Premiere: Ilana Bryne – Theoretical Medical Genitals


The waiting room was deafly silent, except the occasional phone ringing from the reception next door. He shuffled slightly in his seat, trying to avert the gaze of the other people in the room. He decided to focus on his feet, but with every muted cough and deep exhalation that sounded around the room he couldn't help but look up, occasionally catching the eye of another uncomfortable looking gentleman. His name reverberated on the speaker in the corner of the room, and sheepishly he got up and made his way to the door, eyes fixed firmly on his feet.

Violet's Naive imprint return to midwest America for their next release from Ilana Bryne. Debuting on the Lisbon-based label last February with the crisp breaks and dub techno of Low Earth Orbit, her new EP Strange Adventure continues some of those qualities in its razor sharp rhythms and expansive atmospheres, however the four tracks are taken to new heights; beautifully and intricately composed, the entirety of the release flaunts a Chicago deep house sensibility that mirrors her formative musical influences.