Premiere: Indian Wells – Changes (Twos Remix)


The world we live in is ever-changing – with technology now ruling over us like mighty aliens society seems to be adapting more rapidly than ever before and at some point we're surely not going to be able to keep up. Still, until this post-apocalyptic world with iPods whipping us into slavery (I think you've stolen that from The Simpsons – Ed.) comes fully into fruition we might as well bask in all that good music has to offer.

Like this Twos remix of the latest sounds from Indian Wells, for a conveniently placed example. This will have your fears of the days to come feeling as distant as the dinosaurs or non-colour television. Or when people used to actually talk to each other on buses. Oh, right…

Go on then, you've earned this;

Pause RMX EP is out on 31st July via Bad Panda Records.