Premiere: In Flagranti – Expensive Wardrobe


Towering Brazil nut trees shrouded the dusty dirt track, only slivers of blue sky could be soon through the leaves overhead. The air was humid and thick beads of moisture clung to the green plants that bordered the path. In the distance the sound of drums could be heard, while a chorus of insects and birds buzzed and chirped in chaotic harmony, each vying for attention. The drum beat grew louder and louder as the dirt track opened up into an expansive clearing. A huddle of men slapped thick wooden drums with almighty force, sending messages out into the atmosphere, creating a soundtrack to the rainforest they call home. 

After an almight string of releases it's been a hot minute since Swiss duo In Flagranti released their 30-track album Sprezzatura on their own Codek label. Now they return with Super Success, a four-track EP taking in all manner of influences from slow dance to heavy percussion and jacking house.