Premiere: Herb LF – Helicopter Money


In a wild flurry of primal rage and intoxication, she’d approached the venue hours earlier, flung her coat and bag in a nondescript location and launched herself at the dance floor. As the hours ticked on and her senses reemerge, the coin drops and her face implodes with concern. “…I’ll be back”. Edging towards the door whilst unwanted and unwarranted male attention attempts to set its claws in, she wraps up the conversation for the sixth time and manages to leave the room. As she retraces steps and does her best impression of her inebriated self, she systemically checks each pitch black corner and crevice for her mostly dark and featureless possessions. As she clambers over outstretched legs and through condensed groups of people lacking even the most basic levels of social awareness, worry spreads across her face. “What on earth are you doing?” a voice says whilst prodding her shoulder. She turns around to find her mate, carrying her bag, coat, half a cloakroom ticket stub and a bemused expression on her face.

We’re delighted to premiere a new track by seasoned producer Herb LF, and the first release on fresh-faced label International Extraterrestrial. With over two decades of experience, the German producer has shown versatility of style, dabbling in everything from UK Garage to Minimal Techno. Littered with raunchy breaks, bubbling kicks and uplifting stabs, ‘Helicopter money’ is a track you don’t want to miss.