Premiere Inn: 03.01.16


Panthera Krause – Twerk It

The club was packed and trouble was on the cards. Dancers lined the side of the room ready to lay down the hottest grooves they'd been jamming on all week. As the beat began to pound heavily the vibrations echoed ominously between the walls. The people began to shake, to twerk, to move to forsake. She looked out upon the floor desperate to join the action but for now she must simply watch. It was not her time, she knew it when she felt it. 

Panthera Krause releases a three track EP on Riotvan. This one has been championed by the likes of Dj Koze and Gilles Peterson, to little surprise really. Listen to "Twerk It" below: 

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Dark Circles – The Well (Lord Of The Isles Remix)

Deep within the outback there was a beautiful well. It didn't look like much to the naked eye but for those who'd travelled far and wide in the search of water, it was everything. The quest had been long and the road perilous, there had been times in which they thought they might not survive but as they climbed the last of the rocky outcrop there was a sense of joyous hope and ambition. The dust blew all around, it was red and caustic upon the eyes. She almost cried as she spotted the hollow hole in the ground ahead. 

Lord Of The Isles features on a remix package for Dark Circles. He delivers two cuts alongside Kamera and Emperor Machine on a release which is expected on the 10th of February. Listen to his take on "The Well" below: 

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Alien Alien – Secret Sabbath (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix)

This was no ordinary morning, the intensity of the hours that preceded had left him exhausted and delirious. The dark emotions had ripped him apart, but he was determined to see this through until the place was deserted. He had been challenged like this before, and once again he would stumble into the bright lights exhausted but jubilant.

Alien Alien are producer duo Rodion and Hugosan. With previous releases Slow Motion, Meant Records and their own Roccodisco label as a duo, they return to the French label with a two track EP and several remixes. With toms rolling away at speed, and mutated waveforms desperate to catch them, this mix by JD Twitch is extra-terrestrial. Unnerving and edgy, it's dark techno winds and wriggles throughout, with some brief and needed respite mid way. Twisted.

Alien Alien – Secret Sabbah EP is out on vinyl NOW with digital due in March. Follow them on Facebook.

Parviz – 100 Crowns Bill

The paper felt crisp in his hands. He had never been as wealthy in all of his days and now as the proud owner of a 100 Crown bill he would simply spend, spend, spend. He dreamt of living life to the full, luxuriously and extravagantly beyond his wildest dreams. He would buy the finest clothes, dine in the fanciest restaurants eating nothing but fresh strawberries and cream. He would drive fancy cars and live in a castle upon the hill. Nothing else would compete or compare. 

Parviz features as part of a new EP alongside Folamour. The pair are set to release on FHUO Records in the coming weeks, a record label which is run by French up and comer Folamour himself. Listen to "100 Crowns Bill" below: 

The record is forthcoming and will be released in February next month. Keep an eye out for it dropping HERE

Jus Jam – Inherent Vice

He was but a broken soldier. A man about town no more and a dislodged figure within a society which cared not for his type. His actions had left his life looking like a perplexed sea of decisions gone wrong, a puddle without a bottom. As he staggered from bar to bar he wondered which turn had led him too far down the wrong path. Was it a decision made years ago during a misspent youth or was it some time recently in which he had lost it all. Who knew? who cared? Not him. 

Jus Jam features as part of the first release from the newly formed French record label Khasia Hills. The EP is a subtle blend of moody house and low driven dancefloor cuts. Listen to Jus Jam's "Inherent Vice" below: 

Buy the release from the 20th of February HERE

Duke Hugh – Movin' On (Awanto 3 Remix)

The distance was vast between the pair. As she looked out into the distance she toyed with the notion that it might be perhaps wise to move on. She had dreaded this day might come in which she no longer felt as she once did, at one with herself and her significant other. The voices bounced chaotically between her ears enticing her to make a decision as to her future. She had once been so happy all alone but now the vulnerability of individualism unsettled her. 

Duke Hugh has amassed a reputation as an interesting up and comer. It comes following the release of his debut EP which came out on Rhythm Section last year. Now at the start of 2017 he is set to release another EP on the newly founded La Freund Recordings. He is remixed by Awanto 3 below: 

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As he counted the grains of sand his mind wandered off elsewhere. He was not present, here, nor there. As he sat amongst the dunes he wondered in which direction the breeze might blow next. The dust blew hazily all around his head as he looked out to sea. The rolling waves shone pink under the glow of the dying sun as the night grew close. The sound of music could be heard faintly in the distance, a chant of sorts, but he did not care much for that sort of humour or song. 

Kudatah are steadily building momentum and the Canadian outfit received praise for its fourth release towards the tail end of 2016. With the turn of the new year comes a new face. PULSUM will release on the label in the coming weeks. Listen to "Tera" below: 

Pre-order the release HERE

DJ Earl – Gettin Blowed

Mark February 10th in your calendars with an extra thick Sharpie, 'cos that's when Paris-based label Moveltraxx are releasing the sixth volume in their Street Bangers Factory series. Featuring contributions from the likes of Maribor and Big Dope P and covering everything from grime to Baltimore club, it's home to a searing sextet of dancefloor weapons.

