Premiere Inn: 03.11.17


Sau Poler & Pedro Vian – La Mer

The ocean called out to the shore of the city as the moon glowed up high above. A dim, faint light was all that could be seen on the promenade, an orange haze radiating from little lamps which would guide passers by home from their revelry. Each night the dancers would parade proudly upon the sand, removing themselves far from troubles and daily strife. The ocean had an enchanting effect upon those who spent enough time under it's salty spray. La mer, that was what they called it. 

Sau Poler & Pedro Vian have worked together to establish a superduo of sorts. The Catalan duo previously released as a collaborative front back in 2015. However, a couple of years on and they have moved from strength to strength. Now the pair are to release a new EP on Modern Obscure Music, the label run by Pedro Vian. Listen to "La Mer" below: 

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Blow & Zavor – Assolo 002 (Claudio Fabrianesi Remix)

The empty corridor was chilling. The linoleum floor glimmered beneath the powerfully charged lights which hung from the ceiling up above. As she walked down the passage she listened closely to the click of her heels upon the ground. Each abrupt noise echoed prominently in what was like a chamber of demise. She felt as if she might be the only girl in the world to exist in such a space. The darkness outside was far more welcoming than in here….

Blow & Zavor have collaborated on a new EP due for release on the 10th of November. They bring with them a remix by Claudio Fabrianesi who is best known for work on Mule Musiq alongside Donato Dozzy. Listen below: 

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Autumns – You're A Right Useless Cunt Aren't You

Northern Irish minimal wave/techno artist Autumns has a new EP out on Belfast label Touch Sensitive this Friday. Dyslexia Tracks follows releases on Downwards and Clan Destine, and completes Autumns' journey from post-punk beginnings to devastating electronic artist.

We're very happy to present the video for one of the new tracks, delicately titled 'You're A Right Useless Cunt Aren't You' – a raw, dripping slab of cold electro that might seem more at home dangling from a butcher's hook. The video is appropriately gritty, like a frazzled VHS that's just been retrieved after years nestled down the back of the radiator. Watch it below:

Dyslexia Tracks is out 3rd November on Touch Sensitive, pre-order it here.

Leon Revol – Lou Bet Sou

The classroom roared with laughter as the announcement was made. In the corner of the room the teacher watched on with a sense of thoughtful poignancy. Lou had finally beaten Sou and the schoolchildren were delighted by the result. It wasn't often that the class clown received their comeuppance. Often their dominance was what scared and inspired other children into laughter. Now, with a bashful look upon his face Lou walked slowly back to his chair to reflect on the loss. The teacher sighed. 

Leon Revol is set to release a new EP on Beats Of No Nation. It will be the fourth in their catalogue and comes from the24 year old Bordeaux based producer who has previously released music on the likes of Kolour, Secret Reels, Future Disco, and Monologues. Listen to "Lou bet Sou" below: 

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Rudeboyz ft. T_D Snaxx – Asjableni

Durban duo Rudeboyz (aka Masive Q and Andile T) are widely acknowledged as pioneers of the South African township house music known as Gqom. Their self-titled debut EP – released in 2015 on Moleskin's Goon Club Allstars imprint – was likely the first time UK audiences had heard this raw, minimal sound, and now Rudeboyz are returning to the label with new four-track EP Gqomwave.

Today we're premiering closing track 'Asjableni', which features long-time collaborator T_D Snaxx who tragically passed away earlier this year. His gruff, intense vocals are the key to this track and prevent those tight whiplash drums from flying off the rails. If you can't dance to this then honestly you're just not trying hard enough. Listen below:

Gqomwave is out 27th November on Goon Club Allstars. Pre-order here.

Tilman – If I Could See You Sometimes

She watched him leave. His car drove slowly up the road and into the distance as the rain began to fall with a harmonic pitter patter. She was left alone once again, in the empty house surrounded by the walls that haunted and twisted between them. There was little left in her heart, she just wished that she could see him sometimes. Perhaps it was supposed to be this way, distant and sad. She sat at the table and watched the outside world float by through the glass. 

Tilman returns to release on Klamauk for the second time. He brings with him his golden take on deep house and orchestrates a careful assortment of charmed pads and samples. Listen below: 

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Hubie Davison – I Know

He knew what she was thinking about as she paraded boldly across the room. Her provocative nature had always been one to entice suspicion and interest. It were as if a vast audience were observing her long legs march with power and eerie stealth. She knew, he knew and I know. The music began to play even louder in the basement as she began to dance. It was an elegant, slow moving feat which left little to the imagination. This was not what she had dreamt of but by heavens was she good. 

Hubie Davison appears on Needs, a new not for profits record label founded by Bobby Pleasure. The proceeds of the first release will go to mental health charity Mind. Listen below: 

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