Premiere: Hiver – Sequential Circuits


The electrical currents buzzed and whizzed between fizzing, radiant technicolour wires. The room was illuminated by flickering and flashing lights – each manipulated by a series of sequential circuits which sent dazzling arrays of energy between all four corners of the room. Stood in the midst of all this he watched as the wild colours darted and danced between the walls as if they were trying to escape. It was fascinating, watching as the shadows were banished and beaten away by the bright… 

Hiver is set to release a new EP on the Italian record label Polifonic, an imprint tied to the celebrated festival which takes place in Milan. Hiver has been prominent as of late, releasing some of the most innovative in pensive, provocative techno – often drawing on the emotional sensibilities of the genre as much as the hard and heavy. This EP is perhaps his best to date and follows recent outings on Fides and Sungate. 

Listen below: