world?

Jakam is next up on Malka Tuti delivering an intriguing EP. He is remixed by good family friend of Ransom Note, Moscoman. Listen to his reinterpretation of "Wabi Sabi" below:

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Nancy Noise – Azizi's Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

The Ariel Square Four prowled by, with only one magnitude headed to. Eyes glimpsed longing at the saddler, the man who knew his destination. The bystanders only dreamed of such knowledge, cut up inside that they had no such valour. Would they ever have the gall and the vigour to join his dance? He revved forward, while they sighed once again. 

Nancy Noise's debut release on Beyond Paradise earlier this year heralded her influence on the Ibizan sound. This new package includes not one, but two remixes from Mr. Weatherall. Wriggling like a Tory snake from the off and fresh from its terra landing, a punctual and attentive bassline swerves and gets frisky as the wobbles ascend seductively. Speaker threatened pizzicato piano treads gentle before making a maraca mardy. Then, daylight reprieves solace and invitations to join in are readily received. #hopenothate

Released on 30th June 2017. Follow Nancy on Facebook

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