Premiere Inn: 02.03.18


Roza Terenzi – Gigi

She walked with purpose and principle, her head held high with dignity and damn right. The walkway was packed during rush hour with tourists hustling to take pictures and anxious business people wandering back and forth hurriedly. Each of them looked more "important" than the last and each had a sense of unrivalled urgency as if to indicate that their next meeting was far more important than yours. Gigi didn't care for the likes of their haste, she walked slowly but surely and with delicate precision. 

Roza Terenzi is set to release a new EP on Kalahari Oyster Cult following the success of her acclaimed first on Good Company Records. This time she draws for the breaks and delivers a fierce statement of intent. Listen below: 

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Jónbjörn – Aspekte

Icelandic house producer and Lagaffe Tales co-founder Jónbjörn is gearing up to release a new four-track EP this week on FALK Records' beat-driven sub-label, FALK DISKS. The Isms EP finds him moving away from his usual deep house sound, pushing into harder techno and electro.

We're premiering 'Aspekte', a bass-heavy track with synth blips that pings back and forth like echoes across a dark warehouse space. Listen below:

Isms is out 2nd March on FALK DISKS. Pre-order it here.

Lucio Battisti – La Canzone Della Terra (Spazio Palazzo Edit)

Today's premiere comes courtesy of Spazio Palazzo, a self-described "pizza mandolino duo" from Milan. They've done an amazing re-edit of Italian pop icon Lucio Battisti, which has been receiving heavy support from the likes of Bawrut, Autarkic and Moscoman.

While the original used to be a staple in Villalobos sets, Spazio Palazzo's version adds in creeping, lysergic drums and eerie ambience to create a slo-mo epic with its own strange presence. Listen here:

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Night Christ – Conversation Policy

The subject matter was dry, the debate neared an end. Two tables sat facing outwards onto a panel of disgruntled audience members as the conversation policy reached an uncomfortable strain. The lights in the TV studio shone down brightly from above and illuminated the glowing faces of the sweaty panel members in a hazy blur. This was not glamorous, far from it, politics was now a brutal deathmatch of sorts by which only one winner would triumph and the rest would burn…

Night Christ is a project produced by John Daly, a man who seems to be as active as ever with a steady stream of curveball releases. His latest is a new wave inspired track in collaboration with Jack Considine which borders on pop, a new favourite. Listen below: 

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Orlando – Nasty (feat. Mr. Mitch & Yayoyanoh)

Following a great run of releases from Finn, Yamaneko and Erskine Lynas, Local Action are back with their first record of 2018! Orlando is the self-titled debut album from the producer formerly known as Orlando Volcano, who's previously released on the likes of Gobstopper and Liminal Sounds.

Featuring an amazing cast of features – from Octo Octa and Nemesis to Buscabulla and Gemma Dunleavy – it's a concise, finely-honed album that marks the full realisation of Orlando's heavenly, idiosyncratic take on dancehall/club music.

Today we're very happy to be premiering 'Nasty' which features the twin talents of Gobstopper boss Mr. Mitch and exciting new vocalist Yayoyanoh, who recently put out his debut EP on Bala Club.

"This song was originally called Nasty Dad," Orlando explains, "because me and Mitch wrote the instrumental in New York and he's a dad and the beat was a bit nasty… but for me Nasty Dad sounds a little creepy and we changed it, but now Mitch wants to change it back. Too late!"

Listen to 'Nasty' below:

Orlando is out 9th March on Local Action. Pre-order the album here.

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Iñigo Vontier – Marakame

The ocean was a deep shade of blue as he fell beneath the surface of the water from the boat. Jumping into the abyss he wondered whether he might ever return from the murky darkness which lurked with menace below. He was on a search for mythical creatures, the type one might not like to cross outwith the comfort of a safeguard. The ocean was a vast expanse of dangerous peril, who knew what went on down upon the sandy floor down below… Who knew what might live there…?

Iñigo Vontier is set to release a new EP on Calypso Records, a deep blend of oddball electronics and dark beats. This one is for the heads and we can guarantee it's bound to make you nod. Listen below: 

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LUGE – Sangai Yuishin

The distant mountains were but a glossy blur in the distance, a snow capped speck on the horizon beyond the line of sight. Walking through the icy field the ground crunched beneath her boots, the grass was sodden and damp under the brutally cold conditions. The sun hung low in the light of the early morning as the wind blew softly… This place was home, it had always been as such but for the very first time she felt a distance unlike anything ever before. It had been a while…

LUGE is the next to release on The Healing Company, a record label which has moved from strength to strength since formation back in 2012. The Moscow based producer offers up four charming cuts for the label which blur the lines between traditional dance music and the ethereal. Listen to "sangai Yuishin" below: 

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E&A Rüeger – Furka

The shop was busy and crowded, the place was heaving on a Saturday afternoon, it always was. Furka had become the destination of choice for many a man in the know, capitalism was king here and the money poured from the pockets of the hard working people into the hands of the greedy. The warehouse sat on the outskirts of town and promised worldly "essentials" and the latest trends, it was all manufactured crap but they still bought the life out of it. 

E&A Rueger feature on a new compilation from Eclect Records, the release is a wild assortment of experimental electronics. The dancefloor remains the underlying focus throughout but this is far from a dance album. Listen below: 

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