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EOD – Swurlk (snarlfingercroak)

Bjarki and Johnny Chrome Silver’s bbbbbb Records is having a rare old time at present having released some of the most innovative in techno. However, their latest release might just be one of the most important to date yet.

The pair bring in IDM veteran EOD who has previously released music on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex and WéMè Records. He delivers some gorgeous techno which bends the borders of ambient and harder sounds. 

Listen to the charming "Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Remix)" below: 

Buy the release HERE.

Dan Solo & Le Blanc Casanova – Frugel (Bawrut Remix)

The proof was in the pudding. The restaurant lay deserted in the middle of the day as the owner stood proudly behind his wooden bar. He watched the street outside and the wanderers strolling by. He thought little of their existence but for the money which nestled within their tight pockets. What did they know about business? About loyalty? About family? This was to be his lot until the day he vanished from this sweet earth and he was content, for now. 

Our main man Bawrut steps up to remix Dan Solo and Le Blanc Casanova for the infamous Nein Records. Summer laden acid house with a twist. Listen to his remix of "Frugel" below: 

The release will be available on the 14th of June via Beatport exclusively and everywhere else from the 18th of June. 

Andrew Weatherall – Kaif

Here is a brand new track taken from a forthcoming compilation curated and arranged by Geoffroy Mugwump.

"Moving House 2017" features a new impression of the classic 90's compilation series and the release features a number of tracks from the likes of Roman Flügel, Tuff City Kids, Christian S. , Toby Tobias, Duncan Gray, Pete Herbert vs Mugwump, Max Pask, Front De Cadeaux, Second Language, Mugwump, DC Salas & Arbeid Adelt.

We are delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive first listen of a new track from Andrew Weatherall. 

Listen to "Kaif" below:

Buy the release HERE.  

Steevio – Wye Mist

The fog loomed ominously above the lake. The waters rippled beneath the slightest breeze deep in the countryside. The trees beside the pool shook and the leaves rattled softly in the glow of the afternoon. In the distance a little boat could be seen rowing back and forth upon the lake. Sat within were two men, cloaked and equipped for the long journey which lay before them. This would take a long time. 

Steevio is set to release a new EP on Eye Shadow, the third in their catalogue. Intricate techno with a dusty twist. Listen to a track from the forthcoming EP below: 

Buy the release HERE

Reptant – 2mg Delirium

The jungle was swamped with rogues and tyrants. Between the trees their warwhoops echoed, at least so his head indicated. Popping the pill he had entered a world of 2mg delirium, a chaotic blur of colours and mystical landscapes. What was real or make believe was now far beyond comprehension as his feet pedalled quickly beneath him. The forest floor was damp and moist beneath the pouring rain and his shoes squelched in the marshy ground. 

Reptant is set to release a new EP on Tomahawk Records in the form of "Night Time Creepin". Intelligent techno with a disorientated edge. Listen to "2mg Delirium" below:

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The People In Fog – Last Song

The night had reached an unsavoury conclusion. The last song echoed eerily around the nightclub, the movement disorientated and blurry. He was lost in a daydream, unaware of his surroundings and blinded by the flash of lights. This was a place of pleasure, a haunting chamber within which madness unfolded night by night and day by day. He prayed that he might never have to retire or leave such headspace but soon it would be time to vanish. 

Yoshifumi Sodeyama releases on the Amsterdam based record label Sound Of Vast. He delivers a gorgeous EP of melodic flutters and inspired house. Listen to "Last Song" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Safetalk – Universal (Posthuman Remix)

Safetalk are a new Anglo-French trio who mix electronica, pop and psychedelia, and released their debut single and "cosmic hymn" 'Universal' back in March. On Friday they're releasing three great remixes of that track, and we're premiering one from UK acid dons Posthuman.

While the original track is a gorgeous little pop nugget – imagine a heady blend of Simple Minds, Future Islands and Tame Impala – Posthuman have gone for broke and turned it into a 10-minute acid trance epic. Their remix kicks off with frighteningly efficient piston-like drums before lowering down a screen of floaty, sci-fi synths. Somehow it calls to mind the Mars rover, cutting a lonely, trundling figure across the Red Planet. The second half is more combustible when the gurgling acid kicks in, providing a counterpoint to the affected, pop-ready vocals. Listen below:

Universal (Remixes) is out 2nd June. Catch up with Safetalk HERE.

Circa Tapes – See Your Door

At the end of the street sat an empty house. She did not live there anymore, she had left long ago yet he could still see her door. Her presence hung ominously around this place as if she were some distant ghost amidst the hollow walls. The wind blew a cold breeze through the wickedness of the midnight hour as he walked steadily closer. There was not a sound to be heard amidst the darkness except for the pitter patter of his delicate feet. He sighed…

Circa Tapes is set to release a new LP on the Seattle based record label Medical Records. This will be his third LP under the guise and is perhaps Adam Killing's best to date. Listen to "See Your Door" below: 

Follow Medical Records HERE

Khidja & Delusion Men – Reccurent Weakness

The theme was bent, the play in disarray. There was a recurrent weakness to the performance yet he remained unable to pinpoint where it lay or within whom for that matter. As the audience clapped with a hollow cheer the curtain fell upon what had been a truly terrible show. Had they even cared for the art of theatre? Did they mean for it to go so horribly wrong? He wandered up the curling stairs and left the grand monstrosity of a building, a tear in one eye. 

Khidja collaborate with a duo known as Delusion Men, comprised of Holy Fix and Utopus. Listen to "Reccurent Weakness" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Tom VR – Hear Me Out

She cried in the night, her voice left a haunting echo between the walls of the glass chamber. Nobody was around to hear her out, to accept her declaration of truth and now as she lay cold upon the concrete she looked up to the starry sky above and dreamt of home. The walls seemed to grow more compact each day, their flickering haze left a distorted sense of self emblazoned upon the earth. She longed for a day she might see freedom, to be at one with the moon and sky. 

Valby Rotary return with another superb EP. The recently founded label appears to be gathering momentum following the sell out of their first record from Louf. Now it is Tom VR who steps up with some delicate house destined to appear amongst record bags galore this summer. Listen to "Hear Me Out" below: 

Buy the release HERE

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