Premiere: Iñigo Vontier – Bo Ni Ke (Nicola Cruz Remix)


The favela glistens with sound, summoned by the collective energy of people chasing pleasure in all ways they can. Up narrow streets coated in patches of flickering light and smells of papaya and hot coals, he walks towards the top of the hill in pursuit of a party, mentioned by whispers in the city below. Stray dogs linger around the huddled groups of children that surround Escher-esque stairways coated in exploding colours, whipping and winding without consideration for uniformity. As he nears the summit, the rumble of tribal rhythms call him forward. Vá com Deus.

Parisian label Lumière Noire gifts us with their latest release, a remix EP of Iñigo Vontier’s 2019 album ‘El Hijo del Maiz'. The EP features 4 mind-melting tracks, with each DJ expanding upon the electronica-influences of the original by adding heaps of their own flavour. Nicola Cruz’s remix of ‘Bo Ni Ke’ adds a Latin twist along with some Middle-Eastern elements, rolling South American percussion and squelchy synths that create a track that is hypnotic and otherworldly.