Premiere: Holger Zilske – On Repeat (VRIL Remix)


The noise echoed and bounced between the walls of the large, empty warehouse. It were as if the drums rioted and roared on repeat, ploughing onwards into the darkness of the abyss. From time to time a bright, flickering light illuminated the entirety of the space – the shadowy corners of this space were exposed for a brief second only to return to the dense black state they were before. From time to time he would hear a shout or a scream from some wild friend nearby, a nameless noise, a shot in the dark. 

Holger Zilske is set to release a new EP via AEON, a powerful EP set to cause damage in dark rooms. Holger himself describes the release as follows:

“Covid-19 and some major family issues made me focus on my inner-self and let me reflect my situation a lot. I wanted to do something more personal again. Something not just functional. ON REPEAT definitely has some Kraftwerk reminiscences. I combined the robot like vocals from a book reading app with my Juno 106, Roland 101 and 808 beats. A combination of very classic elements that created something to enjoy on a party, as well as at home.“

The EP comes with a crucial remix from techno artist Vril, who reworks the track ‘On Repeat’ into a wondrous electronic spectacle. 

Listen below: