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Metropolitan Soul Museum – Saaab

The journey was awfully long. She watched the flickering lights pass by with a flash as the car moved purposefully along the motorway. In the distance she could see the towering presence of flats in the distance, they were nearing the city now. She had supposedly been taken here as a child but for the life of her she could not remember the visit. Now, some twenty years later she would return to the city to begin a new life. She leant into the warm leather interior of the car, sinking back and fell asleep.

Metropolitan Soul Museum feature as part of a new split EP in the Toy Tonics series. They deliver a smooth house cut alongside tracks from Black Loops and Jad & The… Listen below:

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PRZ feat Jerome C – XXX Files

Deep beneath the encrypted layers of security lay elusive material. These were the most restricted of folders under which only government access could allow entry. The state of the nation was left in a delicate balance based upon the content contained within. These were perilous times and the tension hung ominously in the air. 

Bauhaus is a newly formed record label from Tel Aviv by The Block club residents Amichay Matyas and Yogo. The tracks have received early support from an array of big circuit dj's including Motor City Drum Ensemble who featured the following track back on his Worldwide FM show in June. Listen below: 

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Tocci – The Bottom Line

There is a wave of interesting and intriguing musicians emerging on the record label Human Pitch. However, the labels latest offering might be the most appropriate for us to feature yet, it's very much up our strasse so to speak. 

Tocci is an Italian producer who works with obscure electronics and sonics, his sound is distinctively odd and forward thinking in its approach. Unlike little else out there at present it was first described to us as a soundtrack for "electrical messages traveling through the neural network of an android in Blade Runner". Now there's an introduction. 

The release depends heavily on glitchy soundscapes and leans towards the likes of Basic Channel/ Rhythm & Sound in places. Watch the video for "The Bottom Line" below:

Buy the release HERE. The Aircntrl EP will be out on August 18th. 

Factory Floor – Relay (Charles Manier Remix)

The race started quickly on the sound of the gunshot. The orange polyurethane on which he ran had never looked so beautiful as his feet moved quickly back and forth. In the distance he observed his comrade readying himself to sprint off into the distance, for this was a relay and not for one man to win. The team had been training for years for this moment and the roar of the crowd was almost overwhelming. Never had they expected they would get this far. 

Factory Floor are remixed on the "2525+5" EP. Alongside two original tracks Charles Manier, Jlin and Klara Lewis have been recruited to provide alternate versions. Listen to the Charles Manier remix of "Relay" below: 

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Smagghe & Cross – MMMMMMM

She licked her lips provocatively as she stared him up and down. In the distance there was music playing but the pair cared not for such ambience beneath the glow of the moonlight. Before them the waves rolled gracefully upon the dusty sand, the palm trees blowing delicately in the warm air. The sky was a bitter shade of black, the stars faintly visible behind the gloomy clouds. This was not some sort of peaceful paradise but a stormy romance on an island lost. 

Smagghe & Cross return following recent releases on Offen Music and our own Ransom Note Records imprint. The pair deliver an intriguing EP for Glasgow based record label Huntleys & Palmers. Listen to "MMMMMMM" below: 

Visit the Huntleys & Palmers site HERE

Starving Poet – La Cosa Nostra

The gang were eager with anticipation. They hung in the car park behind the back of the shopping mall, sat perched upon trolleys and dirt. Cars stayed well clear of the patch, they knew that if they were to cross paths with 'la cosa nostra' then they may well live to regret it. The leader of the pack, a tall tanned gentleman stood several feet away chain smoking cigarettes whilst surveying what lay before. 

Aa3 have just released 'Eradicate Ex Machina' on USB. Starving Poet is the artistic project of New York-based Rose Knapp. Listen to a remix of "La Cosa Nostra" by RN500 taken from the release:  

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Fontan – Sen No Sen (Red Axes Remix)

The noise was deafening, the waterfall elegant beneath the summer rays. A rainbow began to form up high above, the water spray merging beautifully with the fresh air of the African outback. There were many people gathered here yet few actually spent the time to meditate beneath one of God's greatest creations. A thing of beauty lost and ignored between the glow and buzz of smart phones and cameras. 

Fontän is remixed on a new EP by several artists which include the likes of Timothy J Fairplay, Khidja and Mythologen. Each take on tracks from his recent album on Höga Nord and offer alternate versions. We nominated the Red Axes remix to feature below: 

The release is forthcoming HERE in line with the Convenanza festival later this year, limited to 300 copies. 

Escape Artist – Canvas Of Memory

His thoughts were splattered upon the white expanse. A canvas of memory lay exposed before the world to read, like a diary without a lock. He had never expected it to come to this, for his innermost desires and thought patterns to be exposed widely before the public eye. This was the price of fame and fortune, he should have known better. 

Escape Artist is the next to release on the recently launched Australian record label Couch Acid run by Booshank. The EP is a subtle blend of acid tinged house and balearic sentiment. Listen to "Canvas Of Memory" below: 

Visit the Couch Acid bandcamp HERE

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