Premiere: Ilija Rudman Ft. Andre Espeut – In Her Eyes (Presence Deep Dub Mix)


The dancefloor was alive with the sound of horns and drums. There was a mystical sense of foreboding excitement awash amongst the crowd. As he danced he caught her standing alone by the bar. She looked sad, blissfully unaware of the extravagance and chaos which surrounded her. In here eyes there was a sadness and a bitter pain, as if she had been hurt before. She began to dance softly, swaying her hips gently alongside the 1234 of the drum. A melancholy moment of clarity, peace and illusion.

Ilija Rudman's 'In Her Eyes' was largely one of the most enlightening of this year. Captivating, melodic and simplistic it blended elements of old school house alongside pop sensibilities. Charles Webster now steps up under his Presence alias to deliver a remix. Listen below:  

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