Premiere: Ineffekt – Broken Dreams


Sheets of paper filled the streets, lightly rustling across the pavement like tumbleweed. There was a solemn feeling in the air, the outcome of last night had not been what many had expected. In fact, it was the complete opposite. Now the power was in the hands of the corrupt and for many their dreams had been broken. They were now heading for an uncertain future.

Listening to his productions, it's difficult to believe that Utrecht-born DJ and producer Ineffekt is just 18 years of age. Gaining recognition in the Dutch city for his tripped out sets, this soon spread across the rest of the Netherlands which further broadened his interest in combining different musical forms. His debut EP lands on Coloray's Intercept Records and features two originals and a bonus souped up version, with our pick 'Broken Dreams' heading straight into rave territory with crisp breaks and a driving bass line.