Premiere: Hoshina Anniversary – Hakkenden I


Many players had tried to win the game before and none had succeeded. Each level brought different trials and tests that only those of the highest power and intelligence could attempt, yet still even they had failed. It was a virtual trip through reality; what was real and what was in one's imagination had been blurred. Those who entered had never returned, and thus their existence had become a distant memory. But this didn't deter others from trying, eventually there had to be one winner. 

The next release on Young Marco's Safe Trip comes from Japanese producer Hoshina Anniversary. Having landed on Turbo Recordings, Boys Noize Records and Octopus Recordings in previous years, his new two tracker titled Hakkenden has got the seal of approval from Lena Willikens, with the video game chords and acid lines of the first instalment making its way into her sets recently.