We're premiering a cut from Chicago footwork trailblazer DJ Earl. 2016 saw him touring across Europe and America and releasing his debut album Open Your Eyes on the Teklife label to huge acclaim. While that project focused on pushing footwork into strange, adventurous new shapes, 'Gettin Blowed' is a raw, furious return to the battle tracks Earl first made his name with. Check it out below:

Street Bangers Factory #06 is out 10th February on Moveltraxx, grab it right here.

Lockyear – Bodymind

The multi faceted functionality of the human spirit was a remarkable feat. The machines watched with fascination as they looked out upon the condition of those living amongst the sand. In the midst of the desert lay their spectacularly mirrored space ship, an entity in its own right and a strange spectacle to behold amidst the Middle Eastern backdrop. They pondered relentlessly the nature of such interaction between body and mind, yet they could not comprehend or decipher the orchestration of actions and which was a result of the other. 

Lockyear has received far reaching support around this release. The latest edition to the OTB catalogue sees him deliver three inspired cuts which sit somewhere between techno and progressive house. This one is good. Listen to "Bodymind" below: 

Buy the release from the 17th of February HERE

roadman – The Wall

The green grass blew softly in the wind and the woods loomed eerily in the distance. The sun set down by the wall as the last of the summer daylight crashed ominously from above. In the depth of the night this place would become a temple, a prism of chaos and the beginning of the end. A warehouse could be heard closing up for the night in the distance. The clatter of shutters rattled in the air as the lights flickered in the street outside. This was to be the location they had dreamt of. Here in the garden they were safe. 

roadman kicks off the new year with a release on Tact Recordings. He delivers two moody house cuts with rough edged groove and allure. Listen to "The Wall" below: 

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Felix Leifur – Eyelids

Sleep was but a dream for now. She lay upon the sheets wondering when her eyelids might fall hazily shut. It had been weeks since she had last been able to drift off in peace, her mind continued to race and play melodic tricks upon her every blink. The scenario had become repetitive and boring yet still it continued to plague her ever evening. She had always pondered the nature of life as an insomniac but had never imagined she might find herself in such a position. Whilst the world lay still, she was wide awake . 

Dirt Crew Recordings are set to release a new EP from Icelandic up and comer Felix Leifur. Based in Reykjavik he is an artist who continues to place emphasis upon the value in community and locality, there are a steady stream of musicians emerging from the area. Listen to "Eyelids" below:

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Gary Gritness – Countin' Up With Starr

The stakes had been raised so damn high that his legs had begun to shake. As he watched the wheel spin he continued to count the rotations of the spin, praying and wishing that the star might land where his marker was at. The room had gone eerily quiet, or at least it seemed that way to him. He held tightly onto the green felt of the table beneath his fingertips trying not to blink. Soon the marker would drop and his night would end in one of two ways. 

Gary Gritness returns with a second edition of "The Sugar Cane Chronicles" for Hypercolour. He brings with him four heavy hitting funk cuts in his own peculiar fashion. Listen to "Countin' Up With Starr" below: 

Buy the release from the 10th of February HERE.

Daniel T – Celsius (Lauer Remix)

The temperature was ferociously hot in the dark basement. Outside the sun was at its highest peak and the concrete was smouldering under the blistering rays. Underground, it was much the same bar the lack of light. This was by choice and not an accident. Nobody liked to dance in the eye of others judgement, hence the shadows were best for such fun. As the room begin to fill it was remarkable to watch the people shed their clothes, layer by layer they became more free. The sweat dripped from above. 

Daniel T steps up with two tracks for the fun loving Cosmic Pint Glass label. He is accompanied by Lauer and Jack Pattern who offer a set of spectacular alternatives to his own arrangements. Listen to Lauer's interpretation of "Celsius" below: 

Buy the release HERE.  Follow Daniel T on Soundcloud HERE.

STATUE – Monument

From time to time an unexpected source reveals a surprise. In this case in particular it emerged from the band Cut Copy who reached out to us to chat about their record label, Cutters. 

The sound of the label is far removed from the groups independent musical identity and focusses more on sounds purpose built for dancefloors. 

The latest release comes in the form of an EP from STATUE, a collaboration of sorts drawing upon time spent drumming, it is a record packed full of intrigue and spark. 

Dan from Cut Copy describes the release and the accompanying video as follows….

"Following on from his STATUE’S debut BUILT EP, the new release, titled MONUMENT is carved from a much larger slab of earth-rattling techno. The Video for MONUMENT is the brainchild of Australian director Alex Badham and features the hypnotic movements of dancer Natalie Abbott. On the ep there are 4 tracks, also featuring an expansive remix by Disco Halal king pin and recent ESP Institute alumni, Moscoman. The EP is out now on Cutters Records on Vinyl and Digital."

Buy the release HERE

Doline – Capsuleuse

From the beach he looked out to sea. In the distance he could see her perched upon a rock, a song in the air and her beauty radiant in the warmth of the daylight. She was a creature of the water, a blessing and a curse upon sailors across the world. Capsuleuse was her name and she was the queen of those who lived beneath the waves. They said that her song could kill a man but how might it when it sounded so sweet upon the ears. He began to swim, to see her, to join her. 

Doline releases a four track EP on the Netherlands based record label Who's Susan. "Capsuleuse" is a track packed with rhythmic energy and a breakbeat edge. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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