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JQ – Gold

London-based label New Atlantis started life as an informal ambient/new age Sunday social, which takes place every month at Rye Wax in Peckham. Following last year's pair of releases – an inaugural v/a compilation and JV Lightbody's Inner Work – they're gearing up to release the debut album from JQ, who hosts the Hypnagogia show on NTS.

The result of five years of work, Invisible is an album about "guilt, paranoia, depression, the relationship with self, and growing up in the digital age." Drifting between ambient, experimental and pop modes, it's out this Friday on digital and limited edition cassette – only 50 copies! We're very happy to be premiering the blissfully hopeful 'Gold', which you can listen to below:

Invisible is out Friday 6th April via New Atlantis.

The Sun God aka Jamal Moss – The Disbelief Habit

Whilst walking through the city there was an heir of discontent which hung heavily in the morning air. The people walked past, their faces cold and moody under the weight of work, stress and the burdens of everyday life. The disbelief habit was what allowed them to maintain haste and move from one day to the next, there was little here to live for in this deadbeat town. One day he dreamed that he might leave this space but it didn't appear that this might be anytime soon…

Jamal Moss is set to release a new EP on the Barcelona based record label Modern Obscure Music under the alias of The Sun God. He delivers experimental eclecticism in his signature style. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Sharif Laffrey – And Dance

There was a sweet sound which lingered in the pool hall, it was not the usual sound of Friday night violence and trouble from the boys but a bittersweet groove which poured through the speakers. One by one the players began to take note and decided to stop for a second. The green felt of each table was illuminated by the glow of a faint, dim light. It was as if they glowed a fluorescent green radiance set for the discotheque. The players moved into the centre of the room and listened carefully, it was time to move and dance. 

Sharif Laffrey knows the deal. A veteran producer with a penchant for house music of the highest quality, he returns once again with an extended cut of acid laden beats and breaks. All with a catchy sample. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Hatchback – Haiphong Boogie

The ancient city held a voice of reason, a narrative which was hard to defy. For many years there had been an enchanted presence which hung amidst the towering city walls, it was as if some form of brutal magic had enchanted the magnificent kingdom and now they were under the snare of a greater force. The Haiphong boogie was what it had been so aptly named, somewhat satirical and somewhat in order to allow for it not to intimidate day by day. Nobody was scared of a boogie… were they? 

Is that summer we here? Just around the corner you say? Hatchback certainly thinks so as he prepares to release a new one track LP on Lo Recordings as he brings in the sunny season. Listen below: 

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Kalbata – Suzuki

The jeep drove through the outback with precision and speed, the rubber wheels roared furiously on the sand and gravel beneath. In the distance they could see the greenery of the trees beginning to appear on the hillside as they began to notice the difference in shades and shadows under the rays of the sun. The Suzuki ploughed forwards with the intention of driving them into the depths of the woodland, under darkness they might have a better chance of remaining concealed. 

Kalbata is set to release a new EP on Brush & Broom Records, a fun buoyant EP dedicated to the Tel Aviv producers love of motorcycles. Club ready and finely tuned. Listen Here: 

Buy the release HERE

Plungerbird x Beard In The Dust – Stop Talking! (Start Thinking)

The noise in the tube carriage was somewhat overwhelming and yet comforting at the same time. She didn't like the silence of an ominous voyage through the dark yet couldn't shake the notion that it was time people stopped talking. Why were they not as afraid as her? Could they not feel the wave of tension and peril which moved amidst the carriage as it approached each different platform at great speed? Didn't they know the risk that the transport system posed to her and her sense of self. 

Le Temps Perdu are set to release a great big compilation representative of the sound of Opium, a club operating out of Vilnius in Lithuania. It features contributions from the likes of Manfredas, Lauer, Kris Baha and more. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Midnight Tenderness – Terme

The time was half past midnight and the day from before had been wiped clean by the clicking noise of the clock. It hung abruptly upon the wall within the factory as the workers looked up from below with a dazed expression. They had been confined to the metallic blur of the industrial space for far too long and had forgotten what the greenery of the outside world and the jungle looked like. Grey was all to be seen within the blurry discourse of this space and time was relative.

Midnight Tenderness is set to release a brand new EP on the rising Australian label of the moment Ken Oath. The imprint is in fine form as they deliver another jazzy take on house music purpose built for the discerning dancefloor. Listen below: 

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NSDOS – Dillution

The water moved slowly in and out against the shore, it seeped through rock pools and brought new life to the obscure ecosystem which resided in each. Creatures of the water flourished in this space despite the deadly cold which lurked ominously in the air above the surface of the pond. Walking across the beach he looked backwards, tracing his steps and footprints in the sand. The process of dillution would soon come and wash all of this away but for now it remained humble and still. 

NSDOS is set to release the second part of his "Intuition" project on Upton Park. Recorded and split across two albums the release saw him travel to Alaska to dabble in sonic experimentation and field recording. Listen below: 

Listen on spotify HERE

DALI – Electric Sheep

Following the huge success of their last release, Hobbes Music are kicking off their 2018 with a very strong offering from anonymous analogue synth addict DALI, who has been receiving support from the likes of Avalon Emerson, Daniel Avery and Ben UFO. Having debuted on the label last year, she's back with a AA-side 12".

Out 13th April, it's another limited edition vinyl-only release, with screen-printed sleeves and hand-stamped labels.  We're premiering 'Electric Sheep', a deep electro cut that wastes no time in unleashing its hypnotic, lysergic synths. Listen below:

Leviathan / Electric Sheep is out 13th April via Hobbes Music.

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