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Marquis Hawkes – The Phoenix (Part Two)

Later this month, Aus Music stalwart Marquis Hawkes marks his fifth release for the label with an amazing 2 track 12". The Phoenix (Part 1 and Part 2) is the follow up to his big summer hit 'The Basement Is Burning'. We're premiering Part 2, which is a bit of a departure for the producer. While Part 1 is a finely tooled disco/house banger in Hawkes' usual vein, Part 2 takes the same materials but uses them as the basis for a soaring, anthemic techno construction, splitting the line between old school Detroit originators and modern day dynamics/production values. Needless to say, it's absolutely huge, and should become a permanent fixture in record bags across the globe. Listen below:

The Phoenix is out 15th September on Aus Music.

Lewis CanCut – Pasmo

Straight outta Melbourne it's Lewis CanCut! Since debuting in 2010, the RBMA alumnus has released a heap of crazy cool tropical club music on labels including Enchufada, Activia Benz, Mad Decent and NLV Records.

Part of a split 7" with fellow Melbourne producer Paz on the duo's brand new Dream Service Records, we're premiering Lewis' track 'Pasmo'. Influenced by kwaito and latin freestyle as much as the synthetic sounds of PC Music et al, it's got these glorious '80s block party vibes, with irresistible synth melodies and tightly snapping drums. As an opening salvo for the label, it's a pretty effective mission statement. Listen below:

Pasmo / Funky Flesh is out 16th Sept on Dream Service Records. Pre-order here.

Danny Mulhern – Libya

The country was beautiful. From the dusty sand to the rugged green growth amidst the glorious outback. Trouble had run rampant across this land for decades at a time yet now, in the heat of the night and the spring breeze you might never know of it's perilous past. The moon glowed with a delicate sense of ease in the dark blue sky. It would never turn truly black here, the stars would radiate like glowing pearls in the midnight hour. 

1631 Recordings are set to release a new album by British composer Danny Mulhern in the form of "Reflections On A Dead Sea", which also features Oliver Coates and the London Contemporary Orchestra. It's out 10th November and we are delighted to be able to exclusively showcase a new track from the release: 

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The Last Welfare Record – Juice Box

The carton was empty, sat discarded at the corner of the concrete schoolyard. The juice box was a thing of beauty in a place of colourless grey and dark shades. He sketched it lying against the wall, outlining it's cardboard frame and observing the curve of the straw which dripped tiny, solitary droplets down into a sticky, coloured puddle below. 

The Last Welfare Record is an associative name for two producers from Japan working as a collaborative entity. The pair deliver an assortment of interesting edits and cuts purpose built for the dance floor. 

Listen to "Juice Box" below: 

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Chams – Finale

Having previously released a pair of EPs under the name Chaams (why that extra 'a' was removed remains a mystery), French producer Chams has made the move over to brand spanking new French label Abîme for his latest release, which marks something of a reset. This is deconstructed club music at its finest, in the vein of Rabit, Mumdance, Visionist et al.

Lettre d'Amort was inspired by a solo journey through the Alps, taken as a means of rebalancing his psychic state after a period of upheaval. Having grown up in its shadow, the mountain range was already a special location to Chams, one "where the beauty and fear of nature merge to shape a unique atmosphere".

We're premiering 'Finale', which oxygen deprivation and light-headed transcendence. Glossy, cinematic synths swirl around in the ether while Chams' vicious, crunching percussion is brought to the foreground. It's all a bit of a mess – in the best way possible – until suddenly and unexpectedly everything coheres halfway through, and the beauty of those synth melodies is allowed its space. Listen below:

Lettre d'Amort is out 28th September on Abîme. Pre-order the digital here. Vinyl coming soon!

O.utlier – Rhodesamp (Whacked out Revamp)

The trigger was poised with delicate precision. She squeezed it tightly making sure that her arm dare not twitch. Looking down from her sniper's post she considered the possibility that what she might be doing was wrong but there was little time for such carelessness. This was all a matter of concentration beyond morality, action over consequence, rebellion over enforcement. She watched as the sun went down in the distance and as the city sprung to life. The time was now. 

O.utlier is the second artist to release on a new sub-label of Secretsundaze. SZE Records provides an outlet for slightly more abstract sounds than what might stereotypically appear on the label and is run by Luke Hopper. Listen to a track from the new EP below: 

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Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Contonou – Ne Te Fache Pas (Bosq's Special Disco Mix)

The city was a hotbed of creativity and hypnotic colour. People danced triumphantly at the turn of the century, all evil was cast aside and happiness would conquer one and all… but only for the weekend. In the streets bright outfits were out proudly upon display for all of the world to see. Blistering shades of yellow, red, green, blue and beyond were masquerading for as far as the naked eye could see. The roar of trumpets filled the air as the horns began to play.

Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Contonou are remixed on a new EP as Bosq reimagines a number of their tracks as part of a special edits package on SOL Power Sound. Listen to an edit of "Ne Te Fache Pas" below: 

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Sabrina Malheiros – Clareia (Henry Wu Remix)

The latest release from Far Out Recordings explores the connections between Brazilian rhythms and the broken beat movement, with three of that scene's key figures coming together to remix 'Clareia', a soulful samba cut from singer Sabrina Malheiros' latest album which features the bass and keys of legendary Brazilian jazz outfit Azymuth.

We're premiering 22a collective member and London-based producer Henry Wu's remix, which rearranges swirling synths around shuffling drums and a very nimble bassline. Malheiros' hypnotic voice remains at the centre of proceedings, drawing the whole composition together. Listen below:

Clareia Remixes is out 22nd September on Far Out Recordings. Order here.

Violet – Togetherness (Bleid Remix)

The group was a tight knit collective, a merry band of brothers. Togetherness was everything to the gang, nestled within the woods they marched prominently amongst the golden, crispy leaves. The autumn evening was surprisingly warm and the trees cast long shadows outwards over the lakeside. Sparking the fire they grouped together by the water and watched as the stars appeared one by one, speckled across the midnight twilight. It was beautiful. 

Violet has launched a new label in the form of Naive. It follows on from an array of releases on the likes of One Eyed Jacks, Snuff Trax and Cómeme. Listen to a Bleid remix of "Togetherness" below: 

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Charlie Smooth – I'm Alive

The breeze blew against his face and rattled against his goggles as he flew prominently down the mountain face. The jump had been no easy feat and had left him shaken for many sleepless nights. Now, finally, he was flying amongst the birds and the clouds as the blue sky virtually blinded his line of sight. All else was forgotten and he felt more alive than ever before. 

This was what it was like to soar. 

Charlie Smooth kickstarts a new record label in the form of Smooth Operators as he delivers some gorgeous edits on a new EP. The release is forthcoming later this month. Listen to "I'm Alive" below: 

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Shit and Shine – Dallas Skyline

The city was glimmering beneath the hazy glow of the evening sun. Pink and orange illuminated the Dallas skyline as people began to take to the streets for the Friday night fiasco. They would soon dance beneath the disco lights and the sound of trumpets. This was decades ago, when men and women had sophisticated class and dressed in the finest attire. 

This was all but a dream, a distant memory of an age and time very much in the past. 

Shit and Shine feature as part of a new compilation forthcoming on Lost Soul Enterprises. They bring the heat alongside an array of talent in the form of J Tijn, Vapauteen, Jared Wilson and many more. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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